Pure West Coast Evil vs. Braves, Game 1

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Author: Ryan Cothran

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99 thoughts on “Pure West Coast Evil vs. Braves, Game 1”

  1. So, it seems like Morton is being pushed to G3 since he’s more seasoned for a hostile crowd. Hmm…

  2. @1

    Well, also it gives him a couple extra days after going on three days’ rest, and it lines him up for Game 7. I approve, as I said the other day.

  3. Should be a raucous crowd, would be great to get an early lead.

    Random prediction – Adam Duval 3-run homer.

  4. I’ve loved the Braves for 30 year and want them to win. But the chop is so dumb and needs to stop.

  5. In his series preview Michael urged the Braves to attempt more stolen bases. I wasn’t sure that was a good idea. Well, Rosario’s theft of second led directly to the first run of the game. Good call!

  6. Way to being on your way to your worst start in over a month, Minimus Fried.
    Don’t shake off TDA and it would still be 1-1.

    Offense can’t get it going against a bullpen game, what a surprise.

  7. What a year for Austin Riley. Remembering how overmatched he looked in last years NLCS and now he ropes a tater in game 1. Amazing progress and adjustments from him.

    Mmmm should guys be up in the pen? Not a lineup you like to seee the third time.

  8. 30 — Well, he did hit the game winning home run in Game 1 last year. But I agree with your point.

  9. 31 – You’re right, but the rest of the series was ugly. Last year Riley was a dude who could crush a mistake. Now he’s smacking good pitches around the park. Dude’s been putting in work.

  10. Might be time to get another pitcher in there. 3rd time through and Fried doesn’t have his best stuff.

  11. Very nervous to see Fried vs these specific 3 in the next inning! Ahhhhh playoff baseball I can’t handle…

  12. Alright, I think it’s time to slap Max on the butt and send him to the showers.

  13. Counterpoint: I think it’s once again dumb to activate the bullpen at this point. There’s just no reason.

  14. No walks in the whole game so far. The hitters have been aggressive, but the pitching has been real good.

  15. Duvall has no HR since sept 20…. pump that man full of insulin and get him going!

    On a related question, why is the second most suggested duvall question on google: “Is Adam Duvall diabetes?”.

    Sad lineup :(
    Saddens me to see that we can hang with them but apparently not overtake them, like previous years. I miss Ronald and Soroka…( and pre domestic abuse Ozuna. and Soler.)

  16. Pretty easy inning for Luke. If we don’t score, I’d send him back out. Doubt Snit agrees with me though.

  17. I thought the dumbest move we made in the off-season was to keep Jackson on the roster. I couldn’t have been more wrong. He has possibly been our most consistent reliever throughout the year.

  18. Please score some runs!!

    @48 Duvall is diabetic but I don’t know why people are searching about that.

    @50 Agree about Jackson

  19. @48 – Give ‘em a chance here, Carl. I think this is actually the best lineup 1-8 plus bench they’ve had in the postseason any of the past 4 years. Now, that says more about the holes in some past rosters, but they can get some runs going.

    Man, next year with Acuna back, Freddie back, and one more star bat could really make this a scary lineup.

  20. @52 Just getting my hopes low since they were broken in 1996. It’s my MO.

    “Here comes Will Smith”
    Have scarier words ever been spoken?

    Feels like they are going to have to run into one like Freddie did to win.

  21. Oh I hear you, Carl. I’m right there with you. Heart been broken too many times. But it’s still game 1!

  22. If this game goes to extras, the Dodgers are running out of pitchers.

    For once, it’s the other team who makes a baserunning mistake.

  23. Geez , Freeman looked like garbage tonight. Golden sombrero.
    Albies bloop hit!




    Baseball gods smiled on them tonighg. Baserunning mistake, and bloop hit.

  24. Austin! The great thing about beating the Dodgers in their bullpen game is their bullpen is gassed for tomorrow.

  25. Got up just in time for the last few innings. What a finish. Glad I named my new puppy Riley.
    Let’s get the next one, too. Go Braves.

  26. There is no doubt Riley was tonight’s MVP. A HR and a walk-off hit. But there is no fault for Max. He was great and kept it real.

    Considering Duvall’s baserunning in the NLDS, it was really kind of nice to see the other guys make the critical mistake.

    I also think Roberts made a mistake using Jansen before Treinen. That seemed very odd to me.

    I have full faith and confidence in Jethro vs Mad Max.

  27. @76 – It will be really interesting by game 5 if the Dodgers have to use their big bullpen guns in both games 3 and 4. And seeing Urias only once on full rest ought to be better than seeing him twice.

    I have a feeling Roberts will be getting creative with Scherzer, Buehler, and Urias.

  28. @83, Dodgers aren’t the only team that will have to worry about overusing their big bullpen guns. Matzek, Jackson, and Smith have all pitched (with great results) in all 5 postseason games, right? The Dodgers have had 7 postseason games, so maybe that’ll put a similar amount of strain on their deeper bullpen.

  29. I was going to name my new kitten Ozzie but he was already named Archie so I ended up just letting him keep that name.

  30. The good news about this game is that the Braves hit .500 with runners in scoring position. Even better, everyone in scoring position scored. But methinks we need a few more players in scoring position if we want to win this thing.

  31. @84 the main three got a good amount of rest in between series.
    I’m more concerned about the rest of the bullpen, which basically hasn’t pitched since the regular season.

  32. In my view, the most important thing that the team did tonight was that the pitching kept enough runs off the board to stay competitive, and the offense scored enough runs to win. If the team can keep that up, it could win some more ballgames.

  33. Only caught the last two innings. But I saw the rundown, the steal and the walk-off.

    Will Smith is the winner!

  34. I don’t disagree, AAR, but note that a lot of the Flying Wallendas have ended up maimed or dead.

  35. Boy oh boy, the LA Times recap of this game sure is something else: https://www.latimes.com/sports/dodgers/story/2021-10-16/dodgers-chris-taylor-braves-nlds-game-1-world-series

    Some highlights:

    “In what should have been yet another strong step in their seemingly preordained journey back to the World Series on Saturday, the Dodgers staggered, stumbled and ended up on their backs…”

    “Yeah, the Dodgers let the Braves off the hook.”

    “The loss was made worse because it was accompanied by the tomahawk chop, that racist appropriation of native American culture…” (Not getting political on this one, I don’t want to discuss it, I just thought it was a fitting sample of the article’s tone.)

    “In all, it was a Dodgers letdown against a team that had 18 fewer wins and scored 135 fewer runs.”

    The way the article reads makes it sound like “Ho hum dee dum the Dodgers made a few oopsie-oes and lost to the dumb hicks on the Atlanta junior varsity baseball team but oh well, we’ll win the next four.” I hope this mindset isn’t very representative of many Dodger fans, but I don’t really know. Either way, I hope this series is a very rude awakening for a whole lot of Dodger fans!

  36. @91 Ugh, just when I think I can’t despise the Dodgers any more than I do.

    His tweets are offensive too:

  37. Ugh, elitist Dodger hacks of writers. Best to ignore. Hope they underestimate us all the way and we win the series in LA. That would be sweet.

    Great win. Especially love the stolen bases. We can’t be too reliant on the home-run to score, so anytime we can manufacture a run or two will be huge. I think Scherzer can be run on as well.

  38. @92 Wow, I hadn’t seen that Tweet yet! I guess if you’re from LA or San Fran, any remotely clean public area looks like a “sterile shopping mall” in comparison. Waffle House is certainly a fitting place for them to congregate, as we all know that a soggy 1:00 AM waffle is truly the breakfast of champions….

  39. I got substantially less upset with that article and tweet when I realized it was Plaschke. He’s basically a professional troll.

  40. @91:

    No surprise, Plaschke was whining on Twitter about it too:

    Check out that 1.1K responses to 293 ‘likes’ ratio.

  41. Gosh, I hope the crow was good at Waffle House for a douche like that. Makes the win all the sweeter.

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