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Ryan asked me to do this, and I hope I don’t screw it up:

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  1. It would appear that MLB.TV, in its zeal for marketing the postseason, has clipped me the last three games of the season on the radio.

  2. Never mind. Found it. Spoke to a customer service representative in Panama City, Panama, who’s pulling for his countrymen, Camargo and Araúz, playing in tonight’s game.

  3. 495 on that Acuna HR; the team needs 8 more in these 3 games to set the monthly record.
    Wright looking great early too.

  4. Are there sadder words betokening less hope for the human race than: “Man, that’s a beautiful logo?”

    No, Chip. It isn’t. It’s a logo.

  5. Wasn’t able to watch the game; was Wright legit? It’s not like his performance will have crucial implications for our postseason….

  6. @10 I’d say it was a very encouraging start even if it was against the red sox. He just lost his cóntrol completely in the 7th as long as that doesn’t happen in the early innings, we have a capable 3rd starter.

    How bad are these guys with Risp and less than 2 outs? Dansby just had a hole in his bat.

  7. With as many runs the Braves have scored this year, imagine how many there would be if we just got half the men home that we’ve left on base all season long. It remains an issue.

  8. Can they stop swinging 3-0 withvthe bases loaded and popping it up? I am so friggin angry in a meaningless game.

    Give Ozuna the MVP; not a joke or exaggeration.

  9. 3-0 bases loaded with 1 out in a meaningless game is EXACTLY the time you swing away. Didn’t work, but doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

    This team is awesome!

  10. The result (pop up) is what ticks me off, at least swing at something you can handle , not a borderline pitch. Not the first time its happened this year with ozzie either.
    Here we go on the melancon experience…..

  11. As crazy as this is, Marcell Ozuna could be in the lead for the triple crown right now, assuming Juan Soto doesn’t qualify. Unreal!

  12. @17 – I don’t know where you get that from. 3-0 pitch with the bases loaded and a pitcher not hitting his spots does not scream swing away, especially in a tight ballgame (no matter how meaningless.)

    And Freddie shows you how it’s done. THAT is plate discipline.

  13. @22, agreed. If he’s going to be a butcher in the field, it’s hard to see any argument for him over Johan.

  14. Our shutdown bullpen has not been so lately.

    Melancon- 2 straight iffy appearances
    Minter – control issues last couple appearances
    Greene – crapped the bed 2 or 3 straight appearances
    Martin – first runs allowed tonight since the beginning of the year
    Luke jackson – luke jackson
    Webb – pretty good in sss
    Oday – good in short spurts
    Matzek and dayton – good but havent been used in many high leverage situations

  15. Forgot the fresh prince , who might be good, might be HR prone.

    Duvall is swinging terribly lately, I think the HR thing got into his mind.

    Damnit dansby, about 3 feet short of a GW HR. Eat your wheaties, fool!

    And now the inciarte defensive replacement comes back to bite them

  16. As a baseball fan, I cannot tell you how upset it makes me that Cristian Pache isn’t here and Ender is.

  17. @33 tonight yes, but the previous appearance he also had bases loaded and had a lucky DP save him. So it goes both ways.
    Melancon tonight just seemed to catch a case of the Luke Jacksonitis in regards to infield ground balls.

  18. Well, I guess I will keep my word, Freeman with a BB and GWHR goes back to being MVP.

    But its really close.
    I hope they dont cannibalize votes from each other.

    Edit: hey Nick, I was typing it up, lol.

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