What, us worry?

Hard to believe that just a couple of days ago, the Braves couldn’t hit water falling out of a boat; today, basically everyone just did the same boringly good job. Only two ohfers in the regular lineup, Travis d’Arnaud and Guillermo Heredia, and Heredia contributed to the cause by drawing one of the team’s four walks on the day.

The Braves’ five RBIs were spread five ways, as Dansby had three hits, Ozzie contributed two doubles, Riley added another double, Kung Fu Panda contributed another pinch RBI — his eighth RBI off the bench in a single month — and Ronald momentarily stopped time with a home run so majestic that words fail.

It ain’t landed yet.

Not sure we’re entirely out of the woods — we’re not above .500 yet, any rate. About the only other negative to point out is that Ozuna went 1-for-5 and his swings are still looking more awkward than not.

On the plus side, we only used three pitchers, as Everyday A.J. Minter twirled a perfect frame with two K’s, and Jacob Webb struck out the side in the ninth to lower his ERA to 5.40.

But the story of the evening was Jethro Anderson, who in his last couple of starts appears to be shouldering the burden that Max Fried took on last year: a young pitcher, pressed into an unexpectedly important role on the staff by a spate of injuries, coming into his own.

Okay, yes: his second and third start weren’t terrific, and we were a little worried about a sophomore slump, but never mind: his last start was great, and this one was simply terrific, ranking right up there with the best start of his career last September 12, when he one-hit the Nationals over seven innings, collecting nine strikeouts and three walks.

Today, he punched out eight men and didn’t walk a soul.

Our little baby’s all growns up!