There’s a schism amongst Braves fans, and it’s at the evaluation of the pitching side of the rebuild. The rebuild began 5 years ago — time flies when you’re having this much fun! — so we’ve had enough to at least make a “pass/fail” determination on how well the Braves have done rebuilding their team through pitching.

My grade? Fail. Harsh, maybe, but it’s certainly not “pass”, unless you’re referring to the desire to “pass” on watching all of these failed pitching prospects. I could spend 10,000 words on this subject, but the easy point is that you just simply can’t tell me that we’ve gotten enough yield out of Allard, Folty, Fried, Wisler, Blair, Touki, Sims (he was already around), Gohara, Soroka, Anderson, Wentz, Muller, Wright, Minter, Weigel, Wilson, Davidson, and the middling relief prospects that have come and go. Out of that list, on September 9, 2020, exactly 2 1/2 of them have become quality starting pitchers (Soroka, Fried, and Anderson is the “half”).

I don’t know what success looks like, but this is not it. 2.5 out of 17, using very rough numbers, is just not good enough. Yes, there is potential for one of more of these pitchers to work out. Obviously I would not give up on Kyle Wright at all. We haven’t even seen Kyle Muller yet. But if you’re 5 years in and you only have 2.5 pitchers to show for your offer, that ain’t it.