The Kids Are Alright: Hammers 4, Fish 3

 “The Kids Are Alright” was the fourth single from The Who’s debut album, The Who Sings My Generation.  The single was released on August 12, 1966.

Exactly 56 years later, Pete Towshend is proving to be correct.  Of the eight Braves who started in the field in last night’s game, six of them are players who came up with the Braves and whose only big league experience is with the Braves.  The six players average 23.8 years of age. The amount of young, home-grown talent on this team is really amazing.

The youngest kid of them all was the difference maker in the Braves 4-3 victory over the Marlins.  With the Braves trailing 2-1 in the sixth inning, Michael Harris led off with a double to the left field gap.  He advanced to third on a groundout and scored on a shallow fly ball to center.  Believe me, there aren’t many guys who could have scored on that play; this kid can fly. 

That run tied the game in the sixth.  In the eighth, with the game still knotted at 2, his fellow 21 year old and 2019 draftee Vaughn Grissom led off the inning with a double to the gap.  MHII followed by crushing a long home run to right (on an 0-2 pitch) to give the Braves a 4-2 lead.  The Marlins scored once in the bottom of the 8th, but our guys held on for the 4-3 win.

The Braves had fallen behind 2-0 in the second.  Jake Odorizzi surrendered a homer, walk, and three singles in the inning.  But for a double play, it could have been a lot worse.  Those were the only two runs given up by Jake in his four innings of work, despite giving up eight hits and two walks.  Obviously not a good outing by the team’s newest starter, but give him credit, I guess, for limiting the damage.  In fact, if three runs in six innings is a traditional “quality start”, perhaps two runs in four innings should be a “2022 quality start”, given that starters rarely go more than five or six innings any more.

After Odorizzi’s four innings, the best bullpen in the league held them to a lone 8th inning run the rest of the way.  The underrated Colin McHugh went two scoreless, and Matzek shut them down in the 7th, leading to the Grissom/Harris show in the 8th.  Kali the Second gave one of the runs back in the 8th on a pair of doubles, but AJ came on to avoid any further damage.  Jansen pitched a scoreless 9th for the save, but it was reminiscent of Don “Six Pack” Stanhouse or Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams.  Kenley had very little command of his pitches. He walked a couple of batters to put the winning runs on base, but also struck out two and induced a game ending pop up. 

The Braves finished the game with eight hits, but six were for extra bases—four doubles and two homers (Matt Olson plated the Braves first run with a solo shot in the 4th).  They only left three men on base.  That’s what XBH’s can do for you.

The Fish had twelve hits and received six bases on balls, but somehow managed to score just the three runs.  They left an astounding 13 men on base.  Actually, this was an offensive explosion for Miami.  Since July 4, the Fish are averaging 2.4 runs per game.  Over past 12 games, they haven’t scored more than 3 runs in a game.  If you look at their lineup you can see why. 

*    *    *

Poor Chip Caray is conflicted.  He wants to see more “small ball.” He’s constantly pointing out how the right side of the infield is open—if the batter could just guide one to the opposite field he could have a hit.  Especially when Brian Jordan is with him in the booth, they go on and on about how the guys need to cut down on their swings and try to make contact.  And Chip continues to get excited over “productive outs.”

But Chip also loves the long ball.  He can’t help but point out what a home run would do for the score (hint: its very good):

“We are a bloop and a blast from tying it.”  “He could tie it up with one swing.”  “He’s in scoring position in the batter’s box.” “Let’s see if ___ can run into one here.”

The Braves must be doing something right on offense.  They’re neck and neck with the Mets in runs scored, behind only the Dodgers and Yankees in MLB.  They’re second only to the Yankees in homers. Large Ball is working out pretty well. The Kids Are Alright.

  *   *   *

Speaking of kids, the Braves play two today, and the starters will be Ian Anderson and Kyle Muller, both 24 years old from draft class of 2016. Max Fried is on the seven day concussion IL, and Kyle Wright is being held back due to arm fatigue.  Hopefully both those guys will be ready to face the Mets next week. In the meantime, the Marlins’ lineup is a good one for Jethro to bounce back against and for Muller to prove he belongs in the show.

The Mets lost to the Phillies so the lead is down to six. This weekend is a good chance to get that margin a little lower before the big four games with the Mets next week.

EDIT–Ryan reports rumors are circulating that Wright will go on the IL and that Darius Vines will get called up straight from AA. He’s 24. Let’s hope this kid is alright

Author: tfloyd

Tfloyd was born on the site of Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. Before the stadium was built, that is; it was then the site of Piedmont Hospital. It took the Braves another 11 years to arrive on what is now Hank Aaron Drive, but I‘ve always liked to arrive at the ballpark early.

49 thoughts on “The Kids Are Alright: Hammers 4, Fish 3”

  1. Muller and Anderson on the hill today .. the relievers need to their arms loose .. maybe Heredia and the bench need to warm up too .. all arms on deck .. could be a wild ride today … walks , walks , walks … and bet the games are 3 1/2 hr long games

  2. A doubleheader sure does seem like a bad time to not have one single back up infielder on your team. Braves are really rolling the dice today.

  3. Yeah, that’s strange. I would think there are a couple of pitchers at the bottom the 40 man roster that nobody would particularly care about losing. Also, Manny Piña is apparently on the 10 man IL, not the 60 day?

  4. Hey, they have a back-up infielder: apparently Rosario played some second base in the minor leagues, as recently as eight years ago! For that matter, I bet most of these guys played shortstop in little league. Of course Harris and Heredia throw lefty.

  5. TDA’s extended day-to-day absence is also handcuffing us. At this point just put him on the 10 day IL retroactive to the day he got hurt, move Piña to the 60 day IL, and call up Valaika. And if you need another 40 man spot when Vines starts this week, DFA O’Day.

  6. It probably all comes out in the wash, but the Padres gotta be ruminating over that Tatis contract right now.

  7. Pina is already on the 60day Il. Can you have two different 27th players for a double header? If not, Jay Jackson will likely go down today. If Vines comes up tomorrow or something then Danny Young might be the 40-man victim. Another option might be moving O’Day to the 60day IL.

    I’m not sure why they would call on Vines when they have Tarnok in AAA already.

  8. O’Day has not pitched for Atlanta since July 11 and has only pitched 21.2 innings all year. He was projected to be ready to come off the IL today after pitching 2 scoreless innings at Gwinnett. My guess is he’ll return to Atlanta tomorrow after today’s starters are sent down. If not, I don’t think we’ll see him in Atlanta again

  9. One of today’s starters is the 27th man so whatever happens to him doesn’t count. Adrianza and Fried have to be back on the roster quickly. I don’t think O’Day sees Atlanta again. Hence my point.

  10. 8 — I think Tarnok pitched a day or 2 ago. One might think Bryce Elder would also be an option.

  11. Amen!

    God, that Tatis news. The Padres just keep pushing their chips to the middle and keep busting. I feel for ’em, but damn.

  12. @11 – You could be right. Muller and Anderson will go back down. Someone will be on the active roster only until Fried returns. I’m thinking O’Day comes up and either he’s released or Dylan Lee or Jackson Stephens are sent down eventually. I know a sub for Wright if he goes on the IL temporarily complicates things, but take your pick between losing O’Day permanently or Lee/Stephens short term. Lee has not looked as sharp lately and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go down

  13. Braves could send Muller down after the game today and activate Goins (if necessary) for the 2nd game. I’m guessing Vines is also with the team and could be activated instead of Goins should Muller lay a mound on the mound and burn the bullpen.

  14. Marlins Nightmare Revisited: Eric Gregg has apparently been reincarnated.

    That called strike 3 vs. Olson (on a 3-2 pitch) was so bad you can hardly even get angry. It’s like the ump is just in a hurry to get the game over.

    Based loaded w/ one out is quite different from 2 on/2 out.

  15. I’m beginning to have no patience or tolerance for anybody who declares opposition to the electronic strike zone. They don’t even have an argument anymore. It’s like “Yeah umpires suck…but something something human element. And what about the one article I read that pointed out a single instance of the technology glitching in an Atlantic League game???” Meanwhile, umpires continue to umpire.

  16. Trompe le monde.

    I kinda think Wendle was safe, but the Marlins have certainly had some baserunning adventures this series. Why are you trying to take 2nd w/ no outs and down 3 runs?

    Maybe not as stupid as Berti getting caught trying to steal 3rd (w/ no outs) last night, but just stupid.

  17. The Berti attempted steal last night was stupid, although it did take a great throw from Contreras to get him. I don’t fault Wendle there, though; it took an incredible play by Ronald to get him.

  18. As somebody who was openly worried about it, I’ll say that Ronald’s defense has been much better since the All-Star break. Seems to have turned a corner in that regard. Now the only thing we’re missing is his power stroke.

  19. I’m not complaining and I know I don’t know the balk rules as well as I thought, but dang, with runners on base, that hitch from Jansen seems like it should be a balk every time.

  20. If you do the same thing every time, they tend to let you do it even though it seems like it should be a balk. If somebody who didn’t normally do that did it with runners on, it would definitely be called a balk.

  21. Gotta feel good about Muller. 73 pitches, 51 strikes. That’s the kind of control he’s been showing at Gwinnett. He’ll be back, sooner rather than later.

  22. In my neighborhood, very often on weekends Citi Field-goers will park their cars, then hop the 7 train to the ballgame. (Free street parking, if you know where to park, and $5.50 round-trip to Flushing)

    Earlier, I was at the deli around the corner & ran into a gaggle of Phillies fans & I said: “Hey guys, win one for the Braves today!”

    They laughed, knowing that we do have something in common.

    Off to the Lee Bains show… go Braves.

  23. Vaughn the Virus looks like he’d rather not catch the shuttle out of the majors any time soon.

  24. Both Muller and Anderson looked good and were a very pleasant surprise. However, I don’t think many conclusions, good or bad, can be made about whether or not either of those guys have turned a corner. The last time Miami scored more than 3 runs as a team was July 29 in a 6 to 4 loss to the Mets. They have now played 14 games in a row and scored 3 runs or less.

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