I’ll never not hate west coast games. They start late, they’re against teams you’re less familiar with, and whether the stats agree or not, it seems like we constantly struggle on the west coast. Not tonight, fortunately, because the Braves got a win against a Giants team that is headed towards a busy offseason of jettisoning veterans that have played key roles for them for a long time. Must be a weird time to be a Giants fan.

Kyle Wright once again struggled with his command. He threw only 58% strikes (a mathematically-clean 58 strikes in 100 pitches), but limited his hits (3 in 5.1 IP) to get into the 6th inning giving up only one run. He was at 100 pitches with two lefties coming up, so Snitker went to AJ Minter in the 6th, a move I liked.

Dansby Swanson knocked in three of the five runs, two off of a home run to left field and the third on a run-scoring single.

To say it’s been a forgettable season for Matt Olson and Ronald Acuna would be an understatement. They both have OPS’es under .800 for the year, and Acuna probably has a good excuse. For Olson, all will be forgiven if he can get hot at the right time, and that time is quickly approaching. And really, that’s the way it always works. If Olson had a .950 OPS and went ice cold in the playoffs, that’s worse for a lot of fans than having a .750 OPS but hitting some big home runs in the playoffs. The clips you watch the most of Freddie Freeman are the big hits he had in the playoffs, especially his home run to finish off LA last year. That’s just the way it works.

We’re a half game back again. We get the Giants this afternoon, a day off, and then we head home to face two lackluster East teams: 3 games against Philly, and 3 games against Washington. And then we go play them each 3 times in their home parks, and then we get the Mets 3 games at home to end the season. 5 more series, and that’s it.