Saturday Saturday…that’s alright…it’s America night tonight.

Traditional values won out at the end of this 4 hour thriller. Not for us the flash of the Fish…we hooked them remembering  the Old Days, the Old Ways. Far from the effeminate nonsense of Miami we look to the West for our inspiration. The National League West. Where men were men.

Take that train.


This was a see-saw game enlivened before it got underway by the surprise appearance of both teams in matching sky blue caps, letters/numbers/ wrist bands socks. Turns out that is the official color of the Prostate Cancer Prevention program and very pretty it looked too. (Annual PSA tests, guys, past a certain age – from one who knows).

We managed to put together a three run lead early thanks mainly to good work from Phillips and Adams, two names that would feature prominently throughout the game(Ender 0 for 6!). Garcia was pitching impeccably and always looked in command through the first four innings. He looks really good in this flow, you wonder why we don’t try and hang on to him. And then.

It went south, first with a 5 spot for them in the 5th and then 2 more in the sixth. Suddenly we were down 4, 7-3. Garcia was clearly laboring, what a contrast to what had gone before. His location was out, the pitches were up and he was hit hard. Surprisingly to me Snit let him start the sixth but it was deja vu and finally pulled him after 2 outs and 2 more runs about to be scored. So it seems that for Garcia there’s a very thick line in the sand somewhere in the mid innings. Yet, strangely, when he came out to pitch the fateful fifth he had thrown only 45 pitches, a great number considering who he was facing. When he was taken out though that had climbed to 91, 5 outs later. See saw.

Let’s talk about the offense, run down the order. Ender already tabulated, Brandon Phillips had a terrific game – 3 hits including the all important game winner in the tenth and a ringing double off the CF wall earlier. His production has been pretty phenomenal for us with the bat and he’s clearly a very positive factor with his teammates. So we call him a ‘piece’ and we send him on his way? Sad.

Matt Adams is amazing, plus his very real defensive improvement. We can’t let this guy get away when FF returns. What a hitter (lefties too!).  3 hits including two crucial late doubles one with a broken bat, opposite field home run earlier, 4 runs driven in. No piece here compadres, keep him, hardly rocket science. Some left, some first, terrific bench bat against both LH and RH pitching. And he’s getting better as he gets to play every day for now. Watch Freddie’s production respond to regular days off.

My Man Flowers, how reliable he is, he seems to produce day by day. When it matters. I Have the highest regard for his professionalism. Today, 3 runs scored, 2 hits including an important homer leading off our comeback in the sixth. Love his effort. And Camargo. After a series of appalling defensive plays in the last ten days and two awful at bats early in this game he finally listened to me and came up with two vital singles late. The second, leading off the tenth, was crucial to our victory. JT then put down the perfect bunt. 1 0ut, winning run on second. Ender fails. BP comes up and wins the game. The old values, the macho men. Irresistible!

‘though you’ve got no reason to go there

and there ain’t a soul that you know there’