Mets 4, Braves 1

One of the 60 games you’re gonna lose. Max Fried was fighting it all night — he couldn’t command or control the curveball or the fastball, really, he walked five men in five innings, and it’s something of a miracle that he only gave up two in five innings. Then our normally reliable bullpen coughed up a couple. Meanwhile, Max Scherzer was his typical self.

It was the epitome of a “tip your cap” game, even though it was unbelievably frustrating when Austin Riley launched a solo shot in the bottom of the 7th to bring us within one, and then Darren O’Day gave up a run in the eighth and Jackson Stephens gave up a run in the ninth to give Edwin Diaz some Reitsma Room.

But really, it was a game where Robinson Cano nearly matched the productivity of the rest of the lineup. He had two singles, while Ronald had a single, Marcell had a double, Austin had his solo shot, and not a single Brave received a free pass while the Mutts received six different acts of charity from Braves pitchers. The ump was maybe squeezing us more than he squeezed the Mets, but a lot of Max’s misses weren’t particularly borderline. The Mets just played better.

The thing is, we were terrible and they had their ace, and it was a relatively tight-scoring game, because the injury-depleted Mets lineup is really, really thin. Their first three guys — Nimmo, Lindor, Alonso, the normal cleanup hitter pressed into #3 duty — are pretty good. Then it got awfully dicey, with Starling Marte scratched from the lineup, Jeff McNeil on the paternity list, and catcher James McCann out for the next month.

Mark Canha is decent enough, but his career batting line of .247/.347/.426 is virtually identical to Todd Zeile’s .265/.346/.423. Designated hitter J.D. Davis is basically more of the same: career .267/.350/.432, and a little worse than that this year. And the lineup is littered with guys like Eduardo Escobar (age 33), Travis Jankowski (age 31), and Tomas Nido (age 28), who cannot hit. Their best hitter last night was Luis Guillorme, whose career line of .279/.365/.349 is good enough for a second baseman, but basically it’s a lineup full of pesky guys who can get on base occasionally but have no particular thump. If anyone could get on base ahead of Austin Riley, we could put up a crooked number that could push the game out of reach.

But the biggest takeaway for me from last night’s game was from the gospel according to Dennis Green. These guys aren’t some untouchable juggernaut. They’re the New York Metropolitans. Last night, we just let ’em off the hook.

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  1. Thank you, Alex.

    Yesterday’s recap and thread were reminiscent of the best of Mac. He would be proud. Thanks, Ryan and friends.

    Today’s recap was equally well done, the journalistic equivalent of a Scherzer-pitched game. I look forward to today’s discussion and Snidely doing his dastardly best to even the series.

    Once again, thank you all. Go get ’em, Braves.

  2. Well said Alex. Watching the game last night, I was really struck by how ordinary their lineup currently is, they just aren’t very scary.

  3. We just missed on several swings last night that could have broken the game open…it just wasn’t our night. That doesn’t lessen the concerns most of us have for the RH side of the bullpen but at present there isn’t much we can do there right now.

  4. Thanks, Alex,

    Max looked about as bad as he has since sometime in earl to mid 2021. And, he wasn’t THAT bad.

    The offense is looking a little stale and the pen is getting overworked.

    Actually, it was just 1 game, but Cano’s 2 hits were both over 100 exit mph. If he could 260 / 340 / 440 against righthanders and be less than a disaster defensively, he will help us bridge to Albies return.

  5. @4 Arcia literally just had that slash line against RHP and was playing very good defense. I think Cano needs to out-hit Arcia by a wide margin.

  6. Someone recently reminded us that we should remember that even when the Braves lose, they’re in the game. Max the Met was outstanding last night, and Varsity struggled, but I never felt like we weren’t in the game.

    I agree that Cano should need to be significantly better than Arcia, but he’s also basically a free trial version of a second baseman. There’s very little risk here.

  7. @5 – Arcia may have had a similar slash line as what was noted, but most of it was compiled (similar to Demerrit) during his early at bats. Over his last 50 at bats he had 7 singles and 6 walks. I think a 260 / 340 / 440 against righties out hits Arcia by a wide margin going forward. Arcia won’t be as bad over his next 50 to 100 abs, but I’m guessing an OPS of around 700.

  8. Acuna in the home run derby .. he needs to concentrate on making contact period …. his strike out rate is too high … he needs to make contact… his speed will get him hits .. but he swings for the fence … every time … he’s come back down to earth

  9. Well maybe the HR derby is actually gonna fix RAJ? Can’t get much worse than it is right now. Regardless – he will have a monster second half.

  10. @11 I don’t know, it looks like he’s playing through some pain (unsuccessfully). Or he just misses Ozzie.

  11. It’s fun to pretend to be the dumbass on social media who thinks Vaughn is Marquis’ son.

  12. He is. When I saw Marquis last week, he was gushing about how well his son was doing at Rome. Proud pop, right there.

  13. I’m ready to move Acuna down in lineup … let Swanson lead off .. Swanson is patient and gets a walk …

  14. Ronald is in a bit of a slump, but he still walks at a higher rate than Swanson. Dansby is not a particularly patient hitter.

  15. @19 .. I haven’t checked stats … but he is not producing in getting the game going … hopefully he gets going … he’s not holding up his end … and you don’t want him up in crucial situation … I’d take Swanson anyday when needing a big hit …

  16. Seems like Strider for Hire is a few MPH lower than normal, but still getting the job done.

    Have I mentioned how much I like this kid?

    I really like this kid.

  17. Like the Mets’ plate discipline. Driving up counts. Forcing the bullpen in sooner. Playing the long game. Our guys could learn something.

  18. Bats gone to sleep for 2 days .. after all the build up .. fan support .. notta … just not good approaches at plate.. hopefully we can lead back down to 2 1/2 games tommorrow

  19. We start the 3rd time through the order in the bottom of the inning, so hopefully it turns around there.

  20. At what point are we better with Duvall in right and RAJ in left? Ronnie looks like a 38 year old right fielder at the moment

  21. Death , taxes, bad Connector traffic, delicious BBQ from Williamson Bros, excellent burgers at Vortex, standstill traffic at 430pm on 85 north, slow drivers in the left lane…and the Braves beating up on Seth Lugo.

    All assured occurrences in life, whether we like it or not.

  22. fyi, I will try to get today’s game recapped before I leave my office. If it goes to extra innings, maybe not.

    Uncle Charlie, can you give us 7 or 8 today? Please?

  23. @ 45,

    I caught a snippet of that (don’t have Athletic, now). Wash is absolutely incredible. Snit deserves credit for operating a coaching staff like Lincoln’s cabinet. Lots of powerful and capable people making it happen. The one thing I think we need is a “Davey Lopes,” somebody who can add high efficiency base stealing up and down the order.

  24. @47–love the Lincoln cabinet analogy–very apt. As to a base stealing coach, I think that is supposed to be Eric Young. I don’t remember reading a lot about how good he is at that job. Given how many home runs the team hits, stolen bases probably shouldn’t be a big part of the offense anyway. But I agree that to the extent you try it you should be efficient.

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