Last night was fun. Personal story, I traveled to my hometown to see my folks and got to do one of my favorite things in life and that is to watch a full Braves game with my dad. Thank you, Ronald Acuña for giving us a good show. Speaking of Acuña, these are some eye opening Statcast numbers:

The Not-So-Good Update

While the Braves bullpen has looked good outside of 1 game, there was bad news after last night’s game:

Snitker then doubled down on the bad news as he said he wasn’t really that concerned until Martin tried to throw a bullpen and couldn’t make it to his set pitches. Hopefully Jacob Webb can continue his good work.

Tonight’s Lineup

A lot of guys righted the ship last night and Austin Riley better get going or there might be a 3-way fight for regular playing time at 3B between Riley, Panda, and Adrianza.

Don’t stop now, boys…. .500 ball comes with the dawn.