Day game? Bad idea. Get away day? Bad idea. West coast? Bad Idea. After enough bad ideas it just won’t work.

I have searched for answers and found something. MLB and the “networks” want to derail the Braves for ratings purposes. So, they have found a substance which derails the normal biological clock to lower production in daytime hours. They have injected this substance into the Braves. The conspirators gave the Mets enough of a lead so that the Braves will probably finish second. And, most of the Braves postseason games will be day games. Therefore, the Braves get knocked out early. You snickerers, do you have a better explanation?

Once more Wednesday is no Wins Day. Charlie Morton was not great Charlie. However, he wasn’t terrible. He just isn’t a playoff top of the rotation guy now (or likely ever again). Now he kind of oscillates between a 2 and a 4. Today might have worked if the Braves got any offense going and if Chavez didn’t double Grybo. Live by the glasses, die by the glasses.

The first 4 batters (well, the use of that term is an exaggeration) had 0 hits and o walks and 7 K’s. That usually doesn’t produce a win.

19 games upcoming in division. This may be the last year you see that. Balancing the schedule next year will make that hard. We have the Cubs to thank for not tanking and keeping us in this. Time to get some wins.