It sure did look like the Braves were in for a win before I went to bed last night. However, when our daughter makes her midnight round into our room in a sleepy slumber, I walked her back to her room, tucked her back in, then got back in the bed, but not until I checked the score. Yes, I was disappointed. No, I didn’t lose sleep. The Dodgers are the better team. They’re supposed to win. All I ask is the Braves win the division and, with all that’s went on this year, that’ll be enough for me.

Braves Expand to 28-men

I don’t know if this is temporary, but it feels temporary. Orlando Arcia‘s promotion to the bigs seems connected to Ozzie Albies. However, if Arcia can get a start or 2 at 2nd and show the promising swing that he’s shown at Gwinnett (and glimpses of at the MLB level), he could stick around. Jacob Webb has looked good of late and could be in line to start seeing some 6th innings considering some of the Braves 6th inning studs have turned back into duds.

Is Cristian Pache Returning?

In a vague Instagram post, Cristian Pache put up a pic of him circling the bases in a Braves uniform. The last time he did something of the sort, he got promoted. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him take Orlando Arcia’s spot once Ozzie Albies is deemed ready (he’s day to day). He’s really been putting in good work down at AAA with a .940 OPS in his last 28 days of play. He’s in Gwinnett’s lineup tonight.

Mets, a Sh*tShow Worthy of Finger Pointing

There’s be a ton of drama surrounding the New York Mess. From their new owner calling the players out for sucking on social media, to the fans booing the players cause they can’t hit, to the players booing the fans because the fans are booing them, and now, we get this…

It’ll never not be fun to make fun of the Mets. And just a reminder, the Mets signed Francisco Lindor for $341 million dollars.