Braves 4, Mets 2

(We) don’t give a damn about any trumpet playing band.

Mark Knopfler

Dansby Swanson’s 2 run homer in the 5th put the Braves ahead for good 3 – 2, and led the Braves to a 1 game lead in the division and a tie of the season series, 9 – 9.

Matt Olson drove in the initial run in the 4th and added a solo homer in the 6th as the Braves touched Max Scherzer for 9 hits and 4 runs in 5 2/3 innings.

Kyle Wright allowed 7 hits in 5 innings but limited the Mets to 2 runs and picked up his 21st win. Dylan Lee, Jesse Chavez, Raisel Iglesias, and Kenley Jansen were spectacular, allowing only 1 questionable hit. Iglesias and Jansen struck out 2 apiece, and Jansen picked up his 39th save.

The Braves will need to complete the sweep to take the season series, which would give them a 2-game lead and earn the division tiebreaker going into the final series at Miami. Otherwise, the Mets tie the division and hold the tiebreaker going into their final series at home against the Nationals.

Every karma-fearing, superstitious bone in my body says don’t do this, but I got to.

The series wraps up Sunday at 7:00 on ESPN; Charlie Morton and Chris Bassitt scheduled.

Author: Rusty S.

Rusty S. is a Braves Journal reader since 2005 and an occasional innings-eater. It was my understanding that there would be no expectations.

82 thoughts on “Braves 4, Mets 2”

  1. Should really be all hands on deck for tomorrow. Win it and get some extended rest.
    And yeah Roger, I guess losing to bassit would be disappointing, but not a choke.

  2. Hats off to the pen again. Lee, Chavez, Iglesias and Jansen were all sharp. Let’s make tomorrow a little less exciting and give the pen a rest

  3. A fine sports night, in the end…

    And as the late Michael O’Donoghue (aka Mr. Mike from SNL in the ’70s) might say: “This is the sound of Timmy Trumpet with knitting needles in his eyes…”

  4. I’m all onboard for a win tomorrow. I think Charlie has a great game inside of him. I said a few days ago that home field has been extremely important in this series and that gives me my most hope for tomorrow. No matter what happens tomorrow; I think that the loss in DC on Wed was way more of a choke than any result tomorrow. And after seeing the gNats beat up on the Phils once today, I think the Mets may have a couple of disappointments next week. If the Braves win tomorrow, they only need one win in Miami to clinch.

  5. Kyle Wright showed what he’s showed all year: he battled through struggling with command, threw a ton of pitches but limited damage, and came away with a decent performance against a Hall of Famer. He just couldn’t do that until this year, when he was able to trust his stuff, gain his confidence, and remain strong all year.

    Then, the bats ran into a few, the pen was great, and Bob’s your uncle. That’s how the Braves have won most of their 99 games. I just love how these guys have risen to meet the moment.

  6. We gotta get Dansby signed … could gave used the 20 mil we just spent.. hope the well aint dry ….

  7. Life’s funny. Snitker got kicked off the MLB staff and banished to manage Gwinnett, got the interim job after Gonzalez got fired, got the job permanently after players lobbied hard for him, almost got fired in 2017 if not for the Coppy/Hart debacle, won the division four straight seasons, won a World Series, is on the cusp of winning 100 games, and is going to go down as the second best manager in Atlanta franchise history.

  8. I know the Braves can still win the division if they lose tomorrow, but it really does feel like a winner-take-all game. I don’t feel confident that we’ll see Strider again, so now would be an opportune time to have big game Charlie make an appearance.

  9. Winning a division is an accomplishment to be strived for, beyond all the benefits that come with it.

    It’s a 162-game achievement, and something to be valued in and of itself. I’ll take a wild card, but unless you come out of the crapshoot with at least a pennant, then what have you really won?

  10. @10

    I love that. It’s never over for anyone to accomplish what they set out to.

    Let’s say he wins another World Series this year. What’s he have to do to pass Bobby? He’d have 2 rings, Bobby one… 🤔

  11. Leaving Atlanta now. These were unbelievable two games. Beating both DeGrom and Scherzer? Could not have gone better. Met great people at the park and the atmosphere was just amazing.
    Now finish them up, Chuck, you got this. Go Braves.

  12. The Dawgs survived their probably only trap game, and the Braves beat Scherzer/deGrom. Great day to be a Georgia sports fan.

    Did Mizzou have a blueprint for beating Georgia and just needed a little better talent and execution…?

  13. This is pretty fun. I’m now thinking the World Series should be Best of 19. Or maybe every round should be best of 19. The season would take 15 months, but that would be interesting as well as baseball wound its way around the calendar.

  14. @ 16,

    Mizzou went all out on blitzes. UGA has to go live In practice “ones v. Ones” to get perfect execution of their counter blitz plays. They also had some success throwing deep.

    Mainly, they whipped the Dawgs up front for 2 quarters. Our lines aren’t as good as we thought they would be. On defense, despite losing 3 NFL first rounders we are close. On offense, we need a HEAVY run use game to get the mentality straight. The back loaded schedule is a positive.

  15. Bon voyage, Timo… quite a weekend, indeed. Let’s land the KO blow tonight.

    Yup, O-line was especially bad run-blocking in the 1st half & they had trouble accounting for the blitzes on some drop-backs. There were 2 1st-half turnovers (accounting for 10 points), Stetson missed a couple of guys (due to pressure), and there were a couple of drive-killing drops as well. And yeah, in that first half, Mizzou hit a couple of big plays that set them up for points.

    Second half, UGA’s D was pretty stout and the front 7 overmatched Mizzou. The O-line held enough so that the shorter-pass game started effectively countering the blitzes — UGA outgained Mizzou 299-100 for the half. If that was a defensive blueprint, it didn’t work in the 2nd half. But, yeah, if UGA turns the ball over like that against a more-talented team, the ending might not be the same.

    Trap game? Maybe… Most teams have these types of games, usually on the road. Just happy to win it. And yes, this year’s schedule sees more talented teams later in the year. I’m sure there’ll be some juice in the stadium next weekend vs. Auburn.

    According to Caesars, Tech’s win over Pitt was the biggest upset in 40 years. It’s certainly been an interesting week on The Flats.

  16. With Georgia, and with Alabama for that matter, I think it is all about intensity, especially on the offensive and defensive lines. Georgia played with incredible intensity for their first 2 games, but lost it last week and it carried over for 3 quarters this week. Bama did not play with intensity for most of the game against Texas and for about 1.5 quarters against Arkansas. From a talent standpoint, neither team should lose during the regular season, but lethargic lines combine with turnovers and an injury or 2 can put several games in jeopardy.

  17. @23 I have ESPN streaming service but not cable, and the streaming service does not cArry the game.

  18. Can’t mess around if Morton doesn’t have it. Can’t afford to let him struggle for three innings in order to get his groove

  19. Charlie has been a lot more susceptible to the long ball this year. His fastball is still fast and the curve breaks sharply, but he’s throwing too many down the middle.

  20. Matthew Kaminski bringing his A-game with “The Candy Man” for Francisco Lindor’s walkup music.

  21. Is the home plate umpire as bad as the radio announcers are implying? They are saying that it is anyone’s guess as far as what balls and strikes are.

  22. I’d rather have seen Contreras, Grossman or Grissom then Ozuna .. hope he proves me wrong..

  23. Yeah, I was about to say, it’s the biggest game of the year so far, why isn’t Wild Bill in the lineup?

  24. Diaz might go 2 innings tonight, which would basically make it a 7 inning game. Need to get the bats going.

  25. Late to the party on Dansbo, but as Teddy KGB once said, pay that man his money.

    Travis d’Arnaud has been unreal this year.

  26. Administrative question: these comments used to get delivered to my gmail account in one conversation thread, but this week they’ve suddenly started showing up as individual emails. Am I alone on this island? Any suggestions?

  27. I used to hate on the Joe Morgan / Jon Miller days of ESPN baseball telecasts.

    I’d LOVE to have those days back – – given the current state of ESPN baseball programming. It’s horrible.

  28. I’m listening to the radio and watching ESPN with the sound off. Doesn’t really work, as the tv is about one pitch behind the radio.

  29. Chipper Olson strikes again! Is it fair to say his prolonged slump is over?

    EDIT – And I’d agree. This ESPN crew is awful.

  30. So now 2 guys that grew up in Atlanta and were in kindergarten when Chipper hit home runs in all 3 games of a late-season sweep vs the Mets, have now homered in all 3 games of a late-season series (hopefully a sweep) vs the Mets. That’s freaking awesome.

  31. @50, was that also the series when Chipper said now the Mets fans could go home and put on their Yankees caps?

  32. Gameday basically says the pitch McNeil hit would’ve struck a right handed batter. Does that seem right?

  33. 6 more huge outs. …and yes that McNeil guy is what you call a “professional hitter”.

  34. It’s scary to pitch the same relievers 3 days in a row. So far they are holding their own, but 2 more innings to go! Let’s get about 3 more here.

  35. I feel good with Minter here. He did not pitch last night. But Jansen in the 9th for the third straight game? My heart can’t take it.

  36. @52 – I was going to say yes but then I looked it up. We swept the Mets in late September to basically seal the division title. Chipper made those comments a week later, after we took 2 of 3 from the Mets in another series and seemingly knocked them out of Wild Card contention. Of course they ended up getting the Wild Card so we just had to beat them again in the NLCS (walk-off walk!).

  37. Jansen three days in a row is terrifying. To be fair I’d probably have this same feeling no matter who we brought in.

  38. Maybe Jansen should always pitch 3 days in a row! He has looked the best I’ve seen him over the last 2 games.

  39. @67 I think you may be on to something

    Congrats guys, not quite there yet, but It’s pretty inevitable.

  40. Oh MAN that feels good. Of course we were gonna sweep the Mets! It’s what we do, haha.

    Beat deGrom, beat Scherzer, Diaz only threw 2/3 of an inning all weekend, Dans and Matty with bombs in every game, bullpen shut it down, Jansen with 3 saves, Strider didn’t even pitch…amazing. Or rather, amazin’.

  41. When they took 4 out of 5 from us earlier this season, I was sure it would matter. I still thought that before this series. But these guys! Yes…Amazin’.

  42. What another great performance by bullpen – Charlie gives up 9 hits in 4 1/3 and the bullpen gives up 2 in 4 2/3 innings. And we got to Bassitt this time. I mean just wow.

  43. These three victories we’ll all remember for a long time. The look on the Mets fans and players said it all.

    Like everyone else, I was worried about Jansen in the 9th, but boy did he prove me wrong. Let’s wrap this up tomorrow and then we can relax and give plenty of players some rest.

  44. Well, that was worth our other Sunday night games this year, all of which made me want to drop an anvil on my head. (The Aug. 28 game against St. Louis was my personal favorite. It’s legitimately the only time this year to this point that I’ve been angry after a Braves loss.)

    Unlike those games, I didn’t wait until morning to write the recap for this one!

  45. The Braves may be the best team in baseball right now. Sweeping the division leading Mets at the last weekend of the season, just wow. Very happy especially for Olson. And how about that bullpen: 12.2 IP, 1 Run. Go Braves!

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