GET AWAY!!! GET AWAY!!! Braves 1, Midgets (Little People) 4

Day game? Bad idea. Get away day? Bad idea. West coast? Bad Idea. After enough bad ideas it just won’t work.

I have searched for answers and found something. MLB and the “networks” want to derail the Braves for ratings purposes. So, they have found a substance which derails the normal biological clock to lower production in daytime hours. They have injected this substance into the Braves. The conspirators gave the Mets enough of a lead so that the Braves will probably finish second. And, most of the Braves postseason games will be day games. Therefore, the Braves get knocked out early. You snickerers, do you have a better explanation?

Once more Wednesday is no Wins Day. Charlie Morton was not great Charlie. However, he wasn’t terrible. He just isn’t a playoff top of the rotation guy now (or likely ever again). Now he kind of oscillates between a 2 and a 4. Today might have worked if the Braves got any offense going and if Chavez didn’t double Grybo. Live by the glasses, die by the glasses.

The first 4 batters (well, the use of that term is an exaggeration) had 0 hits and o walks and 7 K’s. That usually doesn’t produce a win.

19 games upcoming in division. This may be the last year you see that. Balancing the schedule next year will make that hard. We have the Cubs to thank for not tanking and keeping us in this. Time to get some wins.

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  1. Thanks, cliff. Your conspiracy theory is as good as any others I’ve seen. I’m in.

    We knew going into September that the Mets definitely had a more favorable schedule, but I think we’re keeping up just fine. First place isn’t a ridiculous fantasy at this point.

    I have a question for someone who’s better at combing through numbers than I am: who is in 2nd place behind Wainwright/Molina in starts (active players)?

  2. We lost a chance at SF and the game at Seattle to get a little cushion going .. Mets have the easier sched .. aside from coming to Atl .. so Cubs tried to help us we just wouldn’t take advantage ..

  3. @1

    The St. Louis duo eclipsed the regular-season mark of 324 by the Detroit Tigers pair of Mickey Lolich and Bill Freehan from 1963-1975.

    Edit: oh you meant active players. No idea. Lol. I’ll show myself out.

  4. Wait I found it

    The next active pair behind Wainwright and Molina is the Chicago Cubs battery of Kyle Hendricks and Willson Contreras, who have 105 starts together.

  5. @4 Oh yeah, they’re sure to pass Adam & Yadier. 🤣

    Thanks! I had a hunch it was gonna be that big of a gap.

  6. Regarding my disliking of Snitker in the previous game thread, I just wish he were a lot more progressive regarding third time through the order, and bullpen usage in particular.
    I do acknowledge his positive aspects, including the ability to apparently keep the players happy.
    I criticized Bobby Cox constantly back in the day, so he’s in good company.

    And yes, Bravesmarine, Anderson’s regression is yet another aspect of the season that has not gone as planned.

  7. My current coping mechanism is this: coming in 2nd means that we have to win 13 playoff games to win the World Series, as opposed to 11 if we come in 1st. Wining 11 is already a supremely daunting task, so what’s two more…

  8. Still just a half game back, and we’ve played 1 fewer game than the Mets (2 fewer after today). So the ball is in the Braves court as far as pulling into a tie (or taking the lead, depending on the outcome of the Mets game tonight).

    We’ll want to avoid finishing tied though, as there is no more “Game 163”. First tiebreaker is head-to-head, and unless we sweep the last series against the Mets, they’ll own that tiebreaker (currently 7-9 against them on the season).

  9. @6 Those tend to be my biggest issues as well. The players love him and he wins but I agree, the third time through the order and bullpen management are issues.

  10. I don’t think we have a deep enough pen to always use the third-time-through-the-order strategy. Not sure anyone does. I tend to complain about the fixed roles in the bullpen, and it all being determined by what inning we’re in as opposed to the game situation and who’s coming up to bat. In the end it probably doesn’t matter which inning Jansen allows 2 walks, I’ll admit that.

  11. @10 TTO doesn’t always have to be a thing, but just yesterday, sending Morton out in the sixth was not a good idea, especially when he’s been walking a tightrope the whole game. Predictably, it cost them two runs. Maybe we lose 2-1, maybe something better happens.
    If Fried or Strider or Wright or even Morton is having a great game, then some leniency is allowed, but the bullpen has got to be ready to go.
    Substitute Morton after the first walk in the sixth instead of mid count on the third hitter, and we probably have a different result, especially with all the off days lately and today.

  12. It’s getting tiresome watching Olson throw down his helmet in disgust after a strikeout in which he doesn’t even strike a lick at half the called strikes. I like the guy. He just needs some hitting therapy.

  13. In games that AJ, Raisel, and Kenley are all getting an appearance, the order they throw probably isn’t a huge deal (although I’d prefer Raisel doing the 9th). BUT, in games when we score late to take the lead, and all three of those guys are available, (sound familiar?) to ignore our two studs and rotely use Jansen is unjustifiable. Egregious decision which cost us a game.

  14. Riley and Olsen are killing us ..since Aug 1st ..a month and a half ago .. both hovering around .200 .. you cant win when your 3 and 4 hole hitters are hitting at the mendoza line … Snit wears his guys out .. he should have been giving these guys days off during these streaks of struggling .. now its crunch time and they are wore out … Snit does not use bench .. or pitching correctly … he lacks very much in that area … so its a cross your fingers situation now .

  15. I would give Snitker a B or B- on pitcher usage. He does tend to ride a schedule of relievers too long, but he does not burn out his best arms too badly. There are many managers that burn out their best relievers and that is far worse in my opinion.

    On bench usage, I fully agree that he doesn’t rest starters enough. With injuries to Albies, Acuna, and Rosario, and the ineptness of Ozuna and Heredia, he had an excuse earlier in the year. With expanded rosters, I see no reason he isn’t resting guys a little more at this point.

  16. Arcia could spell both Olson and Riley. Maybe Grissom too? Our bench is kinda trash compared to last year.

  17. Welcome back Ozzie! The team could use a shot in the arm and from all appearances he’s the living embodiment of that concept.

  18. Bottom line is we have to dominate the Phils over the next couple of weeks. How we do it, I don’t much care as long as it gets done. The Mets have worn out the Phils this year and that’s a big difference between the two teams.

  19. I’m not sure what the lineup will be, but we’ll have at least 4 people in line for the DH position- Albies, Acuna, Contreras, and Ozuna

  20. @24 it’s unfair that we can only have one DH per game. Maybe a 2024 rule change is in order. If MLB adopted the Little League rule that says everyone has to play…

  21. @21 it was either DFA Jackson or DFA Stephens to make room on the 40 man roster for Ozzie.

    Jackson is a free agent after this year, Stephens has 4 more years of control and has pitched decently. Kinda tough decision, but the right one, I think.

  22. @20: I’ve seen nothing in either team’s recent performance, or in their head-to-head matchups, that suggest the Braves will dominate the Phillies (or, admittedly, vice versa). Most likely ATL goes 4-3 or 3-4, which likely won’t be enough to get the division lead and hold it.

    It just occurred to me that the Mets could very well celebrate an NL East title during that penultimate series in ATL. Ugghh. When was the last time a team celebrated a division title on the Braves home field, I wonder. . . .

  23. @28 – That could be the case but I think it’s more likely that we are the ones celebrating during that series or the winner is determined during the final series of the year. The Mets have squandered their opportunity to pick up several games with us struggling and them playing weaker opponents. I think the Mets problems going forward are also more difficult to address than ours.

  24. We need to get Grissom an outfielder’s mitt.

  25. Our chance to win the division sailed on this past road trip. The Mets are going to dominate the Pirates. We will probably split even with the Phils. I’ve come to terms with it. I said in a past thread that it’s basically win 11 games or 13 games in order to repeat. Both are long odds. We just need to get hot at the right time. We’re not hot at the moment, but nobody will remember or care about that if certain things get flipped upside down. Osuna NLCS MVP anyone?

  26. Didn’t the Pirates take 2 out of 3 from the Mets, and the Cubs just sweep them? They are playing their worst ball of the season right now

  27. Yeah, neither the Braves nor Mets is looking like a WS champion lately. They’re just chugging along, playing Pretty Good Baseball. The biggest obstacle ahead of us is probably the Dodgers, whenever we face them. And I don’t know how that will go.

  28. @32: I’m not sure if you’re trying reverse psychology, or minimizing downside regret, or what, but the notion that a team 1 game behind another team with 19 games to play is a foregone conclusion is, well, a little weird. Pittsburgh went into LA this year and swept 3 games. Now THAT was really unlikely. But a Pittsburgh win in such a series was an event with sizeable probability, and at least one Pittsburgh win in a series is overwhelmingly likely. Let’s do this another way. In 19 games, the probabilities of 8,9,10,and 11 wins are just about the same for any team. But the top and the bottom of those ranges swamp the one game difference between the Mets and the Braves. Put it a third way: assume the Braves take two of three from the Mets in a couple of weeks. (And that’s the modal expectation for a home team of roughly equal quality.) Then the two teams are tied, net of those games. Are you really that confident that the Mets will win 9 of their other 14 games? You really shouldn’t be…. Because if they only win 8, the Braves just have to edge the Phillies and play well against the Marlins and Nats.

  29. @35, it’s not like I don’t want us to win it, I’m just looking at the schedules and saying Phillies > Pirates. Can we go 6-1 against the Phils? Sure. I think we almost have to in order to keep up. I wouldn’t bet on it, but for sure it could happen.

  30. I wonder do the field umpires ever hold, like an intervention between innings, and tell a guy – hey, you’re puking all over yourself, you might want to see if you can get calibrated or you’re going to get a call from New York in the morning?

    Because that would be cool.

  31. If the Braves keep winning it doesn’t matter who they face or who the Mets face.

    The big one is the Mets series. A sweep gives the Braves the benefit of a tie.

  32. Lol, of course, we finally decide to go with Iglesias with a one run lead and it turns into a 5 run lead before he even takes the mound.

  33. We waste Iglesias with a 5 run lead ?? Guess he is unavailable then for tommorrow night when we might really need him .. idiotic mgr

  34. He was already warming then we scored 4 runs with 2 outs. Someone else would’ve had to get loose real fast. Also he hadn’t pitched since Tuesday so I’m not sure why he would be unavailable tomorrow.

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