Braves 8, Bad Sox 7

Freddie Freeman‘s name was not written on Brian Snitker‘s lineup card for the first time in 2020, yet it was Freddie that provided the walk-off homerun that likely catapults his name back atop the NL MVP short list. Fortunate for Freddie and his numbers that the Braves needed him late, but not so fortunate for Adeiny Hechavarria, who slipped, fell, and chucked a baseball to the Terrapin taproom in the 8th, resulting in two Bad Sox runs. Mark Melancon is still the closer, but he probably shouldn’t be. His K/9 is dangerously low and his walk rate is dangerously high. I’m no scientist, but that doesn’t seem like an ideal combo. The Braves won the game and that’s truly all that matters in a game that doesn’t really matter.

Notes on Kyle Wright

Once again, Kyle Wright looked masterful, throwing 6.1 innings of 2 hit, 2 run baseball. In reading David Lee‘s Tweets, Wright had maintained his arm slot throughout the entire game but lost it in the 7th right away and was lucky to get out of the inning only giving up 1 run. While we’re still in the small sample category, we’ve now seen 4 straight games of Kyle 2.0, and 3 of those 4 have produced very good results. I think it’s a pretty safe bet to slot Wright into that 3rd starter spot for the playoffs. Tom Glavine, great baseball player, part-time curmudgeon in the booth, had an interesting inside look at Wright that David elaborated on.

This development, apparently suggested not by any pitching coach, but Josh Tomlim, has unlocked Wright’s movement and what a difference it’s been.

Marcell Ozuna, Triple Crown?

Ozuna was already leading the league in dingers and RBIs, but now he’s threatening in batting average, which would give him the ever sought after triple crown. Sure, there’s a lot that has to go wrong for other players (Juan Soto) and a whole lot that has to go right for Ozuna, but it’s definitely an unexpected development. It’s weird… I want it to happen, but I also want to see Freddie Freeman get the love he deserves and grab his first MVP, but that would be remarkably difficult should he have a teammate win the Triple Crown.

Video Highlights

Ronald Acuna Jr. kilt a baseball more than any player has kilt one in 2020.

Freddie Freeman, bench player, Walks it off

Tucker Davidson debuts today!

With Mike Foltynewicz on the taxi squad and the Braves in need of a starter for tomorrow, I was convinced they would give him a shot to grab the 4th starter spot for the 2nd round of the playoffs. Unfoltynately, that didn’t happen (sorry, had to do it). However, a prospect that I’ve been waiting for all year will make his debut and if it goes well, could be a piece they turn to in the playoffs. Tucker Davidson will start today. For the game thread, I’ll put up a bigger piece on what to expect from Tucker.

Author: Ryan Cothran

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15 thoughts on “Braves 8, Bad Sox 7”

  1. Foltanately, it looks like we may never see Folty ever again, and you will get no tears shed from me.

    I’m a lame-o, AGAIN, and I went to bed before the magic happened. I thought the two-run lead in the 10th would be insurmountable, so I went to bed… because I’m stupid. It’s very possible we could be looking at seeing some amazing memories made in the postseason.

    So, it’s been a week, and since then Ian and Kyle have made another really good start. I’m much more encouraged. I really, really wish there was one more week to this season and those guys could get one more start under their belt. I feel a little better about our rotation, but I’m scared that the postseason will chew up and spit out two incredibly inexperienced pitchers. But like many have said, these guys are grown-ups, and they show it on the mound.

    Is there anything Tucker Davidson can do today, short of a 9-inning no-hitter, that would make you want to put him on the postseason roster?

  2. IMO, Tucker doesn’t get added to the 3 game series but could be an option going forward should he pitch well and Braves need 4 starters.

  3. The Reds have to lose their last 2 and the Giants have to win their last 2 for the Braves to face the Giants. Might as well start prepping for the Reds because that’s highly unlikely

  4. I have a feeling that with no crowds, there won’t be as much of the “playoff atmosphere” that perhaps rattled and wilted younger players in the past. The games next week will look remarkably like the game last night in terms of environment, whereas a Truist Park with every seat filled and every fan engaged might be jarring after a summer of lazy crowds at half capacity.

  5. For those MVP watching:

    Betts went 1/4 with a BB and stolen base against the Angels
    Machado went 0/5 with 2 BB in the double header against the Giants
    Tatis, Jr. went 2/7 with a HR and 3 RBI in the same double header

    Not exactly closing the deal like our Freddie did last night (or Ozuna’s performance for that matter.)

  6. 3 – Of course there is still a good chance the Reds pass Stl for 2nd place in the central in which case we would get the Cardinals. I assume that preferable, but recent history has me a little gunshy.

  7. I hope we’re witnessing the start of Wright’s march to Cooperstown, but right now we just need him to throw strikes for 3 more weeks. That could happen, couldn’t it?

  8. I would rather not give Davidson his second major league start as a playoff game even if he pitches well today.

  9. Agree. But if he shows poise, I wouldn’t mind throwing him in the pen. Lord knows we always need more arms.

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