20-5 in June with 2 more games to go. The Braves have resurrected their season in one incredible month.

Matt Olson gave us two home runs, one a moonshot and one a screamer. My thought was that Olson was “heating up” since he’s hit as many home runs in June as he did in April and May combined, but unfortunately that’s not the case. After a .874 OPS in April and a .843 OPS in May, his OPS in June continued to fall to .781. Long balls make for good highlights, and his power has been similar, but while making more contact (he cut his strikeout rate by almost half in June), he’s walking less. So, he’s working through things.

I’m looking forward to the decoupling of Matt Olson and Freddie Freeman, and maybe we’re getting closer. Freddie came and went, Olson is hitting home runs and creating highlights, and maybe this is the beginning of the end of what has been the weirdest situation involving two similar players that I can remember. Kill it with fire.

Charlie Morton‘s 1st inning struggles continued. His 9.60 ERA means his first time through the top of the order is about as bad as his third time through the order. But he settled down, and gave us another good start before running into trouble in the 6th. He continues to improve (7.00 ERA in April, 4.60 ERA in May, and 3.52 ERA in June), and he’ll probably end up being worth what he’s paid by the end of the year, especially if he can have some postseason success.

Dansby Swanson was 0-5 and Michael Harris II didn’t make any jaw-dropping plays in CF. May those anomalies not continue.

AJ Minter closed it out in place of Kenley Jansen. I don’t care how much closing experience Will Smith has; I don’t want him anywhere near the 9th.