College Football Picks

Georgia 24, LSU 17
Georgia Tech 49, Duke 28
Auburn 31, Tennessee 14
Texas A&M 42, South Carolina 17
Florida 31, Vandy 17
Alabama 900, Mizzou 12

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28 thoughts on “College Football Picks”

  1. Your previous Yale pick was a little off, but hope spring eternal and it’s a big intersectional battle today: Yale-Mercer. Your pick?

  2. I would definitely love to have him, but there’s that whole matter of what to do with Folty, Newcomb, Gausman, Teheran, Touki, Soroka, Fried, Gohara, Wright, Wilson, Allard, and Weigel.

    Couple or three of them would probably get Realmuto.

  3. I get not letting your SP see the third time through the order, but not letting Gio go a second meant they ran out of arms. I tend to agree with krussell that the more RPs you go to, the more likelihood of combustion.

  4. My Mercer Bears have spotted the Elis 21 points early in the second quarter. Big hill to climb.

  5. Poor Alex Wood

    brought on to face 2 LHBats…k 1st, HR 2nd… left in a fury.

    Dodgers again outplayed to this point, 0-3 in the sixth. Miley went 5.2

  6. @8

    from your baseball correspondent

    Brewers 3 Dodgers 2 middle of 7th..they say Hader will not pitch, we’ll see.

  7. @8…Thank you.

    Dodgers come back to win 4/3 from Turner’s 2 run HR in the 8th. No Hader. Jensen got the final out on Yelich.

  8. So, your college football picks weren’t very good. Actually, I don’t think many people had a good week with predictions. A tip for next weekend’s Alabama vs Tennessee game. I expect Bama to win but it should be fairly close. Even if Tua starts I will be very surprised if he plays a whole lot. I think they will want him to rest his sprained knee as much as possible for LSU.

  9. @15 Td, I dunno. If they take the shackles off Jalen, you might get surprised. He is a better QB now. The big problem is Bama’s running game is pedestrian. Also, the defense played up when Tua went down. We might just see a 40-10 game instead of a 50-20.

    Bama vs. LSU will certainly be the game of the year.

  10. @3 Yes, and I hope one of those three is Teheran. I was also thinking it might help if we take on a Marlin salary commitment too. Maybe Realmuto and Prado for Teheran and 2 top pitching prospects (one LH and one RH) and we also throw in Jackson if they want a hitter. That should help make up their mind.

    I think we ought to pick up Dietrich, too, if they release him. If not, maybe Dietrich can be the salary we absorb instead of Prado. Either way, it’s a good deal.

  11. Anyone see Benjamin Chase’s piece on his “day as GM” and what moves he’d make to fill the holes? I really liked his MadBum deal but everything else stunk. If we could swing a trade for MadBum, I might back off my desire for a Realmuto trade (not that both wouldn’t be great). Although, the pieces he included did not do enough to clear our pitching glut and didn’t include any of the prospects I’ve proposed for a Realmuto deal. We’d have to turn around and trade either Melancon or O’Day (like he did later). And I’m not sure I’d rather have Will Smith than Jesse Biddle, but whatever.

    Getting guys like MadBum, Melancon, W. Smith, Realmuto, and Dietrich/Prado would really boost this team leaving really only RF and Bryce Harper left to add. I can’t imagine what a coup it would be to get MadBum, Realmuto, and Harper in the same offseason.

  12. I’ve seen enough to worry that Bumgarner’s fastball is gone and he’s not what he once was. He’s probably the kind of guy who will learn how to stave off decline, and $12/1 or $24/2 isn’t steep for the upside he offers.

    Will Smith is a whole lot better than Biddle.

  13. @19 OK, I’ll give you Smith over Biddle. I forgot that Biddle is an “old” rookie. Smith does come with injury concern though and last year was a career year with regards to walks. His walk rate has been normally higher.

    I just read When Sid Slid for his first cut at a blueprint. What is everyone’s fascination with Marwin Gonzalez? Was it one year with a bunch of HRs? Except for that he is pure average and WSS wanted to pay him $10M/year. That’s more than what he has been worth and sounds a lot like the Sean Rodriguez signing. We already have two guys that can match his performance in Camargo and Culby.

    Seems like everyone wants to trade Newk rather than Teheran. Not sure I understand that. No matter what you think of his performance late this season, he still has more upside. I’m not opposed to trading Newk if he really brings something special back but I’m not sure David Peralta is “it”……

    I also do not buy the “Fried to the bullpen” idea. If he ever gets a chance, he will prove to be a high end starter.

    MLBTR just put out a list of the best FA hitters by Statcast. Harper and Machado are off the charts compared to the others. We don’t just need to fill holes and replace production we’re going to lose (i.e. Kakes/Anibal). We need to enhance and consolidate production. We already have above average production from every position in the field. We need take some positions and make them elite rather than above average. That’s hard to do without being able to bring in elite talent and spending elite money or elite talent to get it.

  14. O’Brien says they may have $30-$35M to spend. Not only is that miserly but it puts us out of the game for either Harper or Machado. I’m not sure I understand what the Kemp trade accomplished?

  15. @21 Once he left the Rays, never.

    @22 They may make some change to the coaches. There is no way they will not keep Snit. I hope Washington stays on board.

  16. Once you add up actual money committed and arb raises, for there to be only $30-35M, payroll would have had to have gone done. Methinks DOB doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

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