Bob Marley : “Stir it up.” And thus the Indigenous Persons, aggrieved from years of encroaching urbanization (trolley dodgers) were able to assert dominance.

Reggie Jackson: “I am the stick that stirs the drink.”

Franklin Roosevelt: “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.”

Theodore Roosevelt: “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. “I want to be with my boys.” (and thus he remains, in Colleville-Sur-Mer.)

Al Davis: Just win, baby.”

Maximus: “Are you not entertained?”

Damn right, we were very entertained. A good and exciting ballgame, but with the right ending. Max Fried was pushed a little early and ran up a pitch count, but as the early innings continued, it was Walker Buehler whose pitch count exceeded that of Maximus. All hail, Maximus. 2 BB’s, 4 hits, 6IP, 9K. No, Chip, he didn’t get the “win,” but the Braves sure did.

I told you skeptics 3 years ago that I had seen Riley and that he would be a workable solution at third base. The wretched offense of the last 2 / 3rds of last year has become generally less than appropriate offense in 2020. But at one moment last night, his high arching ball changed the arc of a franchise. No longer do we hope to get lucky, we stalk you and take you out.

Snit the Aggressor: Going for the runs in the eighth by using the whole bench didn’t help in the 8th. It could have killed us in extras. The potential defesnive differential in the 9th could have killed us. But Snit had it right. We need to win today, and we need to win before extra innings. The 9th was partly a response to the declaration of total war by Snit in the 8th.

Now, Dave Roberts’s calculations all need recalibration. He went through 5 relief pitchers last night. Maybe Kershaw will spit the bit.

Ozhaino Albies is a dangerous, dangerous man when hitting right handed. I bet Dave will remember that one. But, with the crack of the bat, Melancon stopped his warm up and looked up. Essentially he stood in his tracks, raised his glove and caught it. Thus did the torch pass from the offense back to the pitchers.

Foot on throat. Go! Go! Go!