Braves 8, Neighborhooders 2

As you may have noted, I usually use a mild to severe invective against the enemies of the Braves. I started to say “Regionals”, but that team isn’t good enough to earn such a moniker.

Seems to me that the first thing you need to be able to do to be a contender, is beat whomever you are supposed to beat. The Braves have had that in gear for over 2 weeks. The next thing, is “can you beat the good teams?” Last postseason showed off that a little.

Spencer Strider, shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Buddy you are hot. Anybody that can throw the ball to a bigger number than Atlanta’s usual maximum summer high temperature, has a good thing going. BUT, add in some decent other pitches and some control and command, and then you have something special. Right now, the only thing may be a little more need for pitch efficiency. Hmm, 5.67 innings, 11 K’s, 2 BB’s, 2 ER (one on a Chavez Grybo and one solo HR, but Chavez was o.k., just explaining context). It took 106 pitches to get to there, so Snit was right to come get him. The lead was only 2 right then, so some on line on this site last night grumbled, but it worked. Chavez gave up 1 hit and a walk in that inning and a hit in the 7th but so so. The 7th had an interesting twist. Arcia bobbled a ball and then threw behind Victory Robles (last night Battery Power’s editors let that get through 3 times in their recap) and Dansby tagged him and, as Boz Skaggs says, “that was all she wrote.”

Minter did a different version of his schtick. Single, GIDP, ground ball out. But, it worked.

Then my new buddy, Alex Cross’s Hispanic Cousin Jesus Cruz, got the 9th. Cliff does know who Jesus is now. The offensive detail will follow and by the time Jesus got in probably most of Braves Journal was pulling for him to come out for inning 9. Jesus was a Weeble. He wobbled but he didn’t fall down.

Meanwhile, in the lumber yard, things had been stirring most of the night. First, the Braves have tended to own Eric Fedde and last night was not an exception. Next, the lineup is so complete, it puts all sorts of pressure on teams. Further, they are like a summer’s day. Yeah, you get it, hot.

At least one Brave reached safely in every inning other than the third. The scoring didn’t break out until the 7th, after Chavez’ Grybo cut it to 3 to 2. 2 runs in 7 and 3 runs in 8. 14 hits and 6 walks and the Neighborhooders were fortunate to get out with only 8 on the board. But last night was a slack night by their stands for extra bases. Riley provided thunder twice and Ozuna got a double, but 11 of those hits were singles.

A day off, then on to Chicago where a mostly gutted rebuilding team awaits. Time to make hay while the sun is shining, boys. 14 in a row. Yeah, sounds good, but it could be 17 by Sunday night. By the way, Mets, you are down to a 4 game lead. Your disastrous fate awaits you.

13 thoughts on “Braves 8, Neighborhooders 2”

  1. Thanks for the recap! Loved the Boz Skaggs reference. A much underrated singer/songwriter!

  2. Isn’t it nice to have a day off when you’re sitting on a 14-game win streak?

    BTW, going into today’s game w/ SD, the Cubs are in the midst of a 9-game losing streak. When’s the last time a club w/ a 10+ game winning streak faced a team w/ a 10+ game losing streak?

    Mets get the Brew Crew again tonight in Flushing. If the weather cooperates, it’ll either be 3.5 or 4.5 back. Of course, a rainout wouldn’t break my heart, either — they’d have to make room for a DH later in the year. (This week is Milwaukee’s only scheduled trip to Queens.)

    And it’s not like the Mets have played terribly during the Braves’ streak. They went 5-5 on a West Coast road trip that included stops in SD & Dodger Stadium. They’re 7-6 this month. Problem is, the simple math… 7-6 ain’t 14-0.

  3. What if I have already had an orgasm before you said not to? May I avoid demerits?

    Alex was a late scratch to join Roger and I yesterday at the ole ballyard, but it was very nice to meet Roger, and the game flew by talking ball. Thanks, Roger.

  4. Rob, thanks. Nice to meet you too and it was a grand time at the ballpark. After you left, my daughter kept jonesing for foul balls. She finally got one by charming a fellow who got one in our section off of a carom (off the bat of Yadiel Hernandez). First foul ball in the family. So the night was a rousing success.

    Oh, and cliff, great recap but Arcia had a dinger too.

    And, for the record, I didn’t give up thinking I was a jinx until Michael Harris (who I have now dubbed Miguelito) hit his 2-run single. Before that I was standing in line for food when Ozuna doubled and totally missed the RBI groundout. And no HRs until the 7th. I should also mention that the two 8th inning HRs came off our old friend Carl Edwards Jr who the gNats announcers have been treating as the “god of relief”.

  5. EdK’s admonition reminds me of a famous line in Pulp Fiction spoken by Harvey Keitel’s character, Mr. Wolf. I won’t repeat it in polite company, but if you’ve seen the film, you probably know what I’m referring to . . .

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