I want to propose that Braves Journal campaign to retire Andruw’s #25.

I don’t need to explain why this is a worthy cause. Just look at the (completely scientific!) poll results on your right. Or Andruw’s phenomenal career with the Braves. Or spend some time watching YouTube highlights. This is a no-brainer if there ever was one, and I know you all don’t need any persuading on that point.

Every campaign needs a clear goal, which tells us who is going to do what by when. Our goal would be for the Braves to commit to taking this action by the end of this baseball season. They would ideally agree to retire his number in 2019.

In order to accomplish our goal, we need a strategy, a theory for why the decision-maker’s interests will come into alignment with ours.

Sometimes in politics, the decision-maker is with you on the issue but the public or key constituencies aren’t, so you need to create some political cover for the decision-maker to do the right thing that she or he wants to do. A lot of times, the decision-maker is not with you, but the public is. I’d argue that this is where the Braves front office is. With no better way to judge the situation right now, we can surmise that the relationship between Andruw and the Braves remains strained, so they inducted him into the Braves HOF but didn’t do the full honors.

Anyhow, my theory is: the Braves are susceptible right now to pressure from fans. The organization has yet to truly deliver on a rebuild that has left core fans antsy and demoralized, there is still plenty of ill will around everything Sun Trust Park-related, and the Coppolella scandal has tarnished the image of the franchise and eroded trust in the Braves’ top leadership.

If we can create an atmosphere where the Braves front office can step and be the hero* that does the right thing for Andruw/Braves fans/baseball in general, I believe they will happily take the bait. This should be a relatively easy ask if we can set it up like there’s a groundswell of public support for Andruw

I also think that signing onto this effort is an exceptionally easy ask to make of Braves fans. Like us, they shouldn’t need persuading. He’s in our HOF, and…it’s Andruw, enough said. If we come up with a few clever ideas to execute the strategy, it’s not hard to see the thing taking off.