Related to my comment @37 in the previous thread, I got a few emails from Jay Wigley of Retrosheet, who asks for our help:

I wonder if you’ve ever asked that community (your readers, other Braves fan contacts) whether they have any early 70’s scorecards or scorebooks with scores games in them? I’m a sometime-volunteer for Retrosheet and boy, do we need Braves games from the late 70’s.

In particular, there is a game in late 1973 that is the ONLY missing game from the whole season. It was a game versus the Astros where Hank Aaron was nearing 714 home runs (I think he was at about 710 at that point in 1973), so maybe if fans who have scored games from Aaron’s run up to Ruth, that might trigger some of their recollections?

But I don’t want to limit their attention. 🙂 We need any/all scored Braves games from 1973 and before. Even if Retrosheet already has one scored account, it’s wonderful to have more than one since some fans capture details that others miss (even the club scorers miss details).

As you know if you’ve been around the baseball internet for a while, Retrosheet is invaluable. Please help if you can! If you want to get in touch with Jay Wigley directly, you can email him at jaywigley at me dot com. Or you can always just email me at the address in the upper right. Thanks again!