One of the things I’ve come to appreciate in my 55 years here on Braves Journal is the diversity of modalities that one’s baseball obsession can take.  While this is obvious to some extent from April to October, it is far more obvious in the offseason.  A few of you drop out altogether, content to emerge from hibernation and start anew, while a few others appear to care more about the Hot Stove League than the American or National Leagues.  The only thing I know is that whatever form your baseball psychosis takes, it is not a sign of mental health.

And that’s OK!  Mental health is ridiculously overrated, much like Scott Thorman was. (Scott, by the way, manages the AAA affiliate of the Royals now.  Glad to see him anywhere in baseball other than the batter’s box.)

Anyway, I don’t really follow spring training, or prospects, or much of anything until Opening Day.  But I’m really grateful for you guys who do.  What brings this on is that I’m sitting in my local bar tonight when an old friend walks in, a guy who winters in Florida.  He’s a Red Sox fan, and a fairly obnoxious one, but I like him anyway.  He tells me he went to see a Braves-Mets game in Port St. Lucie, and tells me that he saw a player I ought to keep an eye on.  I ask him who, and he tells me “Forrest Wall.” 

Now while I avidly read about every prospect you guys write about, the name “Forrest Wall” sounds like some sort of ecoproject in Costa Rica rather than a prospect.  A quick search of Braves Journal reveals Ryan telling us he was signed, and a look aÅ£ his Rotowire page reveals a 27 year old whose chances of making the majors are slightly better than mine, but only slightly.  There are 8 million stories in the Naked City (I’m buying drinks for everyone who gets that reference and is still allowed by his doctors to drink) and I now am rooting hard for Forrest Wall, who hit a double off the Mets’ Jose Butto a couple of days ago.  (Yes, that’s his name…. He’s going to have a hard time the first time he has a tough outing in CitiField.)

So y’all just keep on speculating.  Spring Training is Forrest Wall time.