More of the same I’m afraid, rather more so because Wisler, though ‘decent’ was not as good as Newk and EOF was particularly bad at the tail end.But most of all our offense was anemic. 2 runs on the night, the total over 54 outs.

Having walked the very first batter he faced Wisler settled in and looked ok for the first, scoreless, 4 innings. Then the white flag went up. He stayed on through 6 and left 4-0 down. It was not a performance without promise I thought when you consider some of the starting pitching we’ve been putting up with this season. Keep him up I say, t/with Newk of course. Awful offense, what’s happening?


Why Brucus? It was he who got to Wisler with a 3 run homer in the fifth. He did not help his cause by walking the lead off man, Conforto. He ended up walking three in all, acceptable at this stage??


So that’s that. I present for your edification and consolation a 60 year old recording of Rock ‘n Rolls most visible first band for those of us in Europe. When they came our way it was all considered very ‘naughty’, wicked even by  parents who approved unmuzzled Police German Shepherds being marched provocatively up and down the screaming aisles. Oh we were so grown up.


Relax, have a cup of coffee!l