It’s time for a new edition of “Bravda.”

“Bravda,” from the Russian word “pravda,” meaning “truth.”

The west coast road trip brings back cruel memories of MLB’s scandalous history, when the Braves were forced against the laws of nature into the National League West division.  The unfair burden of those 27 games per year in the Pacific Time Zone obscured the true greatness of those glorious Braves teams of the ’70’s and ’80’s.  Only being freed to join the National League East allowed their natural superiority to shine; the conspiracy undoubtedly costing the franchise a record 35 consecutive division titles.

Now to the present, and if the Dodgers franchise lasts 1,000 years, when Dodger fans hear the name “Newcomb,” they will almost certainly think of the name Sean Newcomb, who left the game having allowed runs in only 2 of the 6 innings in which he pitched.  At least, no other pitcher will come to mind, probably.

Ozzie Albies and Freddie Freeman homered for the Braves.  Several other Braves had hits; in fact, Albies had two.

The Braves conclude the road trip with no National League East team ahead of them.  The Mets come to town on Tuesday.