For Real…Where do the Braves Add?

When Ozzie Albies (whom had surgery today) went down with a broken leg, many wanted a high-end replacement right away, without really considering what they were demanding. The Braves already have Eddie Rosario, Tyler Matzek, Collin McHugh, Mike Soroka, and Kirby Yates expected to be back with the team before the end of the season. If the Braves were to have added a high-end piece, where does said piece go when Ozzie is ready to come back? I think 4 of the above mentioned players are back before the roster expands to 28 in September and here’s where I suggest to AA the transaction I think should occur:

  1. Matzek replaces Dylan Lee (back to AAA)
  2. McHugh, replaces Jacob Webb (DFA’d)
  3. Albies replaces Phil Gosselin (DFA’d)
  4. Rosario replaces Guillermo Heredia (DFA’d)

Even if they’re progressing well and seem ready, the smart money has Anthopoulos slow-playing both Soroka and Yates until September, when rosters expand to 28.

So, there’s your 28, assuming no major injuries. Where’s the upgrade? The lineup is producing elite numbers. The starting pitching is seemingly working out kinks on the fly and I don’t really see a problem sticking with the current 5. The bullpen is strong and will be stronger when back to full force. The bench is already good, but becomes elite when Rosario and Albies return.

Some Batted Ball Numbers (Braves Offense)

  1. Average Exit Velocity: 1st in NL
  2. Weighted On-Base Average: 1st in NL
  3. Hard-Hit %: 1st in NL
  4. Weighted On-Base Average on Contact (wOBAcon): 1st in MLB
  5. Barrel %: 1st in MLB
  6. SLG %: 1st in MLB

Make no mistake, this is a juggernaut offensive team that is also equipped with a lot of speed and good baserunners. Simply put, there’s no weakness.

Some Batted Ball Numbers (Braves Pitching)

  1. Average Exit Velocity: 11th in MLB
  2. Weighted On-Base Average: 6th in MLB
  3. Hard-Hit %: 12th in MLB
  4. Weighted On-Base Average on Contact (wOBAcon): 7th in MLB
  5. Barrel %: 6th in MLB
  6. SLG %: 4th in MLB

These are numbers of a top-10 pitching staff and that is without a fully functioning Charlie Morton and and a combined 43.2 IP and 38 runs allowed by Kyle Muller, Tucker Davidson, Bryce Elder, and Huascar Ynoa.

So…About that Addition

If the Braves do find themselves fully healthy at the deadline and no real holes to fill, yet there’s a handful of elite players on the market, that’s where I’d like to see them go. Go big or go home because there ain’t nowhere else to shop but in the elite aisle.


Author: Ryan Cothran

Ryan is the site editor and manager of Braves Journal. Follow him on Twitter.

24 thoughts on “For Real…Where do the Braves Add?”

  1. Chances are that more injuries will happen to work the numbers out, for better or worse.

    Speaking of Kyle Muller, he’s pitching well at Gwinnett, has cut his walk rate, and showing that he may be ready next time there is a rotation vacancy.

  2. Right as I hit publish, this was sent to me from a Twitter follower:

    Maybe my next piece will be about trading for a 2-bagger.

  3. There’s still a chance Ozzie could come back this year, so I’d hold off on any trades. Everything you posted above is reasonable and I agree with. Any trade would only be upgrading on Phil Gosselin, so I don’t see the urgency, unless we lose another infielder to injury. Arcia will be a fine replacement for Ozzie.

  4. Gotta love Chip’s comments on Dansby’s bloop single. “That ball is smoked … he didn’t hit it hard”. Doesn’t “smoked” imply hitting it hard?

  5. Difficult at bat for Harris. Umpire called two strikes that were balls – one wasn’t close

  6. really liked how Arcia instantly looked back towards 2nd after fumbling the grounder, real smart play to catch Robles napping.

  7. Wasn’t it 3-1 when Chavez relieved Strider?

    Anyways, time to write Austin Riley a big check.

  8. Astros pitchers threw two immaculate innings in the same game — and it was the same three batters both times.

  9. @16, wow. You’d think the last batter in the sequence would try to bunt to avoid the strike out there.

  10. I would like for Michael Harris II to be on this team for a very, very long time.

  11. Another no-hit bid ended in the 9th. This time with only one out, for the Dodgers against the Angels. I’m actually surprised that Roberts let his starter, Anderson, go out for the 9th.

  12. @Ryan Don’t forget that the pitcher/hitter mix will need to change when the roster goes back to 13 pitchers max. This probably leaves Cruz going out, too, with an opportunity to fill that spot with an improved player. I’m still in for a Merrifield/Benintendi trade. Merrifield as opposed to Ozzie in place of Gosselin and Benintendi for Cruz. That addition makes us more like the Dodgers with the ability to platoon Duvall/Benintendi and Ozuna/Rosario. And Merrifield becomes our designated runner.

  13. @20 While I get this trade suggestion in a vacuum, who are we offering that KC would agree to exchange?

    I’ll leave Ryan to do his trade piece now that the word Lisfranc is in circulation, but we shouldn’t be looking past expiring contracts as a replacement for this season

  14. I admit I was wrong about this team. Early in the season, I compared them to the 2006 team after the run had ended. They’ve really turned things around. I hope they keep it up.

  15. Travis Etienne had a Lisfranc injury last year and missed the entire NFL season, but I suppose it’s hard to compare the rehab process for an MLB second baseman and an NFL running back.

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