Milwaukee 5, Atlanta 4

OK. So. Even the best pitchers will have their stumbles. And last night was Mike Foltynewicz‘s stumble. Specifically, the bottom of the 3rd. I’m not going to get too bent out of shape, especially since this was the first time since May 4th that Folty has given up more than 2 runs in a start. It must be a Friday night thing.

Anyway, the Braves jumped out to an early lead in the first, when Ender Inciarte walked, and was doubled home by Ozzie Albies. Albies, however, was thrown out at third trying to stretch, which came back to haunt when Freddie Freeman doubled, but was left stranded.

In the third, Milwaukee got all their runs, with a two run homer by Tyler Saladino was follwed by an Eric Thames single, a Christian Yelich hit-by-pitch, and Jesus Aguilar‘s three run blast. Meanwhile, Freddy Peralta, the Brewer’s starter, had settled in and kept Atlanta at only 1 run through six. In the 7th, Atlanta tried to crawl off the canvas, as Nick Markakis led off with a single, Kurt Suzuki worked a walk, and Johan Camargo singled to load the bases. Ronald Acuna, Jr. beat out a grounder to third, but tweaked his groin in the process, and Dansby Swanson, singled home Suzuki and Camargo to make it 5-4, men on second and third with no out. But, Danny Santana struck out, Ender hit a comebacker to the pitcher, and Ozzie grounded to third to end the threat.

Atlanta tried to mount a one out rallies in both the 8th and 9th, when Markakis singled and Suzuki walked, but Camargo grounded into a double play in the 8th, and Swanson was caught stealing an inning later.

So, there you have it, how the Braves lost their fourth game in a row for the first time this season. And fell into a tie for first with the Phillies. And had our stud rookie injured again. Our ‘ace’ with yet another episode. I know what you’re expecting. That ‘D’ word with a bunch of ‘O’s in the middle. But, let’s look at the other side for a moment. Folty has given up 11 of his earned runs in just two innings this year. In the other 93 innings – 14 earned runs. Plus, he didn’t walk anyone. Acuna Matata is listed day-to-day, not headed to the DL (yet anyway). Atlanta is 4-4 so far on this 10 game trip against a wild card contender, a team on pace to win 114 or so games, and the team with the best record in the NL. If we can split the next two, we’ll wind up 5-5 on what will most likely be, at the end of the year, the toughest 10 game stretch of our schedule. So, let me leave you with this instead, since we’re in Milwaukee, from a noted Wisconsin philosopher.

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  1. The 1927 Yankees lost 4 in a row — once.

    It’s also true that by this point in the season, the (ultimately) 67-94 1975 Braves had only lost 4 in a row twice.

    Losing streaks of four games don’t tell you much.

  2. Painter…in times of great stress, some pain relief, thanks.

    The third inning produced the scoreboard chaos but what are we to make of the scoreless second, which was initiated by a disputed strike call. And thereby hangs a tale. Folty went into sulk mode which produced first a deep fly ball and then two missiles right up against the wall which were beautifully tracked down by Ender. 1,2,3 out. Nothing on the board but that was an unmissable indicator of what was to follow.And it did, next inning. Batting practice for those strong Brewer bats, outs and all.

    What a shame, how silly. Perhaps we could start his rehab by examining his at bats in situations like these as an exemplar of where his head goes. They vault over the purely incompetent to the grotesque and show a complete disdain for his team mates, the contest and the Braves. Our best pitcher playing the bad tempered fool.

  3. Nola contendere
    what do you think others might spend for me?
    a tisket, a tasket
    my head’s in a basket.

  4. Lenoir-Rhyne
    a well hidden pitchers school in North Caroline
    John Luke Curtis an alumni
    we expect him very shortly to come nigh.

    from TC a year ago…

    Anyway…yesterday Cool Hand Luke made his Rome debut when Freddie Tarnok had got knocked around a bit.

    Four scoreless innings, no hits or walks, struck out 5. That, his school, his name are more than enough for me after last night. Hero.

  5. It’s just an overall team slump. Team pitching is 23rd in WAR in the last 30 days. Freddie is hitting .202/.290/.427 in his last 100 PAs dating back to June 10th. Overall team hitting 15th in WAR.

    The team speed has also not really translated to stolen bases. Dansby was definitely safe in the 9th, but he’s only attempted 5 steals with only 3 successful all year. Ender’s only attempted 7 SBs in his last 100 PAs. You can make a case that you don’t want Acuna nor Albies running, but neither of them nor Camargo are running. Our 1B has as many stolen bases as our LF, RF, 3B, and SS combined. I think we all agree that if you can’t run successfully, then don’t, but that’s definitely what’s happening.

    We’ve cooled off a little bit. 16-15 since the beginning of June. With such a young team, it’s hard to expect them to not slump. Hopefully it’s just a slump.

  6. @Adam

    I think that explanation is the most reasonable to expect. I think I’ll continue to wonder where the physical dollars go, but I guess we’ll know soon enough if they’re redirected to the ML club for 2018.

  7. We need a Jays fans to come and school us on AA’s ways. Ain’t nobody got time to figure out if hoarding draft dollars paid off for them or not, but I would like to know the answer.

    Really, I wish that the fake news would spread and Braves fans would become so convinced that we’re spending that money on the ML roster that Liberty has no choice but to open up the wallet.

    I don’t want to go out like this. Surprise us, AA.

  8. Pitching has been out biggest issues of late. Hope we make a few moves.

    I agree, this is the toughest part of our schedule

  9. The last 30 days, the pen is 18th in WAR. Year-to-date, they’re 14th. I just simply can’t get worked up about the pen considering how thin it is and how exacerbated that is by the rotation. And it’s in the process of being improved by:

    -Having a better second lefty in Biddle vs. Freeman. Since June 1st, Biddle has a 1.65 ERA in 16.1 IP. If you give Biddle some of Freeman’s innings, Freeman gets more rest and Biddle will outperform in those innings. Plus, Biddle has more of a future than Freeman, though they both probably have a future.
    -It’s been real, it’s been fun, but it hasn’t been real fun trying to make Wisler, Sims, Gohara, et al work in long relief. It’s a rebuilding year, we should have 5 young pitchers in the rotation, and Sunk Cost ‘Carthy needs to hang out in long relief for the duration. If he can’t figure out how to go max effort for 45 pitches surrendering one or fewer runs in 2-3 stretches, then ride off, my man.
    -Jackson might be good in two inning roles. At least he’s been good in them so far. He can be the lisp-less Cristhian Martinez.
    -Evan Phillips could be as good as anyone we might be able to acquire without giving up an actual prospect, so he needs to be thrown more, and we’ll probably see something good.
    -Peter Moylan is gone, and as mentioned, Freeman will be seen less frequently in high leverage. Literally addition by subtraction.
    -Corbin Clouse has been dominated AA. He probably factors into our second half plans in some capacity. Wes Parsons is still an unproven option. Allard and Touki could be interesting.

    With that said, I’d love for Sims or Wisler to be thrown out to the barren pitching wasteland of Kansas City, MO or Cincinnati, OH for Brad Keller or David Hernandez or Jared Hughes or whomever we can ride on the back of for the next few months. They guys may be effective starters one day, but they’re probably not going to be effective relievers today, and they’re sure as heck not going to crack our rotation with the way they’re going.

    Can you avoid taking this out of context too, Chief, or will you just wait until we’re losing in the 7th inning or later to pull your head out of your… cave… to talk about how the Braves don’t care about playing baseball good? We’re all looking forward to it.

  10. Replay worked in our favor. I’ll be damned. Of course, it took an incompetent, not-close call to make it necessary.

  11. @10 – If that wasn’t overturned Ozzie should have stayed on the bag and made them kick him out of the game. Of course, there have been several worse calls that weren’t overturned.

  12. None of those guys will be the difference in winning a division or pennant.

    And it just shows how married that you are to prospects and specifically Braves prospects.

  13. Love that the announcers think they need to assure us that Wilkerson wants to do well. Who are these clowns?

  14. Johan, my man, delivers again.

    TyFlo, not so much in that at bat. C’mon, Swanson.

  15. OK, whoever challenged me on it, I give up. Tyler is not playing well. Just another example of not being able to put any wood on a ball to give it a chance to mean something.

  16. Flowers is struggling…. could somebody tell Albies that he doesn’t have to swing at 1st pitch . Every at bat …

  17. Flowers is in a full-fledged, four-alarm funk. Given that Suzuki’s splits aren’t extreme this year — .805 OPS vs. RHP, .856 vs. LHP — and that he is my mum’s favorite player on this year’s edition of the Braves, I’m in favor of seeing him as the everyday catcher with Flowers only on relief duty until further notice.

  18. So should I just double down and keep trashing Anibal? I’m looking like a real genius the longer this goes.

  19. Go for it, Rob. Savor the moment (and badmouth our relievers while you’re at it.)

    So far, so good, Rob.

  20. With all apologies to “Friends,” it’s just not your day or week or month, or even your year, when you give up a run like that. And now Winkler replaces Sanchez, which based on Winkler’s form lately, is about like trading down from a Mercedes to a 1986 Yugo.

  21. Come on Snit.. don’t pull him .. well hell .. there goes game .. Sanchez still had plenty left……

  22. Who is this clown analyst? He thinks the Brewers pitchers are good because they are allowing a low BABIP. Um, buddy, that bodes for some regression the other way.

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