You will forgive me won’t you if I don’t detain you much longer with an account of this awful game. If you were able to watch it you already know how dreadful we were, if not you can guess, surely, when you see the numbers.

What a come down from last night’s terrific contest. Hard to believe it was the same set of players creating essentially a reverse split. Last night though we gave up a few walks but not 14 – fourteen – with JT providing 6 of them. Ironically, by his standards, after giving up the first one immediately which of course scored, that was better than usual and we were lulled into a false sense of security by putting one of our own on the board immediately.

That was it for our offense, just 2 hits in total while the Nats collected 7 , 14 walks and 6 steals. We were totally outplayed, embarrassingly so in front of our big crowd who waited for us in vain to start a counter. That’s the gist of all the scoring, Now for some individual thoughts.

JT…is it fair to say we’ve never seen him with such poor control? He only lasted four innings and, a first surely, having got through the first his control got progressively worse.

5 other pitchers…Sabotka/Touki/Jackson/Fried/Vizcaino. Touki was the big disappointment here in what I believe was his first relief appearance. In just the one inning he gave up 2 hits, 3 runs 4 walks. What he thought he was doing to himself I have no idea for this was a low pressure situation as opposed to his starts. Fried started most promisingly with an easy 98, one of everything, but inevitably ending with a walk! Great to see Vizzy out there again. He got into the upper 90’s on one occasion and just to show his support to his fellow pitchers he walked one too.

What’s important now is we put this fiasco behind us tomorrow and come out and beat the Nats in the manner we did on Friday night. Then, hopefully, memories will be short.