The Braves felt compelled to give Bartolo Colon one more start as a Brave, and it went about as well as you could have imagined. It’s not official that he’s finished in Atlanta, but… c’mon.

What’s really telling about the state of his career is this story: As Bartolo squared to sacrifice bunt, Wil Myers charged the play like Bart was the 10th hitter in a little league lineup. It really wasn’t a bad bunt, but Myers fielded it right up on the plate, threw to second and on to first to get the easy double play. The 44-year old fella couldn’t be bothered to run down the line. He’s big, but he ain’t sexy.

At any rate, this was a classic 2015-2017 rebuild game where the starting pitcher got bombed early on and the offense couldn’t catch up. Simple as that. Fortunately, these games are fewer and farther between, but as long as Bartolo Colon is pitching, you can bank on an early night, even on a west coast game.