The Braves inked Peter Moylan to a deal this morning. It’s not known if it’s a minor or major league deal, but if he’s healthy and pitches well in Spring Training, he’ll most likely make the roster or force a trade.

You may remember Moylan from appearing in just about every other game in 2007 and 2009-2010. He appeared in 80, 87, and 85 games respectively, but injuries really took a toll on him, and he appeared in only 57 total games from 2011 to 2015. 22 of those games were when he re-united with Atlanta in 2015. He went to Kansas City where he continued strong work as a ROOGY, pitching in 104 total innings in 129 appearances across the last two seasons. He’s had a strong ERA and exactly a 4.00 FIP in that span, and as long as he’s healthy, his third stint with Atlanta should see him be one of the more effective ROOGY’s we’ve had since… he was last here.

You have to wonder if Snitker will use him correctly. With a 8-man pen, there’s plenty of room for a weapon against righties. The sidearmer has limited righties to a .567 OPS in his career. With that said, he’s never figured out lefties, and they’ve got a .845 OPS against him for his career. The Braves have a lot of options for LOOGY’s, but not many options for the other side, so Moylan could settle in to a spot in the bullpen as long as he’s needed.

He’s a colorful Australian, and you may enjoy his Twitter account if you’re on there.