A walk in the park. 14 walks in the Park.

You will forgive me won’t you if I don’t detain you much longer with an account of this awful game. If you were able to watch it you already know how dreadful we were, if not you can guess, surely, when you see the numbers.

What a come down from last night’s terrific contest. Hard to believe it was the same set of players creating essentially a reverse split. Last night though we gave up a few walks but not 14 – fourteen – with JT providing 6 of them. Ironically, by his standards, after giving up the first one immediately which of course scored, that was better than usual and we were lulled into a false sense of security by putting one of our own on the board immediately.

That was it for our offense, just 2 hits in total while the Nats collected 7 , 14 walks and 6 steals. We were totally outplayed, embarrassingly so in front of our big crowd who waited for us in vain to start a counter. That’s the gist of all the scoring, Now for some individual thoughts.

JT…is it fair to say we’ve never seen him with such poor control? He only lasted four innings and, a first surely, having got through the first his control got progressively worse.

5 other pitchers…Sabotka/Touki/Jackson/Fried/Vizcaino. Touki was the big disappointment here in what I believe was his first relief appearance. In just the one inning he gave up 2 hits, 3 runs 4 walks. What he thought he was doing to himself I have no idea for this was a low pressure situation as opposed to his starts. Fried started most promisingly with an easy 98, one of everything, but inevitably ending with a walk! Great to see Vizzy out there again. He got into the upper 90’s on one occasion and just to show his support to his fellow pitchers he walked one too.

What’s important now is we put this fiasco behind us tomorrow and come out and beat the Nats in the manner we did on Friday night. Then, hopefully, memories will be short.

72 thoughts on “A walk in the park. 14 walks in the Park.”

  1. It was very frustrating to watch with all the walks. Julio seems to refuse to throw strikes and he simply refused to pitch to Harper.

    The hitting did nothing so we can’t blame it all on the pitching side of things.

    Tomorrow is another day!

  2. Of course we can lose, especially after a six game winning streak. But not like that. Seemed like the hitters just gave up eventually with all the walks.

  3. Repetitive contests produce
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    seem now so disjointed
    while many are simply abstruse.

  4. said a wistful Touki Toussaint
    I thought that I could but I can’t
    relief’s a misnomer
    for even this homer
    a start it must be is my rant.

  5. Juan Soto
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    our affections lie clearly elsewhere
    our Samson with his goofy smile and much superior hair.

  6. Good gosh, that must have been a horrible game to watch. 90 pitches, 52 strikes, for Teheran.

    Fried and Touki’s struggles might have something to do with why we haven’t seen the SPs much in relief.

    And Ole Miss is terrible. Wow. The over/under was 69.5 and the total points was 69.

  7. Man buns are more like samurai topknots.

    While most man bun-type guys have moved on to the fade-up-the-sides thing, I have noticed that man buns seem like they’re here to stay in Florida…

  8. @10 I sure thought Ole Miss would score more than just one broken coverage long TD. Supposedly, they have an offense. They obviously have no defense. I would swear Arkansas State played better defense.

    Of course, the SEC game of the day was LSU-Auburn. That was a barn-burner.

  9. A baseball executive reportedly came up with this hypothetical offseason trade package for Mike Trout. Would you make the deal?#BRAVES GET: Mike Trout#ANGELS GET: Ender Inciarte, Sean Newcomb, Touki Toussaint, Kyle Wright, Ian Anderson and Austin Riley pic.twitter.com/BIfamtbMro— FOX Sports: Braves (@FOXSportsBraves) September 15, 2018


    Is anyone willing to do a surplus value analysis on whether or not this trade is fair? Especially considering what Trout will command on the open market in 2 years, my mental math isn’t adding up.

  10. I can’t decide what’s more inconsistent: the Twitter embed feature with this theme or Florida quarterbacks this decade.

  11. As I mentioned on the last thread, that game was a gift from the Braves in the pitching department. Even putting Touki in was not so much raising a white flag as finding a game where Snitker could experiment with the bullpen. I just wish he had emptied the bench on the hitting side, too, once Touki blew up. Not sure why Snitker used Jackson but he used every one else from the bottom of the pen except Wilson and Allard. That might have been Touki’s one chance to make the playoff roster. I think Snitker is trying to see if Jackson should make the playoff roster too and giving him lots of chances (I think he’s pretty much blown it at this point). Both Fried and Viz finally get some work after being out for a while. Both would seem to have a decent chance to make the bullpen in the playoffs. Fried may overtake Touki as a swingman especially as he’s a lefty. Fried pitched pretty well except for one ball Reynolds dug out of the dirt for a double. and Viz looked like the Viz of old (who, if you remember, issued a walk every now and then, too).

    With regards to the hitting side, our first 10 are so obvious that, I think Snitker doesn’t see much point in screwing around on the hitting side (nine including Flowzuki plus Culby). Adams is probably also obvious leaving only one or two spots to be determined – probably a lefty PH (Duda) and a third catcher if they carry 13 position players. If Duvall had done a n y t h i n g at all, he’d have probably had Adams’ spot.

    Note: What Fried did that encouraged me was pitching first pitch strikes. Unlike many others on the team.

  12. Of all the teams Julio has made more than even 5 starts against, the Nationals have the highest OPS against him.


    They just own him. But you can’t even say that just “good teams” hit him well. His OPS against vs. teams with .500+ WP is almost 100 points lower. Good thing we won’t see them in the playoffs. In other news, he owns the Mets and Phils.

    Against potential playoff opponents, the Dodgers hit him similarly well. The Cubs, Rockies, and Diamondbacks do not do nearly as well.

    Last fun fact: his OPS against at STP is over 100 points that of Turner Field. I think we have a long enough sample to determine that Julio’s best games are not at the new park.

  13. If the Braves endeavor to keep the 5 days of rest for their starters, and thus the six man rotation, then Touki probably gets two more starts. There could have been three, but there’s one day off between now and the end of the season, so that probably washes his spot through that stretch.

    5 days of rest in the playoffs, though, seems like an impossible feat, at least in the first series. Let’s not get crazy, but if they swept and the corresponding CS opponent does not, that would get them their rest.

  14. @19 and everyone else. I know that Julio looked pretty bad out there yesterday but he still gave up only two runs and left losing 2-1. And seven Ks!! Even for four innings, that’s not totally terrible. One point in Julio’s favor is that he leads the league in BA against. He may give away runs but no one is taking them forcefully. He looks a lot like Patrick Corbin when we saw him last week except that Corbin deals fewer walks. Corbin is an ace pitcher who doesn’t seem to throw more than 90-92 and throws a lot of junk. Greinke was the same except that he can’t hit 90 like Juilo (and he throws an eephus). As much as everyone hates watching Julio pitch because it sets our teeth on edge, he does get results especially during this second half. Honestly, of course, I just hope it makes him better trade bait.

    I repeat…. leads the league in AVG against.

    And, for all the walks, the Braves as a team are third in the majors in AVG against.

  15. I get it, it’s a Braves fan blog.

    Still, if the length of the season were such that Teheran would pitch more innings, his BABIP luck would even out, more hits would fall in, and his ERA would look like his FIP. Or he would just keep walking everyone. He walks so many guys because he knows what would happen if he threw strikes. We all know it. He gives up 38 percent hard contact! He’s worth like half a win at this point.

  16. Seems like you can usually tell in the first inning if Newk either has it or he doesn’t. And if he doesn’t, he is not able to turn it around during the game.

  17. None of that matters unless we score a run or two. We supposedly kill Roark so what the hell?

    I hope they pull Newk once he finishes the third. Just no reason to continue and we can trot out Wright, Wilson, or even Allard to give them some innings.

  18. yeah, he better use Allard in a lost cause game like this.

    I know ERA doesn’t mean what it used to, but yeah, newcombs’ is now higher than Teherans. WHIP is higher too, about 1.34 to 1.18. What a shame after such a great start to the year. I miss Simba.

  19. 5-0 is not lost. I’d really like to see Wright chew up quite a few innings to try to stay in it.

  20. @33 Ozzie = .417
    Freddie = .310
    Ender = .414
    Nick = .267 with 3 HRs
    Dansby = .067 and he got a hit.
    Duvall = .400

    We should hit Roark.

  21. 5-0 isn’t lost yet, just saying if it stays 5-0 or worse in the seventh, go ahead and throw allard in there.
    5-0 is more like “the game isn’t lost but there are better things to do on a Sunday” especially after seeing those last AB’s from Acuna, Albies and Freeman.

  22. It is an interesting question who starts in the playoffs. We have three starters pinned down, but unless you pitch guys on 3 days rest (which won’t happen) you are very likely to need a 4th at least once or twice. Given Julio and Newk’s inconsistencies, Touki may yet get that call if he has a couple of solid starts in the next two weeks.

  23. Phillies trailing 6-1. Whatever happens in ATL today, good chance of reducing that magic number again.

  24. Well, now that was a good inning. Wright seems to have settled down. I’d let him continue and see if he can go longer.

  25. That was Flowers’ first hit against Roark. Nice time for it. I hope that sparks the offense. I just think we ought to be able to take Roark.

  26. Carle looking great. Hope he’s had enough rest and recovery time to be his early first half self.

    Wow. A successful reliever. Almost forgot what they looked like.

  27. Sánchez should be the 4th starter. And Carle looks like the first decent pitcher we’ve thrown out there today.

  28. I would not be upset with a squeeze here even if Ender was trying for a hit.

    Ender just cannot fail here, if we want to have a chance in this game.

    Oops. spoke too late. yeah, a squeeze would have been better. for sure.

  29. I cannot stand that this team cannot score a guy from 3B with less than two outs. It is insanely incompetent. Especially for a team like the Braves that does not strikeout all that much. 5K’s today with two in the last inning.

  30. I think it’ll come down to match-up between Newk and Julio. You can talk about FIP all you want, but at the end of the day, both are a significant risk for different reasons.

  31. Let’s throw some love at Carle. Seems like he’s the first reliever to throw one or two solid uneventful innings in a long time. I hope he’s back to being a top reliever.

  32. Bryse Wilson must have been shut down. I don’t even remember him warming up this month. Same with Allard.

  33. Charlie Clutch!!! Does it again…..

    Do we have a chance at this?

    If we had had a successful squeeze that prior inning, this game would be tied. We absolutely must score runners at 3B with less than 2 outs.

  34. MLB.tv on the computer is playing the Jack Ryan commercial on loop. Listen, I loved the whole season, but this is a bit much.

  35. And the relievers were doing so well…. Brach just couldn’t get the third out.

    gNats announcers say that Soto has won the face-to-face matchup with Ronald this series. Idiots.

  36. The casualty of having an active roster of 36 is that you’re constantly having to give ABs to guys that might be the 36th (or worse) best player in your organization just to keep them fresh. Both Flaherty and Duvall have hit in a close game. That’s… not good.

  37. Duvall needs to go all Greg Norton and concede the batted ball to get walks.

    EDIT: Aaaand he hits the ball hard.

  38. @67 Who else is there? Everyone else was used except Lane Adams (and Rivera). In the playoffs that AB will go to Lane. They didn’t use Flaherty first – they used Duda and Tucker AND Ruiz before him. That’s four LH PH with only Rio getting a walk (although Tucker should have gotten on base).

    But it’s hard to fault anyone for using Flaherty as a fourth LH PH choice.

    If you want to fault anyone then fault AA for not picking up Daniel Murphy when he had a chance.

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