Yankees 8, Braves 5

Today’s Sam’s day, and I’ve not heard from him.

Braves lost. Go Braves. Go America. Enjoy the game today. New thread.

22 thoughts on “Yankees 8, Braves 5”

  1. Luke Jackson pitched well last night. Bowman says he almost signed with the White Sox when he was DFA’d. Glad we were able to keep him.

  2. I believe, Rob, that it’s actually **Uncle** Sam’s day, so he gets a day off. I’ve already attended a parade and am on my second IPA, so I’m ready to recap. Go Braves.

  3. Reed got sent down for an extra pitcher yesterday.

    Fried has officially earned another start per DOB.

  4. Sabathia has an outside shot at 300 wins if he can pitch 5 more seasons or so.

  5. Missed that about Reed. Obviously good news about Fried. Reed deserves a shot to show something.

  6. Yeah, I’m out, I don’t care how many times the braves have come back or made it interesting, the yankees are the better team and play to their shitty parks’ strength.

  7. Braves:

    Blue Jays



    The Phillies would have to fail pretty spectacularly not to be in first place at the start of the All-Star break.

  8. Well, at least the late inning guys in the bullpen will get another day off.

  9. It’d be nice if he learned “drill Giancarlo Stanton or Mike Judge in the elbow or wrist.”

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