I’m tired.  I didn’t get home from work until after the game started.  I don’t feel very creative, but, on the other hand, it’s Tuesday. How creative do you have to be when you already know the Braves are gonna lose. And, frankly, I’ve got a lot going on around here and I’m losing interest in tonight’s game.  It doesn’t help that the Braves can’t score and the Brewers are nickel and diming us to death.

Bryse had his chance tonight to prove whether he was still on his game after his prior great start. His start at Gwinnett was a disaster, but, hey, that might not mean anything. I guess it did, though, as Bryse only made it through 4 innings giving up 4 runs (including one Grybo). I guess it was Byrd that kept pointing out how Bryse was extremely vulnerable to 1st and 2nd pitch hits. The Brewers sure must have picked up on it because they were whacking every first pitch they could including a Hiura HR in the 2nd.  In the 3rd, Bryse had another one of those innings we seem to keep having where we get two outs and then can’t get the third.  Three hits and a walk later, the Brewers had two more runs and the Brewers led 3-0.

The only hope for the night came from an unexpected source.  TFlow smacked a 2 strike HR in the top of the 5th.  He just kinda reached out on a low outside pitch and the ball just took off.  Then Bryse got his second hit of the year.  Acuna forced him at 2nd but stole 2nd himself.  Dansby then hit a rocket right at Moustakas at 3rd and the whole rally ended.  In the bottom of the 5th, Bryse walked two and left for the showers.  Blevins came in and looked like he might get out of it until he wild-pitched a Grybo.  At this point, the game was more or less over.  Snit left Blevins in for another Cain HR the next inning and the rout was on.

Huascar made another appearance and I wanted to see if he’d do as well as before.  Not.  Oh well.  Huascar’s not the answer.  6 runs including a Yelich grand slam later, Huascar got his three outs and the Braves were down 11-1.  Touki came in and gave up the last two runs.  Do I really need to go on?  Tonight was our night to lose one.  Lucky it was Tuesday because we should have expected it.  I’m still convinced that we’d have a better record than the Dodgers if we could just subtract Tuesday.  And, with Fried and Webb on the IL, this game more than any other recent one screams to us that we need a starter and a reliever to augment our staff.  Two weeks to see if we get them.