A picture of Max Fried boarding the Braves team plane yesterday with this quote from him: “I’m ready to go out there and leave it all on the field.”

The Braves head back to Houston in need of 1 victory while the Astros need to take both. If Jonathan F is right, and the playoffs are essentially a crapshoot, the odds are in the Braves favor to win this World Series. I’m sticking to it.

It’s Max Fried (aka Varsity) vs. Luis Garcia and I like our chances IF Max can change his game plan. In the last thread, I wrote this:

The thing that bothered me with Fried the last time out was the game plan. Almost every RHB for the Astros has a hot zone on the inside part of the plate and he kept trying to bury it on them right in that zone. I know that’s his strength, but it’s their’s too. He’s got to adapt this time around.

I’d like to see Varsity utilize that filthy curve on the outer 1/3 tonight. If he can locate it, goodnight Houston.

Ehire Adrianza out, Johan Camargo In

While it doesn’t mean near as much since we’re at Houston, Adrianza is an actual bat that does good things at the plate while Camargo is O forever. Ehire’s significant other is having a child and kudos to the man for realizing where he needs to be.

Braves Lineup

Braves shaking it up tonight, moving Ozzie Albies to the 7th slot. I like what’s going on here and I’m pumped! Let’s get it, boys.