Braves 4, Moldy Cheesesteaks 1, damn where have you been

On the way to work this morning, I was thinking about putting a recap together. I have gone from task to task and neglected this uncompensated task. For such I apologize to those who currently and for a long time have contributed to make this happen. The rest of you who like to complain about what somebody else did or didn’t do (which what they DID is more than you have done), can check the hemmorhoids by the taste method.

Hail, Hail, Kyle Wright. The primary hero of the day had one more inning and 2 less runs than the “minimal quality start.” I think teams win about 90% of the time if getting 7 innings with one or less runs. 98 pitches (a little struggle in the 7th, so it was time to make the change) . 57 were for strikes. 3 BB’s and 3 hits (whip under 21) and only 4 K’s (maybe a little light on those). Rhys Hoskns hit a homerun. Well, dang, he is a big ol’ boy. Otherwise, goose eggs. And Jesse Chavez continued his use fo an Atlanta magic potion for a one hit no run ining. Then, we heard the music form “George of the Jungle” (“Watch out for that….”) but neither Hancock nor Jim West, nor dark of night could stay Will Smith from completing a 3 up 3 down inning.

Actually, there was some tension. The Phaillies scored first. But in the next half inning, things changed. The run in the 4th was both courtesy of and a headscratch as to the “baserunning twins” Marcel Ozuna and Adam Duvall. So, Olson doubles, Riley grounds him to 3rd, Ozuna walks, and then it gets weird. The Mighty William Contreras continues to make money for people with All Star selection bets. BUT OZUNA TOOK THE EXTRA BASE. Then, Duvall hits a ground ball, but beats the ball to first and the umpire missed it. Yes, New York let Atlanta get another out, and the run from Ozuna. But then, Duvall got caught stealing. Strange.

But NO Hibernation Mode. In 7 the Braves got 2 more. A two out HR from Duvall and then Gosselin singles, takes second on a wild pitch and scores on a single by the Most Excellent Mr. Michael Harris, II. Continue to be Excellent, Mr. Harris, and “Party on.”

Meanwhile, at CitiField (as opposed to country field) Verlander dominated the LOL Mets and the lead dropped to 3. “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

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  1. Yep, where would we be without Kyle Wright this year?

    So far, he’s kinda like this year’s Austin Riley (i.e., a genuine breakout). Hope the accumulation of innings don’t get to be too much for him.

    For the record, we’re 21-5 this month, while the Mets are 13-12.

    After the 14-0 start, we’ve gone 7-5. During that span, the Mets have been 5-6 (5-2 vs. Miami & 0-4 vs. Houston).

    For the month, we’ve picked up 7.5 games. The Mets are off today, so despite the pitching matchup — Nola vs. Anderson — let’s hope we get the good Ian & make it a hard eight.

  2. Plot thickens.

  3. I’m sure that’s why Freeman is firing the agent, because the Braves created a “false narrative.” Give me a break. I don’t know that I buy that the agent didn’t tell Freeman about the Braves’ final offer. We’ve only heard that from one source, and let’s just say I find Doug Gottlieb to be a somewhat questionable source on this. But there’s very little doubt that the agent is the fulcrum on which this entire shit show pivots. And he’s now covering his ass.

  4. Really don’t like how this Braves vs. Excel dust-up might hang over any future Swanson dealings.

  5. Yeah, I’m afraid that we need to get used to the idea of this season being Dansby’s swan song in Atlanta.

    (See what I did there)

  6. Dansby is gone after this season. That’s been the case for awhile, and it’s even more the case now. I think AA was probably gonna try to upgrade at that position anyway, if possible, as there will be opportunities to do so. Now, he might not even offer Dansby a contract. And for the record, my guess is Dansby would be fine going somewhere else as well. Certainly more fine than Freddie is with it (not that that’s a high bar).

  7. “Mischaracterization” and “false narrative” imply differing perspectives on facts, not that one side is outright lying.

  8. If Freddie was told by AA that he offered X dollars over Y years, and Freddie didn’t know about it, then I don’t see what leg Close has to stand on. Either AA is outright lying about his final offer, or Freddie is lying about being told about it. I don’t see how there could be a “false narrative”. Was Freddie told about Atlanta’s final offer? Bottom line.

  9. I saw this random tweet and found it funny.

  10. @7 and 6 I agree: he’s gone. I would be happy to get someone solid to hold the position for a few years until Grissom is ready. A Renteria type.

  11. Getting someone out every once in a while would be nice, Ian.

    1.79 June WHIP as of this moment (4-1, runner on third, no one out in the second).

    What has saved him before tonight is run support — 8.2 runs per game scored in his June start. But that may not be coming vs. Nola.

  12. Anderson can be straight batting practice sometimes. His inability to put hitters away with two strikes is maddening. No swings and misses means a long night

  13. Anderson has been kind of crappy lately. Starting to be concerned about him. He’s the weakest starter right now.

  14. I figured the matchup against at Nola was a tough one but when Anderson doesn’t have it, he really doesn’t have it

  15. Ian Anderson is the reason Strider needs to stay in the rotation. Anderson is clearly the fifth starter now

  16. I hope someone’s warming. I don’t think he’s gonna make it out of this inning.

    And now this game is lost. Should’ve had someone ready.

  17. As Meat Loaf said, “two out of three ain’t bad.” In the parlance of Bill Belichick, we’re on to Cincinnati.

  18. So we didn’t take him out back when we were still in the game, but we’re now taking him out instead of letting him eat innings. Uh, yeah…I think I’m gonna be watching the Atlanta United game tonight. You guys have fun.

  19. Anderson had a midseason IL stint last year after having fatigue and came back well. Might be that time again.

  20. Put a comma after Jesus Cruz’s first name, and you’ll have the general experience of watching him pitch.

  21. 33 — My guess they don’t make a move this time around. But if he goes out and stinks it up again next start then I think Muller is next in line.

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