Dodgers 3, Braves 0, no, Braves 5, Dodgers 3

This thing started off horribly. Walk (picked off), single, single, homer. Boom, down 3-0. But Max Fried righted the ship, threw down 4 more innings scoreless, and more importantly, the pen held the fort. Anthony Swarzak, Chris Martin, Shane Greene, and Mark Melancon all contributed a scoreless inning apiece to shut the down. So after the three-run homer, the mighty Dodgers never scored again. 9 scoreless innings.

But if you watched the game, the story was our prized superstar getting pulled from the game. The issue in question was Ronald watching a hard-hit opposite field home run that ended up bouncing off the wall. So instead of potentially a triple, he had to settle for a single because he watched it. For a long time.

There are plenty of opinions all over the internet, and this is one man’s:

If I want to know how Brian Snitker feels about Ronald Acuna, and whether or not there should be a relationship of trust where Brian Snitker should pull Ronald, I need to look no further than here:

That was Snitker’s post-game comments after Acuna was plunked by Jose Urena. As far as I’m concerned, Brian Snitker has absolutely earned the right to reprimand Ronald Acuna how he sits fit in this situation. The thing about Snitker is that he’s not a disciplinarian, and you can tell with how the team plays. They play with fire and fun and craziness, and we all love it as fans. But Acuna went too far. You can’t watch a ball that, at best, would have barely left the yard for that long.

So when Snitker does something to reprimand a player, you know it’s because the player crossed a very hard-to-cross line. Not every manager should pull a player from the game for what Acuna did. It hurt the team, absolutely, and it wasn’t that egregious of an offense, and some managers would be criticized for doing that too often. But Snitker likes his guys to play fast and loose, but they can’t take it too far. Acuna took it too far. But because there’s no question whatsoever whether Snitker loves his players and whether his players love him, then he can drop the hammer when he feels like he needs to.

Like I said, just one man’s opinion.

The other big event in the game was Rafael Ortega‘s grand slam in the bottom of the 6th. It’s easy to cheer for the player in that situation. Ortega’s 28th, and he’s a sub-replacement level player for his career. But he’s got 3 hits in 10 at-bats, one of which was today’s big home run, so he’s filling in admirably while almost half of our starting lineup is on the IL.

And more importantly, we took 2 of 3 from Los Angeles while we didn’t have our best team. That’s going to give you some confidence going forward. Off-day tomorrow, then the Marlins come to town for 3.

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  1. Eh…it’s all getting overblown.
    I was there and most fans thought it was reasonable to pull him.

  2. @Donny from the last thread:

    Soroka has his charms, but Max is my baseball husband and I’m so excited about his progress this year. He’s got all the elements of being a top-shelf starter.

  3. Realizing that Julio is going to be the pitcher for the game I’m going to on Wed. At least it’s the Fish, so maybe we’ll get Good Julio.

  4. @Donny..

    Big Soroka fan, just feel he was passed today by Fried’s amazing recovery.

    re Gaus, what is an immaculate inning? Something to do with virginity perhaps?

  5. @6

    If they would bring 15 more players then Julio would feed everyone. The Fishes.

    It’s Sunday i just realized…please forgive me.

  6. Thanks for the recap, Rob. Error was made, corrected. Time to move on. No need to let it detract from a good win.

    The off day comes at a good time. Freddie and others need a break.

  7. I’ve always felt a 3 pitch inning is more impressive, and better for the pitcher too in terms of pitch count. Is there a term for that type of inning?

  8. I mean, I just wanted to give my take on it. There are idiots on Twitter still arguing about it. There are a couple prominent Braves blog writers who probably knee-jerk thought it was a bad decision that don’t seem to be willing to let it go.

    If Gausman performs down the stretch as a stud reliever, does Kranitz deserve any criticism? The Braves might have felt like he was able to be a quality reliever and didn’t want to pay his arb raise anyway, so there’s that. But it would get pretty old to see yet another starter become a quality reliever for another team. Gausman, Wisler, and even Sims could end up being pretty decent for other teams.

  9. I didn’t actually think Gausman looked good in that relief appearance. Sometimes it’s just like that. He threw some into the heart of the zone and missed bats. He threw some way out of the zone and got swings. Next time those could be loud hits and walks.

  10. Has Freddie commented on his animated dugout discussion with Snit? I assume both he and Snit were asked about it. What did they say?

  11. Guys and gals, it’s been birthday weekend for our family and I regret to say I did not get shirts shipped. However, they will be going out today or tomorrow so if you’ve ordered but have not sent me your address for shipping, please get back to me!

    I’ll be putting up a piece later today and hope the 3rd week of teaching provides a little relaxation so I can get back into the thick of things around here.

  12. Got the first orders bagged and tagged. Should be in the mail later today. Like I said, if you were interested in getting in on the first batch, send me an email. We now only have large through double X sizes available.

  13. @17: Beat writers say players were hesitant to go on-record discussing Acuna’s loafing, but that the consensus was Snitker had support.

  14. @17

    I think the lip reading of:

    Freddie: He can’t be doing that.
    Snit: That’s what I told him.

    That’s definitely what it looks like based on body language. I think Freddie was definitely on the same page with Snit.

  15. Having not seen it live, my initial response was that I think Snit did the right thing, I just wish he would’ve done the same thing when JD did the exact same thing about 5 times in a week earlier this year.

    Having watched the replays, Acuna’s was more egregious than any of JD’s and the situation and result made Acuna’s error worse. I’m also reminded that Snit benched Ender for not hustling last year.

    I still would’ve preferred if JD would’ve seen the bench for his antics so we would have some consistancy in the message, but Snit still did the right thing in this instance.

  16. I think there’s a difference between not hustling on a ball hit right at the second baseman versus turning a double into a single because you wanted to look like a badass on a ball that at best was a wall-scraper.

    The ironic thing is that Acuna usually gives max-effort on every infield ground ball. This isn’t about “hustle”. It’s about not being a huge showboating douche.

  17. I’m just spinning my wheels here, but I believe that the ball Acuña dropped over the wall to give Bellinger a three-run homer probably figured into his subsequent actions at the plate. Who could blame him? He did everything possible to make that catch. He wanted to make up for that. He wanted to be the hero.

    Also, I think Donaldson got a pass early in the season because of his history with calf injuries.

  18. I will always remember what Norm van Brocklin said when asked what happened when the Falcons had a losing season immediately after their first playoff season: “The whores on Peachtree Street told my players they were good, and the players believed them.” One of the many many things a good coach does, having nothing to do with strategy or theory, is to take highly talented, adored, barely post-adolescent men and getting them to behave like human beings in an organization directed towards an organizational goal. I know there’s no way I could do it. Bravo to Snitker. Not to channel Sam (come back!) but this is one of those places where sabermetrics is completely useless.

  19. For the folks talking about how Donaldson did it, too, there’s staying in the box an extra half-second and then there’s what Acuna did yesterday. The former can also result in a double being turned into a single, but the optics aren’t nearly as bad as yesterday’s stop, lean, look, still not moving, slowly start walking down the line with the bat, see the ball hit the wall, jog to first base routine. It was egregious.

    As for the knuckleheads on Twitter, I don’t know what to tell you. They’re knuckleheads for a reason. Even if the brief exchange between Snitker and Freeman was antagonistic in nature, I don’t think it’s that big a deal. But I don’t think there’s really an evidence that it was, and they’re jumping to a whole bunch of conclusion about how it means Snitker’s lost the clubhouse or something…I dunno, pretty nuts if you ask me.

  20. Yeah, that’s why I will fight til my dying breath for Braves Journal to be a place where we don’t get overran by Twitter idiots. Yesterday was a really bad example of that.

    I like the leadership saying, “I’d rather pull back a stallion than kick a mull.” I think the flair and flash that the Braves play with is a significant net positive for the team, and Snit just has to pull it back every now and again. To use a restaurant term, “put the salt shaker back to the middle of the table.” I think Snit does an exceptional job of doing that.

  21. @27

    Well, DOB and Bowman thrive on giving the Trolls a platform and act all pissy about it.

    They just shouldn’t respond to every yahoo that hits them. They are just as bad, if not worse.

  22. Most of the Twitter idiots would be terrified to comment here….and that’s a good thing.

    I do hope we can grab a few good guys from Twitterverse to become new regulars as there are some really good people that I’ve interacted with over there these last 5 years.

  23. That flair and flash this team shows is what it has most in common with the early ’90s Braves. A lot of that flair had disappeared by the late ’90s.

    This team needs to surge through the Dodgers and into the World Series this year. It’s just something that needs to happen. In a bad way.

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