Braves Try to Dodge Sweep

It sure did look like the Braves were in for a win before I went to bed last night. However, when our daughter makes her midnight round into our room in a sleepy slumber, I walked her back to her room, tucked her back in, then got back in the bed, but not until I checked the score. Yes, I was disappointed. No, I didn’t lose sleep. The Dodgers are the better team. They’re supposed to win. All I ask is the Braves win the division and, with all that’s went on this year, that’ll be enough for me.

Braves Expand to 28-men

I don’t know if this is temporary, but it feels temporary. Orlando Arcia‘s promotion to the bigs seems connected to Ozzie Albies. However, if Arcia can get a start or 2 at 2nd and show the promising swing that he’s shown at Gwinnett (and glimpses of at the MLB level), he could stick around. Jacob Webb has looked good of late and could be in line to start seeing some 6th innings considering some of the Braves 6th inning studs have turned back into duds.

Is Cristian Pache Returning?

In a vague Instagram post, Cristian Pache put up a pic of him circling the bases in a Braves uniform. The last time he did something of the sort, he got promoted. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him take Orlando Arcia’s spot once Ozzie Albies is deemed ready (he’s day to day). He’s really been putting in good work down at AAA with a .940 OPS in his last 28 days of play. He’s in Gwinnett’s lineup tonight.

Mets, a Sh*tShow Worthy of Finger Pointing

There’s be a ton of drama surrounding the New York Mess. From their new owner calling the players out for sucking on social media, to the fans booing the players cause they can’t hit, to the players booing the fans because the fans are booing them, and now, we get this…

It’ll never not be fun to make fun of the Mets. And just a reminder, the Mets signed Francisco Lindor for $341 million dollars.

Author: Ryan Cothran

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57 thoughts on “Braves Try to Dodge Sweep”

  1. Like Ryan, I fell asleep with the Braves ahead in the middle innings, and then checked the final score when I woke during the night. It wasn’t a child who woke me; at my age there are other reasons that I wake in the middle of the night.

    I have recap duty tonight, and I’m falling asleep already. And I have an 8:30 class in the morning. I’ll try to watch as much of the game as I can, but the odds of my sticking with them to the end are not good.

    I’ll post something in the morning, but it may not bear much relationship to what actually happens tonight in Chavez Ravine.

    One thing you can count on: I’ll make no reference to subgenres of metal music. There may, however, be a Guy Clark reference.

  2. From a recent article, are there any funnier words?

    Max Fried’s ops is almost 100 points higher than Francisco Lindor.

  3. Doggonit. I just yelled at the screen to walk Muncy when he came up. So tired of Muncy hitting HRs against us.

  4. I can’t believe I missed the Deafheaven discussion. Saw them with No Joy and Indian Handcrafts at The Opera House in Toronto.

    Dodgers lineup really is a murderers’ row, eh?

  5. @6 That’s ok. I know nothing about any sort of metal music and I haven’t the foggiest idea who Guy Clark might be. It all whisks right over my head.

  6. I was supposed to see Alice Cooper (opening for Iron Maiden) but the lineup to get in was so long and security took so long to screen everyone, by the time we got in Alice was done.

    Never got to see AC/DC. Or Dio. Much regret.

    Fried looking good. Just no room for error against these Dodgers.

  7. Uh, can Joc Pederson please stop pretending to play center field? He hits like Ryan Klesko, and also fields like Ryan Klesko.

  8. You youngsters are just funning us old-timers with these made up band names and make-believe musical genres, probably just trying to get us to use that google thing. I’m not falling for it.

  9. The strike 3 Fried threw to Best with Muncy ready to trot home after his ‘triple’ was a thing of precise beauty.

    Nothing else in sight. Freeman has joined Swanson as an inconsequential bat. Any contact is weak contact. Where did that last August home run come from, long time passing? Riley is at least looking that he may pose a threat and hit one tonight.

  10. @15 I was a big Alice Cooper fan as a teenager so my uncle got us tickets when we visited one summer. AC/DC was pretty unknown at the time but even as a 14 year old I knew they were going to be special one day.

  11. Jeez, the offense is doing its first half impression. Note to self: never give Soler another off day.

    This home plate ump is pretty brutal, though.

  12. Mr. Rosario stakes his claim to start every day.

    Yes Jon S, we do. If it was allowed under the rules, however, I would reintroduce Fried.

  13. It’s rare to see a guy actually kick the ball when committing an error, but boy, Dansby got his money’s worth when he booted that.

    And they’re calling it an infield single anyway. Philistines.

  14. Over the last 30 days Smith has been THE worst reliever on the team. -8.35 FIP and -0.6 fWAR. Yes, worse than Tomlin.

    Of course now Matzek is struggling.

  15. I really can’t stand Justin Turner. He is annoying to look at.

    And annoying because he kills the Braves.

  16. Martin hasn’t been great, but he had the strike. Meanwhile, Max Scherzer gets the double-wide strike zone. This guy’s on the take and no one can convince me otherwise.

  17. 47 — His strikeout rate for the season is poor.

    Manny Gonzalez just missed another one. Eager to see what his score will be for this game and how many missed calls went in LA’s favor.

  18. Ump just handed this game to the Dodgers and they don’t need any extra help. I’m afraid our Cinderella run might be over. Freddie slumping, Dansby slumping, Ozzie slumping, Snitker refusing to remove Smith as closer, the other relievers coming back down to Earth, impossible schedule, easy schedule for the Phillies, etc. At least the starters still look good.

    I’m probably just in a bad mood because we should have won that game.

  19. Freddie needs to provide a major turnaround in the rest of September, this has gone on too long. If he does not it will likely not only scupper our chances of extra baseball but will compound any present/future contract the Braves are already struggling to decide. Right?

    Cindy ….. We’re all in a bad mood, don’t beat yourself up!

  20. Umpires

    It isn’t our sweet conversation
    brings on this sensation
    Oh No!
    It’s just the queerness of Blue.

  21. Worst home-plate umpire performance I can remember in a while… I usually don’t bitch much about umps, but this guy was consistently awful from the jump. At least it wasn’t a playoff game.

    Nonetheless, back-to-back rough ones… time to get well in the Rocky Mountains.

    And Guy Clark, AC/DC, Alice Cooper… thumbs-up all.

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