Huascar, Boxcar, where for art thou Huascar? I think “eephus” hit it well last night. Boxcar has some things to work with and might end up pretty good. Last night, he did a reverse Ian Anderson. Instead of letting 3 score because of 1st inning walks, Boxcar let 3 score because of first inning hits. And, once again, the bullpen was at least “lights low” if not “lights out,” and the offense continued to chug.

Several runs, several runs, several runs onward, they create the Valley of Death, does this nine Bravos. Dropping behind 3 to 0 in the top half of the first inning is fairly unsettling. But, when you get 4 back in the bottom half, then that kind of makes up for the bad start, doesn’t it? And, it was largely the usual suspects, as Claude Rains so eloquently delivered some 78 years ago.

So, the Mega Pen got another chance after the third. Tyler Matzek continues to be a revelation. Will next year possibly put him in the rotation. He apparently has one more pre arb year and then 4 arb years. So, unless he blows up, we may have a good one there. Good pick up on info on Tyler last year to Ryan C. (right?). At least that is the way I remember the source.

Greene gave up another one and Melancon once again let a lot of havoc loose and somehow the defense saved him. A most amazing 1 – 3 – 6 double play with the last out at 3rd, apparently a “6” and not a “5” because Riley roomed too far off 3rd and Dansby saw it and ran to 3rd. Yeah, we’ll take that.

So, tonight it is Bryse Wilson (duck!!!) against Urine. Urine should be flushed through a sewer system. If we win and Phils lose, the east is ours. However, we need to keep up the pace to pass the Cubs for second seed. Let’s Go, Hammers!