Braves 7, Colorado 1 (by Roger)

Max Fried, You’re My Hero

“Hey batter batter; suh-wing batter…. He can’t hit, he can’t hit, he can’t hit, suh-wing batter.”

OK, I have to admit it. I’m left-handed. I love the lefties. From Dave McNally to Tom Glavine and Steve Avery to Max Fried. The next big thing. I wish I could’ve seen Spahn pitch, the best lefty of all time, but I’m not quite that old. So I am excited to re-cap a Maxie start and I hope he remembers that curves don’t quite curve as much at Coors and I’m glad to see Tyler back behind the plate. Fried was absolutely fantastic through the first three innings and Ronald did his thing with a first pitch blast in the 2 nd and the Braves had a 1-0 lead in an unusually good pitchers duel.

Donaldson…….. Donaldson………. Donaldson……..

We had a Josh Donaldson sighting. Anytime Josh decides to start hitting, Freddie’s gonna get a bunch of RBIs. And it was 2-0. And then it was time for Lt. Dans. After his monster 3-run HR, it was 5-0 and was no longer a pitcher’s duel and the Braves were wailing on the Rockies best pitcher (pitchers if you include Freeland from last night). I luv me some Dansby Swanson. He may still be on his way to being a
stone cold star. By the end of the 6 th , both starting pitchers were done and Fried still had an ERA of 0.00
after giving up only one unearned run. Max Fried is here to stay folks.

After that our relievers made the game look like a Bugs Bunny cartoon – 1, 2, 3 you’re out; 1, 2, 3 you’re out; 1, 2, 3 you’re out. Jackson, Sobotka, and Biddle. Another couple of runs for the Braves, one each in the 8th and 9th and was time to……..

Shake it up, baby, now
Twist and shout
Come on, come on, come, come on, baby, now
Come on and work it on out
Well, work it on out, honey
You know you look so good
You know you got me goin’ now
Just like I know you would

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  1. Good post. I’ m firmly on the Max Fried bandwagon, and Swanson may be all that he was overly hyped to be. JD continues to pick it at third, as does Huggy Fred at first. The boys are closing in on first place. Get today’s game in and stay out of Denver until next season.

    Go Braves!

  2. Currently 40 F and light rain in Denver. North wind at 13 mph. The temperature is expected to peak at 43 F around noon.

  3. And if you didn’t know this: Kevin Gausman attended high school less than 20 miles from Coors Field where he pitched for Grandview High. He’s no stranger to the cold or the thin air, assuming this game happens today.

  4. cliff…

    the first few words of your Non Recap Recap instantly brought back this from the sixties – heck it must have been the fifties…

    ‘you can tell it to the judge in the morning’

    Rowan and Martin Laugh in.



    Good debut but take it from AdamR – if you go pop always attach the music. I remember some time ago after a Saturday night victory linking a powerful new Wagon Wheel video. Roars of approval from the raucous posting masses. Smitty wrote in and said he loved it the first 200 times he heard it.

    Good job. I am waiting for our first Saturday Night win.

  5. Dansby! Chipper really did this, didn’t he?!
    But also tells us a lot about Dansby’s coachability.

  6. Maybe I should’ve gone with this one. It’s more Isleys.

    I associate “Not A Second Time” with blazon thanks to Braves Journal recaps.

  7. DOB’s twitter feed to the right of this column has today’s game postponed.

    I was concerned that they wouldn’t be able to fly out even if they got in a 5 inning game. Winds gusting to 90 mph expected later today. possibly 12 inches of snow. Wow.

  8. I was kind of hoping they would postpone just because it sounded like really crappy weather to play baseball in. No one wants to see a real slop fest with cold pitchers and the wind turning homers into pop flies and vice versa.

    Unfortunately, it robs the team of an off-day in August when they have to travel from NYC to TOR.

  9. 1. Let’s get past 34 at bats before we declare Dansbo fixed permanently, yes?

    2. The Beatles are the second most overrated band ever.

  10. Half a league, half a league
    half a league, onward
    into the Valley of Death
    rode the six hundred.

    Half a game, half a game
    half a game backward
    onto the Rocky steps
    the Bravos whose lead they had sundered.

  11. Bromance over.

    Even taking into account their rock apostasy (stopping touring, studio-as-instrument, being chiefly responsible for ongoing confusion over what is rock and what is pop), the Beatles probably still get to be in or near the inner circle.

    People might not even be clear about what the value of a band is if they hadn’t been so good at being one.

  12. Good for the weatherman, we did not need that. Too recent painful memories. By late August we will have an ten game lead and it will be academic.

  13. We do not need Kimbrell.

    Those here who didn’t bother to watch the AL series and then the World Series itself have thus no idea how much decline was on view in terms of his control and subsequent loss of confidence.

    All this was most evident to the people who logically had to know best, the Sox themselves, who lifted him in the ninth inning of the final game and had to use their best TOR guy to come in and finish the job. And then had no interest in resigning him.

    He is not worth our money, in whatever amount he currently seeks. Sobotka/Minter etc etc. We have ’em already. Who knows who else will surface? Kimbrel is cooked as an ace closer.

  14. Dansby’s athleticism continues to be underrated. Like the vast majority of MLBers, he’s coachable, but it’s the athleticism that actually allows him to implement changes. Acuña and maybe Teheran are the only guys on the team in or above his athletic class.

    Here’s hoping he stays healthy.

  15. 1. The Beatles can still be inner circle great, and yet still overrated.

    2. The #1 most overrated band in the history of ever is The Rolling Stones.

  16. From the last thread:

    Chip Caray wasn’t banned from Twitter. He deleted his account after the Joe Simpson kerfuffle with the Dodgers last year. Looks like someone assumed his username and got themselves suspended somehow.

  17. If you don’t care for originality, musicianship, and depth, then yes, the Beatles are overrated.

  18. the intro to Satisfaction marked my transition from sweet boy to uncontrollable. Still does.

  19. Blazon, “Satisfaction” is to the Stones overall catalog as 2005 is to Jeff Francouer’s career.

  20. Of course the Beatles are in the inner circle. And I’m not even that huge a fan anymore.

  21. @28 Agreed.

    No one got any quarrel with my Kimbrel post?
    All agree we should not touch? doubt it!

  22. The best Beatles song came very early…No, not a second time.

    followed by another early bird…Lovely Rita, meter maid.

  23. @30 I think that the longer Kimbrel’s name remains out of the news, the more people are coming around to the thought that there may just be a serious medical concern with him. Fact is, no teams appear to be actively engaged with trying to sign him, and/or his demands aren’t decreasing. Some combination of that has totally squelched interest in him at this point. It’ll probably be May before he signs.

  24. Re: Kimbrel. I don’t see how he couldn’t make our team better. In that regard, if it’s “only money” of course we should add him. He’s sitting there for the taking.

    That said, do we need him? Right now? Probably not. Later in the season that might be a different story; though that, too, may not be so.

  25. Who was the well known American songster, wrote and sang some great songs, who decided eventually to take his own life, by aeroplane? What was the unusual/unique method he chose? No looking up!

    PS more mundane, Man United vs Barcelona, Champions League, TNT. 3pm Then you can be assured I will shut up.

  26. If your position is the Stones are the best or second-best band of all time, then yeah, you’re way overrating them. They were rather good, though!

  27. @34, John Denver? Although that was accidental, I thought. And “great songs”, oh dear, no. So maybe not him.

    @35, The best Stones record of my lifetime is Talk Is Cheap. By far.

    To make this topical to the Braves and baseball: I will always cherish Don Sutton but never more than when he gets all grumpy when the stadium plays “Thank God I’m A Country Boy.” Right there with you, Don.

  28. @35

    Spare a thought for Mick…serious heart problems apparently. How the hell Keith and Charlie may well outlast him, God knows.

    He used to live 10 miles down the road from me, we were youthful contemporaries. But I was never offered an audition. Shame!

  29. @37, Not to worry, I’m a huge Stones fan. Love Mick. But my love for Keef is far beyond that of any other Stones player, so that’s where my attention mostly resides. And though they’re “the greatest rock and roll band of all time”, I don’t think they’re the greatest rock and roll band of all time. But they’re in the elite level, for sure.

    Similar with the Beatles: I can do without the solo output of Lennon and McCartney but George Harrison is my man.

  30. @20 I’ve got an issue with this.

    First, to say a guy is done based off of a series, be it a playoff or not, is a bit extreme. I watched him in the playoffs last season, and yes he had some control issues. He also had some pretty routine saves. Everything’s just magnified in the playoffs because it’s, well, the playoffs.

    Let’s also not forget that two of the guys who lit him up were named Judge and Bregman, and last I checked, they’re pretty good.

    Assuming we also believe the Red Sox are in the know on him, which makes sense- his own manager at the time felt maybe he was tipping his slider.

    Even if you do believe the greatest closer of all-time is maybe losing a little, 90% of the GOAT has to be better than average still. I’d still trust Kimbrel more than I would Viz or Minter. Viz got taken deep just the other day by Curtis Granderson, after all.

    The Braves need Kimbrel. They should pay Kimbrel. Just don’t go six years.

  31. @36 Correct. I still think songs like West Virginia, take me home, ring true and are sweetly melodic. But i’m a sentimentalist, always was .

    Suicide. He set off in his plane from the west coast across a sea route to a distant destination that offered no chance of turning back. He had put insufficient fuel in his tank to make it, deliberately. Sad but sweet.

  32. Btw, I don’t really know the Beatles outside of a song or two, none of which blew me away.

    If we’re talking greatest bands ever though, Nirvana is way ahead of the Rolling Stones. They might be #1.

  33. @39

    Well stated, I just disagree. As parsimonious as we apparently have to be with our money and the fact that we have people like Sobotka coming out of the woodwork and who knows who else i think that the braver decision, to hold where we are, might be the more productive in the medium term.

  34. @40, That’s not my understanding of those events at all. Just read the Wikipedia writeup on the incident and it seemed very thorough. No mention of anything like suicide.

  35. I have never read the Wiki version. I will now. I can say that shortly after it happened there was much talk in ‘responsible circles’ and by some of his friends. It seemed to become the accepted version. Much more romantic of course. Wiki might be saying ‘show me’,.


  36. I would rather nosedive my experimental plane into Monterey Bay than talk about soccer. Tell my wife and kids I love them and it’s not their fault.

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