It is not in every life that one is in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” see Jacqueline Kennedy walk into Parkland Hospital, work as a session musician, become famous as a musician in your own right. But Michael (formerly Marvin) Lee Aday added his great voice to a great common street phrase and made some serious jack. But for us, losing 2 out of 3 is bad.

Once again Charlie Morton wasn’t quite there. Does it really seem possible that he and Ian Anderson are competing for low man on the totem pole? And I guess I extended the cultural appropriation narrative a little farther there, but if you haven’t seen the park in Sitka with Tlingit totem poles, you need to visit it.

Well, Eduardo Escobar got it started with a solo shot in the second. Not a problem. Then, Francisco Lindo hit one with two on in the 3rd. Now, it is a problem. Mark Canha hit another HR in 6. So, it is 5 to 0.

A little bit of a wake up from here. But it was too little too late. So, it ends 7 to 3.

Came into the series down 1.5 and went out down 2.5. I think this team is physically tired. Time to regroup and go see if we still have the Natinals number. The break next week is coming at a good time.