Well, recapping losses is most discouraging. Sometimes you can do sarcastic humor (like Mac). Sometimes you can go off on a literary tangent (As Alex did well a week or so ago). Sometimes, you can go all “preacher” and “vanity of vanities, all is vanity.” But, if it keeps falling on you to describe destruction you just get kind of “Stephen Crane” on it (all is horror in all forms).

Fortunately for my troubled soul, I get an uplift today. Shall I compare this win to a summer’s day? Is a win by any other name not as sweet?

Charlie Morton isn’t quite back. He is better than earlier, but not the spectacular late career Charlie of the past few years. I have hope for better and some expectancy for better, but Charlie isn’t going to drag this team to an East Division Crown. Last night all 4 runs fell on his ledger. Strikeouts decent at almost 9 K / 9 (4 and a third, 4k’s) and walks were decent (around 2 per 9 at 1 in 4 and a third). One home run (not bad).

But, on the pitching side, it IS possible this bullpen WILL drag this team to an NL East crown. So far, it hasn’t been not quite that good, but some good pieces are in that mix. Spencer Strider is another piece of pitching currency to have established himself. I doubt there are many hitters or hitting coaches that aren’t very aware that Strider doubles as “the Destroyer of Worlds.” 2 and 2 /3rds with 5K’s, 2 BB’s and NO hits. Then Colin McHugh got in 2 clean innings.

So, what about the offense? The Phaillies scored first with one in the second, but the Braves got 4 in the bottom half. So, Braves never trailed. On the night, 13 hits, 7 walks and 3 home runs. With all of that, how in the crap didn’t they score more than 8? 2 were knocked off by GIDP’s and 9 were left on base. One was thrown out on the bases. And, the home team didn’t bat in the 9th. So, a whole lot of offense going on.

So far, William Contreras is showing that he may also be a signing / development break out. I feel like with a little practice, he could exceed Ozuna’s current defensively dessicated remains in left, but I don’t see the club sending Contreras down to work on that. Meat Loaf sang “two out of three ain’t bad” so I call winning 2 out of 3 “Meat Loaf Ball.” But, this series is either a split or a 3 out of 4. Last year we would have not expected much chance in a Kyle Wright v. Aaron Nola contest, but maybe the right Wright will show up.