A whole lot went right yesterday and Ronald Acuña Jr. continues to be the talk of the town. However, it might be time to turn our attention to Sean Newcomb, who I see “ace reliever” in his future wiki description. Sure, it’s early, but he’s striking out everyone. I’m being hyperbolic…he’s only struck out 9 of 10. That’s a 24.3 K/9 folks. Word on the streets is Newk went to Driveline this offseason and worked on eliminating the unnecessaries in his delivery for a cleaner path that results in better command and added velo. It’s a small sample, but doggone it, the dude looks like a dude.

Ynoa it was Going to Happen

After his electric 2021 debut, we all thought Ynoa deserved the 5th starter role. Well, it looks like it’s his for now…

Braves Top the Charts

The Braves have been hitting the ball hard. If you’ve been watching, that’s been clear. Kris Willis drops this note from Snit:

This isn’t too surprising, but I wonder how much of this is merely Acuña busting out 100+ exit velos on the regular.

Tonight’s Lineup

0-4 to 4-4. Let’s get #5 tonight.

And…if you want to cry…