Boston 10, Atlanta 8

By now, you know that Major League Baseball has announced a desire to crack down in earnest on all of the ways that pitchers have historically skirted the rules banning foreign substances on baseballs, and they are NOT HAPPY about it. As Timo noticed in the last thread, Tyler Glasnow says he tore his UCL because he had to death-grip the baseball once he could no longer use his trusty sunscreen to impart absurd amounts of spin on the ball, and for all I know he may be right.

But my first thought in all of this is that this kind of rule change must be good for the Braves, because one look at the box score will tell you that Braves pitchers just do not know how to cheat — either we’ve got the only honest pen in baseball, or our pitchers are just as bad at gunking up the ball as they are at locating it. So, I’m hoping that this belated rules enforcement will level the playing field.

Anyway, the game. The offense was good, the pitching was bad. Ho hum, what else is new? Ronald Acuna only went 2-for-5, so understandably he came in for some complaints on the blog; but actually, every regular other than William Contreras got at least one hit. The Braves got doubles from Ronald Acuna, Dansby Swanson, Guillermo Heredia, and Abraham Almonte. And Chris Martin gave up a two-out three-run homer in the 8th inning, and you’re gonna lose just about every game where that happens.

Nice to hear Anthopoulos say we’d have some money to spend in July and Soroka back in August. It would be even nicer if this team would be in contention by that point. It’s getting awfully late in the season to have never spent a single day above .500.

Here’s hoping that the Braves will, to paraphrase Abba Eban, “behave wisely, once they have exhausted all other alternatives.”

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  1. AA needs to save the money for the payroll next year. Don’t waste valuable prospects on deadline trades in this dud of a season either. Sell and get some prospects back makes more sense.

  2. A tale of two seasons

    Last year, the Braves were greater than the sum of their parts

    This year, we seem to have a rotating policy of at least one of batting, starting pitching, refief pitching and fielding not in sync

  3. @1
    As has been mentioned elsewhere, this is the wrong approach

    This may be a dud season, but there is still a “win now” core that needs to be strengthened and prospects don’t move that needle

  4. Was not able to watch the game. I was better for it. But I’m happy that homeless-man-turned-reliever Luke Jackson continues to make me proud.

  5. “AAAA” accusations aside, has there been in recent memory a wider disparity between someone’s AAA and MLB performance than Pache’s? Sample size, indeed, but Pache’s MLB OPS in 68 PAs was .358, and his AAA OPS in 29 PAs is 1.033, including 2 home runs. Such a weird world AAA is this year. Arcia has had 166 PAs now in AAA, carries a .957 OPS, and he doesn’t seem to be in the team’s immediate plans at all.

    Also, Bryse Wilson pitched last night, so he’ll probably take Tucker Davidson’s spot. His line was solid: 6 IP, 1 ER, 5 H, 1 BB, 9 K. We may not have much, but we do have AAA starting pitching depth, even after now losing 3 effective starting pitchers.

  6. @1 Co-sign this for sure. Only problem is we don’t have any guys (that I can think of) who are standout “win now” trade prizes that aren’t also core pieces for the team for years to come, and we shouldn’t be doing anything that might hinder the chances of the 2022 Braves. Basically all of our bullpen arms – who looked invincible as of 2020! – have flopped, and ‘pen arms are the classic midseason trade pieces.

  7. This dude has proved to have sources in the past.

  8. On the Phillies’ telecast last night (by the way, the Philadelphia television and radio announcers are really good!) they mentioned that the Braves were 0-10 in games tied after 7 innings. What a contrast from last season! High leverage flops.

  9. One day hitting good, pitching bad. Next day the opposite. Third day they win.
    These team may get to my 84 wins. I have not and will not wager on that optimistic prediction made before the season started. What would their record be if the closer was not a member of the Padres?

    Oh, cheating has and always will be part of baseball. G P Hall of Fame member.

    Have an excellent day.

  10. @7 It is fascinating how many guys since 1871 could torch AAA and AA pitching only to not be able to hit their weight in MLB. My thought is that its not mph, its movement. I think miLB pitchers on whole have much less movement. They all throw low to mid 90s now, even at AA. But I sit behind home plate and many of them have no mastery/command of breaking pitches and their FBs are straight.

    It’s why when I’m looking at miLB hitters I’m pretty skeptical unless they are utterly dominant. If you’re hitting in the .240s in the minors, you’re never ever going to be a productive MLB hitter, most likely. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, but the chances are infinitesimal.

    In 400 miLB ABs, Braden Shewmake is hitting .246 with a .313 OBP. My position is that a player with that registry pedigree has about a 1% chance of ever being a positive WAR player in MLB, and that at 400 ABs, even now you can most likely be pretty sure about that.

    At 850 ABs, Jenista is hitting .237. I’d say its between 0 and 1% for him.

    So when I say these guys aren’t prospects, they’re simply just not. Can you find examples of players that somehow turned on a light switch. Sure! But I wouldn’t make a profit on them vis a vis the ones that never do.

  11. Wow!

  12. Alright, so the guy above that said a big move was coming said this wasn’t it. Also, speculation is Muller is only here for short term.

  13. Nate Jones got DFA’ed by the Dodgers.

    Muller’s numbers at Gwinnett aren’t exactly begging for a call up.

  14. Random…

    Have any of the players the Braves were forced to release in Coppygate amounted to anything?

    And how did scouts ever equate Kevin Maitan with Willie Mays? I saw 1 minute of a You Tube video and knew that guy would never make it.

  15. @19


    Showed better command lately but Tucker D has surpassed him in my prospect rankings.

  16. 19- Ji-Hwan Bae is still considered a prospect, though he is struggling at AA right now.

  17. I though maybe watching on the Spanish station would help. WRONG.
    They are bad in all languages.

  18. Los peloteros no son buenos.

    Or, as we used to have as the tag line of Bravesjournal:

    Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate.

  19. Braves front office gonna sit and try to save money and not make any moves till too late .. you can tell Snit not got it .. he says same things after each game .. broken record .. if the front office had went all in after last year.. but we got 2 AAA outfielders.. a 1sr baseman who mopes and the worst bullpen in years

  20. Our catchers are dog shit at calling pitches with two strikes. The dugout needs to start treating these idiots like a college team and start calling them

  21. @36 Snit is a low watt bulb as well. The ineptitude of Kranitz and the awful pitch calling should get someone fired

  22. Well 7.5 back of Mets … this team is done … and front office gonna sit and watch and get no help !!!

  23. If the starter doesn’t get through five, there will be a weak link in this bullpen. Really have to stop getting our hopes up.

  24. Who is surprised? No one. Didn’t think so.
    Pathetic at best. This is a cruel joke, not a major league bullpen. I am embarrassed to be a Braves supporter.

  25. There is the difference in the 2 teams …guy comes off bench to smack grad slam .. our 3 hitter chokes with the bases loaded

  26. Here’s what scares me:
    What if it’s not just the players? Yeah, they’ve got way too many suckass players on the roster right now, but many will be gone next year. But what if it’s also the coaches, scouts, analytics team, training staff, skunkworks group assigned to cheating, assistant to the traveling secretary, etc.? What if the whole org just isn’t that good at what they do? You can turn over a roster in an off-season, you’re stuck with your org for a decade.

  27. @44

    They’re never winning a World Series with Liberty Media as the owner, if that’s what you mean.

    The underachievement of this organization starts at the top.

  28. I think Acuna achieved the ultimate goal there. Lose tonight by exactly the same score as last night. Well done.

  29. Young pitchers need time. Even HOF’ers.
    Veterans no. Young catchers need time.
    But most importantly they must want to be good catchers. Many feel hitting is all that is important. Today’s pitchers are not pitchers they are throwers. They have no control inside the strike zone. They leave fat pitches which today’s hitter feast on for home runs. Does not matter if they throw a hundred. Even in college, look at Arkansas. Two home runs and your Omaha trip is canceled. Talent good, coupled with baseball knowledge great.
    All around knowledge makes a person well rounded and appreciated.
    The Atlanta Braves are not appreciated.
    I hope you are. I hope I am.

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