Braves 4, Mets 1

It was a frustrating game until it wasn’t. On Monday, Atlanta could only produce one run after a brilliantly pitched game by Max Scherzer. And last night, it looked like more of the same. But then Matt Olson had his moment.

Losing 1-0 in the sixth, Olson hit a ball down the line that hit off the Chop House wall about 2 feet foul. Then he fouled another ball straight back, so it looked like he was right on David Peterson. Then…

Olson has not hit in a pennant race as a Brave. He’s been tied to the hip of Freddie Freeman. But a 1-0 ballgame in the late innings against the division winner — even if it’s only July — was a great moment for Olson to separate himself. And he did.

Atlanta was not done. The next inning, Adam Duvall added his own 2-run homer.

And that would be enough as Spencer Strider, Tyler Matzek, Collin McHugh, and AJ Minter held the Mets to 5 hits and one run, all given up by Strider. Matzek, McHugh, and Minter combined for 4.1 no-hit innings.

I wasn’t able to watch the early innings, so I’m not sure if Strider was just simply missing the zone badly or if New York was able to make an adjustment against him. But he threw 103 pitches in only 4 2/3 innings, and he gave up the aforementioned five hits but also three walks. But with the bullpen performing the way it did last night, that was enough.

I was surprised to see Matzek come in in the 5th inning, but that’s one of the things I love about Snit: he’ll put one of his late inning relievers in that early if the game is on the line. Snit doesn’t get credit enough for some of the in-game decisions.

12:20 start today. Chris Bassitt vs. Charlie Morton.

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  1. Strider was missing the zone. It was like a lot of his starts — he was super inefficient because he was missing the zone, but when he did periodically come in, his fastball was unhittable. The more he can trust his stuff, the more devastating he’ll be. But he looked a lot like Max the night before: he didn’t have his command, so while he was able to keep the Mets from doing much damage, every single at-bat was a battle. Give the Mets lineup a lot of credit: they have a lot of guys who don’t have much on the back of their baseball cards, but they are pesky as hell, work counts, and don’t make it easy on a starting pitcher.

  2. That was both an excruciating game to watch – – and an incredibly exciting game to watch – – all at the same time.

    Game 3 under an hour a way. Looks like a high of 85 deg today. Boy, did they get lucky it wasn’t 118 deg as usual in July. ;-)

  3. @1 A lot of that is a credit to Showalter as that’s what he brings to the table. His teams are pretty much always like that. He’s a good manager. I wouldn’t say great, or an all timer but you can do MUCH MUCH worse as an organization. He’s the kind of guy that IMO could take a team like the modern Pirates at least to a Wild Card IMO.

  4. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, but… Strider is FIPping under 2.00 after 9 GS as a SP. IF, and that’s a big IF, Soroka could come back and be at least 4th, borderline 3rd starter level, this franchise won’t win just last year’s title. FWIW, anyone thinking Soroka’s ever going to be a 1 or a 2 at this point are overly optimistic.

    Harris’ and Strider’s development have sent this organization’s trajectory even higher, IMO.

  5. FWIW, anyone thinking Soroka’s ever going to be a 1 or a 2 at this point are overly optimistic.

    I don’t think he will in the short-term, but to say he’ll never be a #2 starter at any point going forward is a little harsh. But I agree that we should be tempering expectations for a good while.

  6. @4 I was gonna ask about who the Mets hitting coach was, but you gave the real answer before I could! Thanks.

    “Watching” on the MLB app, it looked like Strider was just a couple MPH slower than normal. Might be related to the control, might not. And it sure is nice to have another game where our starter was shakier than expected and still dominated. Let’s remember how lucky we are.

    Do you remember the pre-1991 Braves? I do. We had great announcers because the product on the field was soooo bad. I’ll take Chip and Joe all day every day rather than those garbage fire teams.

  7. Need Good Charlie to find himself fast.

    EDIT: So much for that. Once again, he’s not fooling anyone.

  8. When Charlie has no clue where its going .. he cant get back on track …. you can usuakky tell early whicj CM you are getting .. i think he is a head case now … he is very inconsistent .. Morton and Anderson I think are pretty much the same guy … only hoping Soroka could give us something … bats are getting very good swings on Bassett … aside from a couple HR yesterday .. our offense in a bit of funk .. lucky to get 1 out of 3 they way were hit the ball

  9. Harris hitting his Rookie slump ?? Need a day off against a lefty …..?? Duval aside from yesterday…is still in his Senior slump … Danby can use this all star break .. no off days ..

  10. Mets came to make a statement .. looks like they made it … get back at it at Wash .. I cant believe the lineup they put out there and we cant beat that team hands down … our approach at plate is power , power , power … it hrts ya just as much as helps .. game 1 , game 3 ….

  11. @21 Our pitchers were struggling a bit as well. Not vintage Varsity and Strider battled through his 4 2/3 while Morton unfortunately was a no show today. I do like the Mets approach with the way they battle and make pitchers throw a lot of pitches and get into a teams pen. Very effective during a 3 or 4 game series

  12. Was the swinging strike three by Duvall as bad in real life as it was on game cast?

  13. Meh, the Mets gained a game on us while the braves played badly. Big whoop. 12 games to go against them, not to mention nearly half the season left.

  14. Who leads the majors in solo homers?
    Is the league catching up with Harris?
    Is Charlie the worse starter?
    Still a good home stand.
    Patience at the plate produces good results.
    Only Olsen agrees.
    If your best reliever comes back, should the worse not leave?

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