Miami 6, Atlanta 5

Well, like this year, tonight’s game started off with promise, but faded quickly into a disappointing end.

Atlanta jumped out to a quick 5-0 lead with 4 in the 1st, bookended by home runs by Ozzie Albies and a 3 run shot by Lane Adams. In the 2nd, Kirt Suzuki doubled in Albies. After that, Hibernation Mode set in with a vengenance.

But it seemed like it wouldn’t matter, as Luiz Gohara was cruising. The only marks against him were a one out double in the 3rd and a one out walk in the 4th, to set against 3 punch outs.

However in the 6th, the marlins finally got to Gohara. With one out, Dee Gordon managed a weakly hit infield single, followed by a non-weakly hit Giancarlo Stanton double to left center. Marcel Ozuna doubled them both home to cut the lead to 3 runs. In the 7th, Miami took the lead after Tyler Moore led off with a double, and Gohara walked Miguel Rojas. Tomas Telis singled to load the bases, and Dan Winkler came in and got Stanton to ground weakly to third, but no play was possible as Moore scored. Ozuna singled in another run, but the tying run was thrown out at home. Sam Freeman came in for the lefty-lefty matchup vs. Justin Bour, but on a 2-2 pitch, Bour drove in the tying and go ahead run.

Atlanta threatened in both the 8th and 9th, but double plays by Tyler Flowers and matt Kemp squelched any threat.

So, another year of recaps are done. Thanks to tfloyd who pinch-hit for me earlier this year when I was recovering. Go Braves, and Justin “The Young Ryan Howard” Bour delenda est.

15 thoughts on “Miami 6, Atlanta 5”

  1. Seat Painter
    the echoes of a tired season grow fainter
    new hope is needed
    when it arrives you will assiduously screed it.

  2. @1

    I’m a fan too but did you watch those games in New York over the weekend?

    Whirly-whirly bird in left field – where’s the ball?

    Appropriate though for what was to come.

  3. Our new bullpen heroes are in tatters.

    Minter was pasted, as he had been in New York.

    Winkler was a nervous wreck from the moment he threw his first pitch into the dirt a yard outside to his trudge back to the dugout muttering to himself. Awful.

    Scarlett though was magnificent. Wowee.

    Ozzie and Charlie – a match made in heaven, see his first at bat after the news broke.

    Max Fried is apparently not short for speed. May your fastball be likewise tomorrow.

  4. The Christian in Yellich might say he also amazed us with a diving catch in Pittsburgh in April at a time his bat was humming which set in motion a series of hamstring problems which ruined his, and to some extent our, seasons.

  5. Those awaiting my pre-Midnight recaps need know tonight the DVR is programmed, my wife is being escorted to one of Appalachia’s Maison De Cuisine. Fear not, all will transpire.

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