Today’s pitching matchup, Pablo Lopez vs. Ian Anderson favors the Braves in many of the categories that matter, and even those that don’t matter:

  • ERA: Ian, 1.95 vs. Pablo, 3.61
  • BB/9: Ian, 3.9 vs. Pablo, 2.8
  • K/9: Ian, 11.4 vs. Pablo, 9.2
  • FIP/xFIP: Ian, 2.54/3.45 vs. Pablo, 3.09/3.73

Needless to say, it’s the Braves to lose and I’m still expecting a series sweep.

Ronald Acuña Jr. Apologizes to Nobody

Yesterday, Ronald Acuna Jr. deposited a leadoff HR into the RCF stands, and next AB, was greeted by a hit by pitch which could’ve gotten ugly. After the game, Sandy Alcantara had this to say about the situation:

From there, Acuña took to social media with a pic of his first inning HR batflip with the caption, “I’d like to take this time to apologize to absolutely nobody”. This statement received a lot of support from many players around the league including Fernando Tatis Jr.and Bryce Harper, but one player that was vocal in his support might surprise Braves fans:

And while MLB is slow to support and promote their own players, Rotowear, which is officially licensed gear of the MLBPA, loves branding individuality of the players.

A Brave Sets a Postseason Record

While Marcel Ozuna receives all the press, Travis d’Arnaud might be the best Braves signing of the 2020 season considering he’ll be around for 2021 as well. He was the dagger in the heart of the Marlins last night and set a record for catchers in the postseason:

I’ll not post the lineup since it’s in the header, but let’s see the boys put the Marlins in their places and remind them that they’re just not that good.