On the way to work this morning, I was thinking about putting a recap together. I have gone from task to task and neglected this uncompensated task. For such I apologize to those who currently and for a long time have contributed to make this happen. The rest of you who like to complain about what somebody else did or didn’t do (which what they DID is more than you have done), can check the hemmorhoids by the taste method.

Hail, Hail, Kyle Wright. The primary hero of the day had one more inning and 2 less runs than the “minimal quality start.” I think teams win about 90% of the time if getting 7 innings with one or less runs. 98 pitches (a little struggle in the 7th, so it was time to make the change) . 57 were for strikes. 3 BB’s and 3 hits (whip under 21) and only 4 K’s (maybe a little light on those). Rhys Hoskns hit a homerun. Well, dang, he is a big ol’ boy. Otherwise, goose eggs. And Jesse Chavez continued his use fo an Atlanta magic potion for a one hit no run ining. Then, we heard the music form “George of the Jungle” (“Watch out for that….”) but neither Hancock nor Jim West, nor dark of night could stay Will Smith from completing a 3 up 3 down inning.

Actually, there was some tension. The Phaillies scored first. But in the next half inning, things changed. The run in the 4th was both courtesy of and a headscratch as to the “baserunning twins” Marcel Ozuna and Adam Duvall. So, Olson doubles, Riley grounds him to 3rd, Ozuna walks, and then it gets weird. The Mighty William Contreras continues to make money for people with All Star selection bets. BUT OZUNA TOOK THE EXTRA BASE. Then, Duvall hits a ground ball, but beats the ball to first and the umpire missed it. Yes, New York let Atlanta get another out, and the run from Ozuna. But then, Duvall got caught stealing. Strange.

But NO Hibernation Mode. In 7 the Braves got 2 more. A two out HR from Duvall and then Gosselin singles, takes second on a wild pitch and scores on a single by the Most Excellent Mr. Michael Harris, II. Continue to be Excellent, Mr. Harris, and “Party on.”

Meanwhile, at CitiField (as opposed to country field) Verlander dominated the LOL Mets and the lead dropped to 3. “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.