If you like to be happy and enjoy smiling, start out your Braves NLCS Game 2 consumption by basking in the glory of Game 1 and a youngster that had been struggling to stay relevant in the lineup.

Adam Duvall Done, Camargo Added, and Pache Gets His Shot

Obliques suck and losing Adam Duvall sucks. Duvall was removed from the NLCS roster, which means he’ll be unavailable for the World Series should the Braves take down the Dodgers. Johan Camargo was added to the roster and I’m interested to see if he gets any playing time.

As of now, it looks like the recipient of Duvall’s playing time will be center field defensive stud Cristian Pache. Make no mistake, the kid can get it in the outfield and will likely battle Andruw Jones in best Braves defensive center fielder of all-time.

Clayton Kershaw Scratched

Gonsolin features a 95 MPH fastball with exceptional spin rate and a great splitter. He throws the 2 about 80% of the time then sprinkles in an ok slider and a below average curve. He’s not Kershaw, but he’s no slouch either (no one on the Dodgers is) and tonight’s game should be another good pitching duel.

Braves Lineup

2-0 just feels right. Go get it, boys!