Braves @ Astros, Game 6

A picture of Max Fried boarding the Braves team plane yesterday with this quote from him: “I’m ready to go out there and leave it all on the field.”

The Braves head back to Houston in need of 1 victory while the Astros need to take both. If Jonathan F is right, and the playoffs are essentially a crapshoot, the odds are in the Braves favor to win this World Series. I’m sticking to it.

It’s Max Fried (aka Varsity) vs. Luis Garcia and I like our chances IF Max can change his game plan. In the last thread, I wrote this:

The thing that bothered me with Fried the last time out was the game plan. Almost every RHB for the Astros has a hot zone on the inside part of the plate and he kept trying to bury it on them right in that zone. I know that’s his strength, but it’s their’s too. He’s got to adapt this time around.

I’d like to see Varsity utilize that filthy curve on the outer 1/3 tonight. If he can locate it, goodnight Houston.

Ehire Adrianza out, Johan Camargo In

While it doesn’t mean near as much since we’re at Houston, Adrianza is an actual bat that does good things at the plate while Camargo is O forever. Ehire’s significant other is having a child and kudos to the man for realizing where he needs to be.

Braves Lineup

Braves shaking it up tonight, moving Ozzie Albies to the 7th slot. I like what’s going on here and I’m pumped! Let’s get it, boys.

Author: Ryan Cothran

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325 thoughts on “Braves @ Astros, Game 6”

  1. Yup lineup looks good. Let’s finish this thing up tonight please! The day off was very much needed, but hopefully we’re staying up late just one more time!

  2. Love the lineup. Let’s bring this thing home tonight. I cannot spend another day worrying about it when I’m on vacation.

  3. Is it just me, or does Varsity look a bit like Clark Kent in that pic you posted? Let’s hope his inner Superman shows up. I’m stoked. Hope the boys are too. Let’s go!

  4. @3 I love that look. To me it’s cerebral. He looks like a schoolteacher (sorry, Ryan) or maybe Professor Indiana Jones. On the mound he looks like such a baby (sorry, old guy speaking).

  5. Our son-in-law is in Truist Park tonight watching the game on the big screen. Apparently they’re charging ten bucks for admission. He was there with me on Saturday when we won. I’d say this is a good sign.

    Like several others have said, my own good luck charms (shirts, caps, drinks, etc.) have been less than reliable. I’ve decided to wear my Braves Journal t-shirt. This place is just about the best thing about the Braves.

  6. My best friend (and fellow baseball lover) since 1985 passed away this year in January. I inherited his two jerseys (Acuna and Chipper) and since the start I’ve been mixing and matching as I and my dog Max (yes) play dress up for luck. Max wore the Chipper jersey the other night when we lost (after he wore it when we won) but wore the Acuna when we won the last game of the NLCS. So he’s back to that. And if needed, I still have the rally cap. Indeed it does nothing, but one must try. (Or two…Max is about done with dress up.)

  7. @9–Smoltz was encouraging the Braves to attempt a steal of home the last time Garcia started. He didn’t go to the stretch with a runner on third. It does take him several seconds to come home.
    The key is to get runners to third.

  8. They should have challenged. Neither touched the base at first but Fried got it with his other (left) foot. OMG. They should have challenged.

  9. Fried’s non-stepped-on foot touched the base after he was stepped on, so the umpire blew the call. (Edit: TV showed it.)

    Hope his ankle doesn’t swell up while the Braves bat.

  10. What is the rule about blocking first base? He was definitely out unless there is some kind of rule about obstructing the runner

  11. He wasn’t blocking the base, he was running to cover it. The batter-runner doesn’t have the right to step on his ankle.

  12. Yeah not sure which game our brain trust is watching. That was an obvious challenge. Fried should’ve gone and tagged Brantley as well, just to make the ump call it on the field. We can’t have nice things.

  13. Glad Fried didn’t get badly hurt there. That looked like the Tim Hudson play from a few years ago.

  14. Game day has the last three fastballs at 98.4 (!), 97, and 97.3 mph. When did Fried ever hit 97 before, much less 98?

  15. I don’t know about Fried’s ankle but he pitched like he was really angry to Gurriel. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Max hit 97 before but he did on three straight. That was an incredible AB for Fried. I like the three straight smokin’ hot FBs with no wasted pitches. He was not about to get victimized like AJ did. Great piece of pitching.

    According to the broadcast team, Fried’s last pitch was 98 and the hardest pitch he’s thrown this year.

  16. Two big Ks to get out of the mess. Nothing hit out of the infield. Hope Fried’s ankle not hurt that had had injury written all over it.

  17. We are not helping our cause by swinging at everything so quickly – Garcia has 20 pitches in 2 innings – not good. On the non-challenge, all I can think of is the instant replay has been so horrible, we must have figured why bother. I’m just kidding, but I’m really not sure why we have instant replay at this point.

  18. How many pitches was that? 8? 10? Riley had the best at bat until he swung at a ball way low. Duvall and Peterson took maybe 4 between them? Guys!!! MAKE HIM THROW STRIKES. If he gets you out on those, fair. But allow him to try!

  19. @40 Absolutely, the replays were mostly abbreviated. It took about six takes before they finally showed that Max hit the bag with his left foot.

  20. Honestly, I think the DH helps Atlanta more than Houston as far as hitting goes. Atlanta adds Soler/Joc while Houston adds McCormick/Siri. Houston benefits more from the defense but Altanta benefits more at the plate.

  21. Man watching games in this bandbox turns me into Chip. Anything as much as a pop up to left field and I’m convinced it’s gone.

    Let Ozzie steal here?

  22. Ozzie is such a freaky hitter. Seems to me some of his biggest hits come after his worst swings and misses.

  23. Would have laid off of that Rosario but he did with the next pitch. Walk. Good.

    But Soler swings on what should be ball 2 and should have just walked.

  24. So far we’ve had 3 guys sting the ball pretty good but for outs. It’s gotta even out here soon. I hope.

  25. Jesus, that nearly left the ball park. I take it all back, Soler. All is forgiven. (Replay shows that he did!)

    Except Freeman gets one out on one pitch. Grrr. Rally killer?

  26. Seriously, if there’s ever a time where you are allowed to pimp the home run, it is right there.

  27. arrgghhhhhh…..I missed the home run because this stupid smart tv at the vrbo decided it was time to ask me to enter some stupid code. By the time I figured what code I needed to enter the game was 3 – 0. I do not like these smart TVs.

  28. Dang, I want Fried to go deep in this one. That would be SO sweet.

    And Fried the athlete just makes an athletic play. I think that’s the first real DP I’ve seen the Braves turn this series.

  29. Indeed. My favorite thing is to shut them down after a score. If Max’s ankle hurts, he’s leaving it all out there.

  30. 3 outs in two pitches for Fried after giving up a bloop single… now that’s what I am f***ing talking about. Nice work Varsity.

  31. I said before the game that I was expecting great things from Soler and Dansby tonight. Time for Dansby to keep up his part (see last thread at 54).

  32. DANSBY!!! I knew the bottom of the lineup needed to come big and they have. Ozzie’s scored two of those 5.

    One or two more innings by Max. This is NOT like 4-0 in the first. This is after 4 Houston ABs and an energized Fried on the mound.

  33. Keep it going! Let’s make it a full-on laugher. I would greatly enjoy a relaxing 8th and 9th innings.

  34. And another! Dare we wish and dream, Braves Journal?

    And yes, I would like 7. Please and thank you.

  35. Never thought I’d see the day, now all I want is a Maddux Maximus for the glossy finish. 1996 WS Game 4 demons are still there though…….

  36. It’s hard to believe this is happening, but the Astros have only batted 4 times. Give me two more solid Fried innings and I’ll be jumping with excitement.

    I am SO happy with what Fried has done and is doing. It’s incredible.

  37. 97% win probability.

    The Atlanta Braves are going to win the World Series.

    THERE. I said it.

  38. I think back to the 1990’s and all those playoff heartbreaks. To win it again, and with this team, this is special.

  39. Calm down, calm down. I’m saying that to myself. 15 more outs. That’s it. Just 15. Breathe. Just breathe.

  40. @107, I love ya, but let’s not say things like that till they’re real. For now just enjoy the hell out of every minute.

  41. Got lucky on that strike 3 call, but the ump called one worse against Riley.

    Don’t give up any walks, make the Astros hit the ball. If they get 2 runs, reevaluate, but until then, just throw strikes.

  42. I’ll give you another bold extremely optimistic early prediction. 5 innings on 52 pitches. I foresee a “Maddux”. This is better than pitching in the “Glavine” style; he might actually pitch a “Glavine” – a one-hit shutout in a game 6. [yeah, I know the Astros have 3 hits]

    So far, this is better than amazing. Better than incredible.

  43. @122 No way. Was it really? They only had a 25 point lead at the half, right? (Not a NFL fan)

  44. Good for Duvall. No hibernation mode. (Btw, I thought PECOTA predicted the Braves for 82 wins, not 78, but Smoltz’s point still stands.)

  45. @122, yup, it was when the Falcons had a 25 point lead with 6 minutes left in the third quarter and Patriots on fourth down in their own half, let’s get through the 6th inning!

  46. It was 99.9% (1 in 1000, not 1 in 10,000) but the point stands. I won’t relax until it’s 100%.

  47. Why take Fried out? Let him go one more. I’d like to see Jackson for the 8th and Smith backed up by Matzek for the 9th.

  48. I thought they might try to get one more inning out of Max. But if you were going to take him out as soon as anyone reaches base, it’s better to let the reliever start with a clean inning.

  49. Oh my God, Bregman just made one of the best plays of the whole series to hose Soler.

  50. They are called the Night Shift for a reason. Nail it down. Tonight. Don’t tempt fate.

    (And Freddie hits another bomb. Let’s just have good things when we can.)

    EDIT- And yes, pay the man his money!

  51. I bought like 20 $14 Coors Lights during our home games this series. That should be enough to sign both Freddie and Soler.

  52. Morning all
    @132 wins comment of the night

    In Max we trust. I will owe a shirt to his number 1 fan (TM) when she wakes up

    It is so hard to watch this in silence with the household fast asleep, but it helps when we have the lead

  53. Matzek just doesn’t look like he’s throwing 100.

    Like Rosario’s catch the other night, I’m not sure if that was a great catch from Joc or a really awkward one, but it worked.

  54. Sorry Buck/Smoltz, but this Houston team would lose to 1995 Cleveland. We should have. But we didn’t. That was one for the ages. That’s what made Glavine a Hall of Famer.

    And yes…6!

  55. If you listen to the field mics, the stadium is loud with Braves fans. Was not expecting that.

  56. Yes, that Cleveland lineup in 1995 is in the conversation for one of the best of all time. Which as was said makes the Braves pitching performances all the more remarkable. In addition to Glavine’s one hitter, Maddux pitched a nine inning two hitter in game one.

  57. @162, they know it, but they’re broadcasting today’s game and so don’t want to sound like they’re saying these teams aren’t that great. Also, Smoltz may for once have been trying not to sound like he thinks everything was better when he was playing – though in this case the Braves’ opponent was better, a little bit.

    Actually that might be a good postseason article – compare the 1995 Indians and 2021 Astros. I’m sure we’ll compare the 1995 and 2021 Braves, but that’s a different article.

  58. Joc has been a one night stand. You’re gonna have a hell of a time, but let’s be honest, you’re not gonna put a ring on it.

  59. I get why Soler is probably the favorite for the MVP, but honestly, how do you give it to anyone other than Matzek?

  60. There have been some bad strike calls, but some of the ones they’ve whined about lately were perfect strikes.

  61. Going to turn on the radio. I’d rather hear the hometown broadcasters for the 9th.

    Never mind – they’re carrying ESPN Radio for some reason. I listened to Joe & Ben for one of the NLDS games, and it was awkward because it was several seconds ahead of the TV.

    No they weren’t, Smoltz! Everyone in the baseball media said the Mets would win the division.

  62. Stu, Sansho, Spike, W.C.G., I know y’all are watching and I hope that if you scroll through these comments, you know you’re with us and there’s a glass of beer that’s tall as hell that’s at Manuel’s Tavern that we’ll clink the next time we see each other.

  63. Soler has hit 2 of the biggest home runs in Braves history this series and is hitting 300/391/.800. I love Matzek, but Soler is the MVP.

  64. I hope Ben Ingram has a really good call here because we’re gonna be listening to it for a looooong time.


    Braves win. Braves win. Braves win.

    My wife just huff’d that I’m going to be insufferable for the foreseeable future. I can’t imagine being any happier that none of my concerns materialized. Fried was great. The Braves scored runs. The best game we could have possibly had.

    @199 I thought I heard that. Very cool.

  66. Seeing Will Smith hug Brian Snitker is so sweet. Snitker was just about the last and only man on earth standing up for him.

  67. JonathanF, I think you and your Whistlepig are the true MVP here.

    I switched from my 17-year Single Cask Nation Highland Park to a delightful 6-year-old sherried Ben Nevis from SCN. I can’t claim credit but it sure didn’t hurt.

  68. Guys, thanks for being there through this whole trial. Wouldn’t want to win a world series with any other blog. Braves win!

  69. Congrats to everyone that’s ever participated, lurked, trolled, etc. on Braves Journal these past million years. Love yall.

  70. Shouldn’t be a shock that the Braves won the World Series in Drew Smyly’s only year in Atlanta. #ProvenWinner

  71. Yes, yes and yes!!! We got another one!!! And the first in the Braves Journal era! Mac would be so happy and proud!!!

    I don’t post a lot during the season because I don’t care for the day in day out negativity, but this is why we care. This is why I want to share with all of you in this time when we win or don’t. And tonight? We won!!! 2021 World Champions!!!

    Congrats to this jackass team that made us grumble nearly all year and thank you to all of you that had to recap all the games in which it seemed like we weren’t going anywhere. Thank you to those that tried to stay positive and certainly those that believed.

    Dammit folks! We won!!!

  72. I can’t imagine the Braves won’t re-sign Freddie, Soler, and Rosario.

    Is it possible that Freddie will be Charlie’s favorite player now?

  73. Congratulations everybody. Of all the years for them to win it, amazing.

    I look forward to this championship inspiring some truly great BravesJournal poetry.

  74. For Mac, indeed. I’ve been following Braves Journal since 1998. I was an instructor at the U of Alabama and was surprised to find out that the guy who ran this great website also lived in Tuscaloosa. He, and what he created, have meant so much to me for more than two decades.

    Of all the Braves teams to win it all . . . life is strange. In this case, wonderfully so.

    My wife wasn’t able to stay up to see the end of the game. I told her if Atlanta won, when she got up in the morning, she’d see an empty Fat Tire bottle on the breakfast bar. No bottle? Give me a wide berth. She’ll see the bottle, and one happy man for the foreseeable future.

    Braves are World Champions!

  75. @240 Yes, the tear down was a tremendous success. 4 straight division titles, 1 NL pennant, and World Champions.

    If the team gets a healthy Mike Soroka and Acuna Jr., there may be no stopping these guys!

  76. I had basically mailed it in after Acuna went down. It was insult to injury after losing Soroka, possibly forever, and then the Ozuna stuff. Some years are just bad.

    But then I saw what we got at the deadline and wondered if I was crazy to think we got some big time steals. Some had proclaimed that we did nothing more than dumpster dive, but I saw the addition of big time power. I couldn’t believe we were adding Duvall, Soler, and Rosario. Plus Joc. And when the team finished it the season with a post deadline .650+ win % my outlook flipped.

  77. Somebody on Talking Chop asked, and it’s a good question, if there’s a website that will show how many parks Soler’s blast would’ve left. It left Minute Maid, and I assume it would’ve left Fenway and Wrigley at least. Others?

  78. Cheers to all the old-timers, cheers to all the lurkers, cheers to all the newer folks around here, cheers to Mac, cheers to everybody!!! WORLD SERIES CHAMPS!!! ATLANTA SPORTS CURSE OBLITERATED!!!

  79. I need to congratulate Dansby MFin Swanson. I’ve been super hard on you, we went to the same school, I’ve poor mouthed you more than most, but it’s because I expect the world. And you delivered. Thank you.

  80. Our son, who’s a freshman at Clemson, didn’t respond to my texts during the game. We wondered if he was at the Battery, and right after the finish he FaceTimed us from inside Truist. He did well on tests last week, so I assume he decided that missing classes tomorrow morning would be ok. Glad I took him to game 3 against Milwaukee, because I’ve been sick this week and couldn’t have made it even if he hadn’t talked some of his friends into going with him.

  81. Thank you to all the recappers this season. You have been unbelievable. Gotta make this Recap World Series Book happen.
    Thank you, Ryan, for running the best bar on the internet.

  82. I’ve been mostly a lurker/no-show on this site for most of the season. Gonna have to try to get through comments later, but had to come by here to share in the joy! Thank you Ryan, and the whole team, who have kept things going here – shame Mac couldn’t be here to enjoy with us, but I’m thankful for the work everyone has done!
    What a team, what a season, go Braves!!!

  83. Fried tells Joe Simpson he was gassed after the 6th.

    A performance that’ll be remembered forever.

    Glavine in 1995.

    Fried in 2021.

  84. I’m listening to the internet feed of 680 The Fan and I don’t remember EVER hearing Joe Simpson this giddy. The ol’ sourpuss has an inner kid!

  85. Chip, stop with asking what the Braves’ victory means for Riley’s MVP candidacy. There’s got to be other things you can talk about.

    Edit – That’s who Joc reminds me of – John Belushi.

  86. Ryan and Rob, my personal heartfelt gratitude to both of you for all you’ve done for this bar. Mac passed away nine years, two months, and a day ago, and this is still my favorite place on the internet, more than a decade and a half after I first started commenting.

    Thank you both.

    SMITTY! You made this happen, man!

  87. Incredible season! Thanks to all the contributors that make this such a great site and thanks to Ryan for his hard work to keep it going. I never dreamed this would be the year they would win it all. Just unbelievable!

  88. AA acquired the NLCS MVP and the WS MVP at the deadline. I don’t think that’ll ever happen again. Absolutely unreal.

    I’ll say it now: destiny.

  89. I hope our young guys really celebrate and appreciate. There’s always some story about a guy that’s been around forever “finally” getting a ring, but there are quite a few that never do and another group that achieve that success very early and never again. The two that always come to mind for me are Henry Aaron who won his championship and a MVP at 23 and barely sniffed the playoffs again. Same thing with Cal Ripken who won his at 22 (and a MVP) and really never came close again. We have a ton of young guys that I hope have more than one chance to get this especially Ronald should have a chance to play in a World Series.

  90. Someone in the comments said he has very mild symptoms. Hope he will be ok.

    Hate it that he couldn’t be there. What an unbelievable trade deadline.

  91. Oh, gosh. I hope he’s okay.

    Cindy, I hope you got to watch the good parts tonight!

  92. Whoa — I just realized I’m the Tuesday recapper!

    Uh… the recap’s gonna be a little late. It’ll go up tomorrow, at some point.

  93. It was an incredible experience. I felt good from the start. That stadium was dead. It wasn’t loud at all. No electricity.
    When Soler went deep, any energy the Astros had was cut in half. When Swanson went deep, people left.
    When Freeman went deep people started high giving me and congratulating us.

    Soler’s homer was way more than 446 feet by the way

  94. Atlanta Braves World Series Champions 2021. That was very sweet to type out.

    Enjoy the party in Atlanta, or wherever people are. I’ll be celebrating for a while.

  95. Minter on the Bally postgame show giving a shoutout to lots of former players and others who helped him including Julio Tehran, Peter Moylan, Charlie Culberson, and the AAA coaches who helped him fix some things this year.

  96. Just saw the score, I’m so happy yet sad I wasn’t able to celebrate here with everyone in real time.
    All bad contracts are forgiven, all boneheaded plays and decisions are forgiven.
    I need more time to take this in; congrats everyone!

  97. I don’t post much but have been a lurker here for the past 15 years or so. Congratulations to each and every one of you. I so appreciate the comments and analysis you can find here on a daily basis and my fandom is richer because of it. This one’s for you, Mac.

  98. I’ve been a major lurker here since 2005 and love everything about this place. I love the Braves more than anything and love the place that Mac built. This really feels like a dream and thank you to everyone who has created such a great community here!

  99. Always happy to see my fatalism proven wrong.

    Success is never sweeter than when it comes in the sport that, at its essence, is about handling failure and overcoming it.

  100. @289 Didn’t work for me. Probably a permissions issue. Maybe you have to make it public or something.

  101. I gotta go ahead and write it out one good time:

    Atlanta Braves, 2021 World Series Champs

    Ya know what, that does look pretty good.

  102. @290

    Thanks Rob – suspect you’re right, I’ll try and get a copy that’s not on Facebook

    One more thing for now. Couldn’t help but notice that Freddie made sure to pocket the ball after the last out. How prophetic

  103. Here is the Astro’s collective batting line for the series: .224/.298/.299. Alvarez slugged .200, Bregman .143. Only 3 regulars OPS’d above .700.

    The Braves were not a whole lot better in BA/OBP (.239/.303), but slugged .443. 5 regulars OPS’d above .700, led by Soler (1.191) and Freddie (.996). Four slugged .500 or better, including D’Arnaud and Dansby. The Braves outpowered the Astros handily, and that was the difference in the series.

    Soler’s HR was obviously big, but the key moment IMO was Fried escaping serious injury on the Brantley play, then getting out of that jam unscathed. Tremendous performance when it mattered most.

  104. What a night. What a win. What a team. Congrats to all! I’ve been posting here for 15 years and now we finally get to celebrate the WS together. Now let’s sign Freddie, Eddie and Soler and go back to back.

  105. Luke Jackson, post-game: “Once we won Game 1 of the World Series, we’re the best .500 team in baseball, so it was guaranteed we were gonna win. Everyone’s like, eh, who cares if it goes to Game 7, we play .500 baseball better than anyone else, we’ll win-lose-win-lose all the way to the end, you know?”

    Love him.

    (the clip it’s from:

  106. Freddie becomes a free agent and can entertain offers five days after the WS is over. So I guess that would be this Sunday. Is there a chance the Braves could make a deal with him before that date? Or with the team having let it get this far, is he going to wait and see what other teams offer him?

    I’d like to think ownership will calculate a pretty large future revenue increase based on this world championship, and make a bigger offer to him before Sunday.

  107. For once I’ve been rendered veritably speechless.

    What a team.

    Not sure I’ve ever seen an Atlanta Brave reliever pitch as well in the spotlight as Matzek did in this postseason.

    We’ll figure out tomorrow, but as for today, the Braves are WORLD CHAMPIONS.


  108. I think you’ve gotta hammer an agreement with Freeman before then, or at least have a gentleman’s agreement. The Braves crying poor is not going to fly now.

  109. @298 Would the whole CBA issue delay this decision from a Braves point of view, you think?

    They have to re-sign him, how could they not. Apart from that: Who’s supposed to play 1B? Rico Brogna?
    Pay the man, AA. Do it.
    AA… hope he is feeling well. Sucks that he couldn’t be with the team yesterday. He turned the season around. In AA I trust.

  110. @296 Thanks for sharing sdp. Love Luke. He’s the best. So happy for him.

    Snit sticking with him and Will Smith this season. He knows something we don’t.
    This feels so good.

  111. @301, teams might want to know what the new luxury tax thresholds are, etc., but I don’t think that impacts the Braves. They’re not going to have a payroll that comes anywhere near to a luxury tax threshold.

  112. After the fact (of course), I’m thinking the ankle thing was a blessing in disguise. After that, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a look in his eyes like what Max had. I don’t know if it was anger, frustration/hurt, determination, or what. But that next AB with the excess velocity and the ongoing performance after that was incredible. Out of this world. Maybe it was just the ultimate “zone”. Max always looks calm and under control but what he had going on was something I had never seen before in him.

  113. Dansby Swanson has really grown on me this last month. His reaction to the final out last night was just incredible.

    I’ll admit, losing the ASG really made me angry. I kept up with the day-to-day but didn’t watch/listen to a game until October. Hearing Manfred being boo’d while handing us the trophy healed the wound.

  114. So Max said, his foot/ankle was not “good after “Brently stepped on it, “got tight” but never any shooting pain and he just pushed through it because World Series.
    What a performance.

  115. If I had been posting before the deadline, I would have advised against selling for what turned out to be the wrong reason. I would have said that we plan on contending next year and it’s not worth whatever hit to attendance/viewership to sell…and you never know, something crazy could happen and the team could take off.

    But leave it to our resident optimists. I remember Rob saying something along the lines of: wouldn’t it be crazy if we won it all this year, of all years? And I remember Ryan emphatically stating, “Braves aren’t selling. This team is too talented.” The correct take, it turned out.

  116. You’re gonna need to change your screen name — I think you’re having fun :)

  117. I just can’t say enough about Max Fried. Pulling up to the park like an economics professor. And sure enough, several Laffer curves later, he supplied. Class dismissed.

  118. @319–Don’t put additional pressure on Alex–it’s a big responsibility recapping the first World Championship in Braves Journal history.

    I’m just relieved I won’t be recapping a game tonight.

  119. My mornings will be a little emptier without all those recaps in the morning. You guys don’t know how much this is/was appreciated. When do pitchers and catchers report?

  120. Going to the Warres.

    Tell me not, (sweet,) I am unkinde,
    That from the nunnerie
    Of thy chaste breast and quiet minde
    To warre and armes I flie.

    True: a new Mistresse now I chase,
    The first foe in the field;
    And with a stronger faith imbrace
    A sword, a horse, a shield.

    Yet this inconstancy is such,
    As you too shall adore;
    I could not love thee, dear, so much,
    Lov’d I not Honour more.

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