Braves Win with the Wright Stuff

In 2018, barely removed from his teenage years, Bryse Wilson was called up to the bigs and pitched 5 innings of 0 run ball. It looked to be the beginning of a great career for a dude that was called a “Bulldog” competitor. Unfortunately, fastballs, even good ones, can be adjusted to if it’s riding solo in quality. From 2018-2021, the Braves continued to give Bryse shots at the rotation, but the damage was done. Without quality pitches outside of the fastball, the bulldog turned chihuahua, confidence waned, and was traded to the Pirates in the Richard Rodriguez deal (who recently got busted for PEDs).

Kyle Wright seemed to be on this path. The Braves drafted Wright 5th overall in the 2017 draft and, right away, planned to convert the dominant reliever into a workhorse starter.

  • 2018, 4 games, 6 innings, 4.50 ERA
  • 2019, 7 games, 4 starts, 8.69 ERA
  • 2020, 8 starts, 5.21 ERA
  • 2021, 2 starts, 9.95 ERA

Kyle’s last MLB start in 2021 of the regular season came on June 23rd, it didn’t go well, and Wright was sent back to Gwinnett in a bad state of mind. From there, he worked. In 98.2 innings after being sit down, Kyle posted a 2.74 ERA, averaged over a strikeout per inning, walked less than 3 per 9, and held opponents to a .569 OPS. Kyle admitted in an interview this spring that his confidence was at an all-time low and this stretch really helped build back what was lost.

In a mop-up role, Braves turned to Kyle Wright in Game 2 of the World Series, after not utilizing him since the aforementioned game on 6/23. He absolutely dominated. It only took him 12 pitches to strikeout the side in his lone inning. The delivery, short and clean. The breaking stuff, electric. The presence, stoic.

We all know what happened next. Dylan Lee, opener for Game 4, lasts 0.1 innings, and the Braves called on Wright in an emergency, and Wright delivered 4.2 innings of game saving baseball.

Confidence was acquired on baseball’s biggest stage.

Ok.. I’ll talk about the game now.

The Braves struck early with a double from Marcell Ozuna scoring Matt Olson and a sac-fly from Ozzie Albies to score Austin Riley. 2 runs held. Wright pitched beautifully and, miraculously, covered 6 innings in his first start after a well-shortened spring. I don’t think we’re talking about the innings from our starters in this first go-around as all3 have went at least 5 innings.

We learned a lot about our new 1B…he sure can run! And by run, he can physically put one foot in front of the other. To his defense, that 2nd throw from Aristides Aquino, coming in at 101.6 MPH, was in the top-5 fastest throws of the Statcast era.

Kyle was brilliant, giving up 2 hits of the singular variety, walking 1, and sending 6 back to the dugout crying. A.J. Minter and Darren O’Day threw scoreless frames, and Will Smith did what he did so well in 2021’s regular season, and gave up a solo dong, but no other runs.

The offensive stars of the game were Marcell Ozuna (3-4 with 2 doubles), Matt Olson (2-3, 1 double, 1BB), and Austin Riley (1-2, 1BB, 1HBP).

The Braves go for the series win in about 1.5 hours and I hope we see Adam Duvall and Ozzie Albies get rolling a bit.

Author: Ryan Cothran

Ryan is the site editor and manager of Braves Journal. Follow him on Twitter.

44 thoughts on “Braves Win with the Wright Stuff”

  1. I missed the play at the plate with Olson in the 7th, so I just watched it. Man, you guys weren’t exaggerating that Olson is sloooooow. If you told me Freddie’s sprint speed was 27 feet per second and Olson’s was 25.9, I wouldn’t have thought that was a big difference. But then you see it in person, and there’s a big difference.

    I wonder if Olson has any ability at this point to improve his speed, or if this is just who he is.

  2. @3. Probably not…and it’s not like he carrying excess weight either. Just keep mashing the ball and no one will care.

    That said, Wash is probably going to have to recalibrate his decision-making for Olson going foward.

  3. Just to confirm that it’s not just our players who swing at first pitches when the pitcher can’t find the strike zone with two hands and a flashlight. That was a gift.

    Also after what Will Smith did last October, he’s gonna have to do more than let a couple runners on in an ultimately successful save for me to even come close to griping about him.

  4. Anyone else having trouble getting the game on Bally Sports South? This isn’t some special on Facebook or YouTube or such, is it?

  5. @7

    No, it’s Bally. Their app is a disaster area, though, so I’m not shocked you’re having problems.

  6. First quote of the day from the opposition booth, as their first run scores.

    ‘Rosario, Duval, Osuna…not your typical speed you would expect in a ML outfield.’

  7. More concerning than a bad Anderson outing, is the fact that 5 batters are around .100
    That is not optimal.

    Shutdown newcomb? Of course not, might as well have him eat innings today.

  8. Anderson continues to struggle with his control. Senzel hustle on the bases, scores two more runs, Newcombe in to pitch. Two more base runners score immediately. Reds 5 Braves 0. We asked for it, rubbish control from the mound. Hunter Green excelling to this point in his ML debut. After 3, 6 strike outs? You might say that.

    Newcombe stays in to start the 4th. (Anderson’s 5 runs allowed is a career high). Osuna grabs one on the track, holds on to end an expensive 4 innings.

  9. So maybe this is why we kept Newk? If he can eat innings he has value. Playing the Tomlin role

  10. Bottom of the 4th. We have no hits. Yes we have, Olson singles. Then Riley gets one off the RF wall. Green faces his first stress points. Olson on third, Riley 2nd. Green @ 101 to Albies who hangs in and walks to load the bases , 1 out.

    Duvall up, flies out. Dickerson out to a fine run saving catch on hard smash by Votto. 5-1 Reds, going to top of 5.

  11. Not sure Anderson is completely healthy. Had to leave his last spring training start early with the toe blister.

  12. Surprisingly, Newcomb has thrown 23 strikes in 29 pitches.

    I think he has to start an inning. Can’t trust him to come on with men already on.

  13. The ball Olson just hit out would not have been out in Oakland. This dude is gonna hit a lot of dingers.

  14. HR for Reds, 6-1.

    D’Arnaud first HR of the year, 6-2. Green at 73 pitches. Swanson up, 7 K’s first 10 AB, eats another. OLSON FIRST BRAVES HOMER, CF, fastball. Reds 6/3, Green over 90 pitches, closes out the 5th to qualify for the win in his debut.

    Newcombe walks lead off hitter who steals second. McHugh replaces Newk who was decent today. McHugh strikes out 2 to close out the innings. Reds 6/3.

  15. Ian doesn’t have the stuff that the other SPs do and has to rely on the chase and/or corners, hence reason he rarely goes deep in games.

  16. We’re still being very weird with our DH choices. We’re apparently committed to playing Ozuna in the field. If I had to guess, it’s probably because we know Acuna’s gonna be DHing for a month or so when he comes back, but it’s still kinda weird.

  17. @29 Compared to the rest of the league, no. But the worst DH is usually going to be better than the best pitcher.

  18. Osuna K’s after just missing a double down the LF line. Duval pops out to end the 6th. Pham s/out top 7. As did Votto. Stevens grounds out to a Riley bobble.

    Bottom 7. Dansby singles with 2 out. New Pitcher , Italian sounding, can’t spell it. Luigi gets ground out, ends innings with Olson on deck.

    Top 8. Still McHugh, deservedly. 2 out, bases empty, Snit goes to Thornberg who gives up 2 out double, then SO ends innings. Still 6-3 Reds.

  19. @31 oh I know. I was just taking shots at our poor usage thus far but it is hard to be worse than the 1 hit we have from the DH in 4 games

  20. Dickerson still at .000
    Ozzie, dansby, duvall, and rosario still dormant.
    Probably lucky we got a split, even though the Reds had the better luck on soft hits.
    Impressed by Olson, Riley, Strider, Wright and Morton.

  21. Bottom 8…Olson lead off single, now 8 for his last 14. Riley hard fly out. Osuna flies out. Ozzie K’S.

    Top 9…here we go, hate to have ‘wasted’ Olson’s lead off hit, not for the first time. Thornberg still pitches. One out single.Fly out second out. Votto up, flies out. Still 6/3 Reds.

    Warren pitching. Bottom 9th. Duval lead off single. Dickerson hits into DP. D’Arnaud grounds out.

    REDS WIN 6-3.

    To conclude. Ian Anderson will know better than anyone this was down to him. 5 runs was a fair price to be charged for awful control. Our hitters up against a dynamite debuter still managed 3.

    Socially, the Reds booth was in a very pro-Atlanta mood today, maybe they read something last night. They congratulated us on 4 full houses in attendance,thought the food was great in town, great ball park, Battery, Hotel – and took a shine to Olson. Mind you it was not Cowboy doing the talking!

    Split Series. That’ll do, for now.

  22. All I am seeing on this blog is a measured response and I for one am NOT USED TO IT.

    Apparently just because the Braves won the World Series, we’re supposed to keep our cool when the team occasionally gives one back.

    What do you mean we’re not doooooomed???!

  23. @37 LOL, but this is about 1000% better than last year’s start. Plus we know that the rest of the team will get going because we have history (except Dickerson). And we are all holding our breath for the return of Ronald.

  24. @37 lol, I know I for one, have mellowed greatly. Agree with Roger @38 with those reasons why.

  25. 37 – BravesJournal was exactly the same to start the ‘96 season. Only… not on BravesJournal.

  26. We had the game on without sound as we were all at the dinner table

    And so we were confused by the repeated cuts to the broadcast booth, so at least @10 comment makes sense now (and indeed will rewatch later)

    But can someone please explain why the broadcast team get a ring?

    Matt Olson definitely lacking in fast twitch muscle fibres, but sure knows how to hit baseballs

  27. The organization can give a ring to whoever they want. Employees of the team customarily receive one, although it is generally a lesser version (less precious metals, synthetic gems, etc.) compared to the one players and execs get.

  28. Get off my lawn alert: Enough about the rings, enough about last season, enough food in the booth.

    Can we just play baseball, now? Is it out of our system?

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