GAME 2 Braves 1 Mets 8……………Et tu, Brucus?

More of the same I’m afraid, rather more so because Wisler, though ‘decent’ was not as good as Newk and EOF was particularly bad at the tail end.But most of all our offense was anemic. 2 runs on the night, the total over 54 outs.

Having walked the very first batter he faced Wisler settled in and looked ok for the first, scoreless, 4 innings. Then the white flag went up. He stayed on through 6 and left 4-0 down. It was not a performance without promise I thought when you consider some of the starting pitching we’ve been putting up with this season. Keep him up I say, t/with Newk of course. Awful offense, what’s happening?


Why Brucus? It was he who got to Wisler with a 3 run homer in the fifth. He did not help his cause by walking the lead off man, Conforto. He ended up walking three in all, acceptable at this stage??


So that’s that. I present for your edification and consolation a 60 year old recording of Rock ‘n Rolls most visible first band for those of us in Europe. When they came our way it was all considered very ‘naughty’, wicked even by  parents who approved unmuzzled Police German Shepherds being marched provocatively up and down the screaming aisles. Oh we were so grown up.


Relax, have a cup of coffee!l

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  1. Watching Kyle Wright tonight. Can’t judge much from one game, but he isn’t helping his draft position.

  2. blazon, you’re a hero–two recaps–and I am drinking coffee while I read them. (tfloyd’s recap was excellent to read last night,too.)

    I know all the talk will be about the ghosts of summers present (Snitker) and the ghosts of summers future (Newcomb)–but I’ve been stumbling around baseball-reference looking for the ghosts of summers present. A couple of them are having marvelous seasons so far. Alex Wood, to our chagrin, has put together four more great innings for Los Angeles as of this writing. Some of you have gnashed your teeth here about his season. No one, though, has mentioned Craig Kimbrel’s season for Boston yet: 18 saves, 0.98 ERA, 0.47 WHIP, 0.22 FIP, 55 k’s out of 99 batters faced.

  3. Yep, those are the two worst trades by Coppy. Wood and Kimbrel. Both traded for a lotta nothing.

  4. I am no Snitker hater and I hope he sticks around for awhile, but days like today show he won’t be the guy once we have a real contender.

    It seems like we are decidedly past the inflection point between *actively trying to be bad* and *hey, let’s see what the rebuild has yielded and tentatively, maybe really try to win sometime soon.* This would be a 4th or 5th place team in every other ML division, but at least the on-field product is finally palatable television.

  5. Thanks, Blazon. Your elan in approaching the double header approached that of Ernie Banks!

    Pretty terrible day for the offense, but you were right that the stellar debut of Newcomb was the big story. Almost as encouraging were the brilliant starts turned in yesterday by Sims and Soroka.

  6. @2

    Seeing what the Yankees got last year for half a season of Chapman, Coppy gave away Kimbrell

  7. Sean Newcomb showed a very human side when he was giving a dugout interview during the early part of the second game. The inevitable cliche questions he responded to in kind – how else could you say you were excited throwing off a big league mound for the first time, yada yada yada.

    And then. Entirely of his own volition, he started talking about the ‘facilities’ he had already discovered that were on offer at the Show, eyes wide open. Plush weight rooms, a one acre locker room, hot and cold running water, indoor plumbing in general, jacuzzis for 1, 2, 3 or 4 people. I exaggerate only slightly.They just weren’t present in Gwinett he said and, yes, that alone was a good enough reason for pitching well enough to stay up.

    I liked him for that. His feet on the ground, his head in the stars.

  8. If I could for a second focus on a positive Braves development… based upon my extremely surface-level review of the upcoming 2017 baseball draft, it appears that the Braves are in fine position with the #5 pick – the general grouping of top talent stretches from #1 at least to #5, with no single standout star. A recent ESPN mock draft had the Braves taking a high school shortstop named Royce Lewis at #5, but it sounds like there’s a lot of uncertainty in the picks ahead of the Braves so you can never rule out the Braves grabbing a random high school pitcher and annoying the fan base some more.

    PS – I also wanted to post this amazing video clip of an outfield race that took place between the 6th and 7th innings at the Braves’ game Friday night. It makes me laugh every time!

  9. @6

    Thanks tfloyd.

    I had planned it so carefully. The headline for the second game was going to be ‘Let’s Play Two!’ Original, eh!

    Wham. Chip had barely opened his mouth on the first game intro when ‘Ernie Banks’ flew out!

    Great minds? I hope not.

  10. @9

    Thanks for the clip, amazing…we only got to see the the last few yards on tv, predictably.

    What boggled the mind looking at the whole thing for the first time was a) the start he gave him and b) the rate at which he ate it up when he got into top gear. Thanks again.

    Who found this guy? Could he be added to our scouting staff?

    Who dressed him? Wonderful sense of color, must be his agent.

    The whole race must be shown in future. Bet you other clubs copy. Beats the sausages.

  11. Tyler Pike has been promoted to AA. He’s 22 and had been pitching well in a repeat of A+. He came over in the Mallex trade.

  12. Now that we’ve, finally, established Camargo can play let’s not waste any more time and move him up the order.

    A suggestion. Wherever they want Flowers to hit have Johan precede him. I think it would be a happy and productive mix.

  13. 14 — Camargo wasn’t much of a prospect. He’s a utility guy going forward. Look at his minor league career numbers.

  14. @14

    i’m not much of a numbers guy as you know…what i like is the sound of the ball off his bat, his speed, his arm.

  15. He’s a useful guy in that he can play multiple positions well, but he isn’t going to be a star or anything.

  16. There have been a number of toolsy players who didn’t hit much through the minors and then became pretty solid major leaguers. If the raw ability is there, it can always come out. I agree with Blazon that Camargo can barrel it up, but I also agree that he’s a likely super-sub. Those players can be pretty valuable though. I’d love to find another Omar Infante for our club. I thought Jace would be that, but alas…

  17. Cant believe we are making these Mets pitchers look like Cy Young candidates … cant hit our way out of a paper bag …

  18. This was mentioned by someone ysterday.
    Buster Olney:
    “Craig Kimbrel on pace for best-ever season: 17.98 K Per 9 IP ratio, and 0.47 WHIP. No reliever has ever achieved those numbers over 65+ IP.”

  19. Yesterday in a 2-1 game he left Jackson in and paid the price .. Snitker now playing it like the 7th game of the world series ..

  20. Snitker brought in Krol to face Conforto. The Mets pinch hit with Cespedes.

    As for his bullpen managing this series, there was a late game Friday, a
    double header Saturday, and a day game Sunday; four games in less than 48 hours. That may have been a major influence on his usage.

  21. The team is really bad, so it’s always going to be hard to tell if we’re losing on purpose or not. But it does look like #snitshow is consitently making moves that don’t necessarily increase our odds of winning.

    I think he’s been told that we’re selling everything that’s not tied down (again! even though there’s no buyers for our junk…), so we’re “showcasing” marginal guys that might be flipped for marginal prospects. Why would we do this when it doesn’t move the needle at all? Only our brainrust knows.

  22. You may see Matt Adams (when Freeman is ready to come back), Jaime Garcia, and Jim Johnson dealt. If the team determines that Dustin Peterson is ready you may see Markakis dealt. The team will also try to trade Dickey and Colon but I doubt they will be worth anything. They may just give Dickey away to open up a spot for Sims. I’m sure nobody will take Colon.

  23. Ran out of time to edit my last comment: I would suspect J. Garcia would be dealt first and Sims would take his place. Wisler would probably fill Dickey’s spot if they could find a taker for him. (Wisler could probably at least equal Dickey’s production right now.)

  24. @30

    Well, I dunno, I’ve kind of walked back some of my frustrations with trading away every random player. For Cervenka, both Anfernee Seymour and Michael Mader are looking very promising. Mader was converted to closer in AA, and while his velocity isn’t a typical closer’s profile, he’s pitched really well. Seymour looks like, at worst, a 5th OFer on a contending team.

    Norris produced Caleb Dirks, who looks like a future middle reliever. Aybar got us Scivicque, who shows a lot of promise at AA. Frenchy’s deal for Tyler Moore and even Chacin’s deal for Adam McCreery have provided pieces who continue to do well through the system. Of course, Harrell/Alvarez for Demeritte.

    In (hopefully) one last non-contending (or at least not actively trying to lose) season, if we can add 2-3 more top-30 prospects, then just gut this mediocre team and get as much as you can from it. I’d keep giving Wisler and Blair opportunities in case you could turn him into something in the offeason. I feel like there’s a lot of pitching prospects ready to come up in the second half of this year and into next year.

  25. All of this goes without saying. The question is, do you trade Kemp? I say, if you get a good package, yes.

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