Tucker Davidson was good. Freddie Freeman was good. Luke Jackson was good. Tyler Matzek was good. Ehire Adrianza was good. Everyone else sucked and Dansby royally sucked. Braves lost their 8th game in which they were tied in the 7th. Let’s move on.

Orlando Arcia

On April 6th, the Braves swung a trade, sending Patrick Weigel and Chad Sobotka to the Milwaukee Brewers for Orlando Arcia. When I heard the news, I immediately started thinking of ways to find playing time for Arcia and, truly, trying to make sense of the trade. Unfortunately for Arcia, he still had options and Anthopoulos sent him to Gwinnett. On May 4th, the MiLB season kicked off and Arcia started his tour of terror on MiLB pitchers.

Out the gate, Arcia went 1-4 with 2BBs in an extra inning affair and, thus far, he’s collected at least 1 hit in all 12 games of the Stripers season. However, the hits haven’t been cheap as 10 of his 20 hits have went for extra bases, including a league leading 7 home runs.

Swing Changes

Recently, I’ve looked at video of the 26-year old shortstop and I can see 2 eye-opening differences in the swing when he was with Milwaukee.

  1. He’s definitely selling out for more power, yet the strikeouts aren’t coming (8.3% K-rate).
  2. The bat has a slight uppercut and is staying in the zone for an extended time.

While it’s true that AAA is still playing with the old MLB that ignites flight, the balls aren’t bigger, so the low K-rate is a really good sign that the Braves might’ve found a bargain.

A trusted eye of all things in the Braves Minor Leagues had this to say about Arcia:

Finding a Spot for Arcia

Dansby Swanson is the Braves shortstop and Dansby Swanson will continue to be the shortstop unless Alex Anthopoulos takes that decision from Brian Snitker. I cannot imagine that would happen until 2022 at the earliest. While Arcia has only played shortstop in 2021, Arcia has experience, albiet limited, in the outfield, 2B, and 3B. If the Braves truly wanted to get the most of their Arcia experience, they could check the YES box on 6 positions and rotate him around to give everyday players a breather. Would Brian Snitker deter from his plan of everyday players to give Arcia a chance? My guess is no…unless Arcia forced his hand and that would likely come via an injury/poor production from an everyday player.

However, when considering any of this, it is important to keep the Adam Duvall rule in the forefront of our thoughts and June 7th is the day to remember, as it’s the day Arcia can become a Brave and be a Brave for 2 more years, rather than 1.

Final Thoughts

Dansby Swanson has sucked. Would Orlando Arcia be better? I don’t think he could be worse. So…you can read the above breakdown, or you can just skip to here and get your answer.