If something extraordinary doesn’t happen today, maybe Marie LaVeau’s charm has expired. I GOT TO WATCH THIS ONE. Eyes on screen. I saw a lot of last night’s thread griping about A-Rod, but that would be like T. E. Lawrence reaching Cairo from Aqaba and complaining about an off taste in the water.

In the 2019 NLDS, this emerging Braves powerhouse was undone by the voodoo magic one more time. Yesterday, Maximus threw his 9.00 ERA from that series and slammed it against the Cardinals dugout wall so hard we may never see that again. A shut out. Not Max Fried’s best, but really good.

First inning the Cardinals tried. Goldschmidt hit a strong looping liner to right center and I believe Acuna got a bad jump and tried to make it up with speed. His glove was within inches, but this wasn’t either horseshoes, hand grenades, nor nuclear weapons, so, once again, close didn’t count. But that was if for the voodoo for that inning.

Miles Mikolas was very effective for 4 innings, and then, not so much. The big blows were back to back jacks by Marcel Ozuna and Eddie Rosario. That is the kind of night that makes you wonder which battery operator gave Marcel the beer joint.

We may hear more, but even though Max was not quite as effective in the 6th, he was pulled at 82 pitches. It was hot. It is a long season. But the pen had 5 innings Monday and 4 yesterday and there is an early game today and no off days until JULY 18!!!!

O’Day was on and effective for an inning. Jesse Chavez was about as ineffective as a pitcher can be for an inning and yet allow no runs. The Ravine got 2 quick strikeouts, then walk, single, walk. Then, double play ground out. That is just how Snit had it drawn up.

Minter was not his frequently annihilating self (he did give up a single), but with that following a strike out and preceding a double play ball, it worked fine.

Meanwhile, the Reds almost beat the Mets, but ended up letting the Mets tie in 9 and win in extras. Always pull for extra innings for the teams you are competing with in the division.

Today Spencer Strider gets another shot. Just win, baby.