Braves 8…Miami 7…There’s a Legend and There’s a Rumor.

Saturday Saturday…that’s alright…it’s America night tonight.

Traditional values won out at the end of this 4 hour thriller. Not for us the flash of the Fish…we hooked them remembering  the Old Days, the Old Ways. Far from the effeminate nonsense of Miami we look to the West for our inspiration. The National League West. Where men were men.

Take that train.


This was a see-saw game enlivened before it got underway by the surprise appearance of both teams in matching sky blue caps, letters/numbers/ wrist bands socks. Turns out that is the official color of the Prostate Cancer Prevention program and very pretty it looked too. (Annual PSA tests, guys, past a certain age – from one who knows).

We managed to put together a three run lead early thanks mainly to good work from Phillips and Adams, two names that would feature prominently throughout the game(Ender 0 for 6!). Garcia was pitching impeccably and always looked in command through the first four innings. He looks really good in this flow, you wonder why we don’t try and hang on to him. And then.

It went south, first with a 5 spot for them in the 5th and then 2 more in the sixth. Suddenly we were down 4, 7-3. Garcia was clearly laboring, what a contrast to what had gone before. His location was out, the pitches were up and he was hit hard. Surprisingly to me Snit let him start the sixth but it was deja vu and finally pulled him after 2 outs and 2 more runs about to be scored. So it seems that for Garcia there’s a very thick line in the sand somewhere in the mid innings. Yet, strangely, when he came out to pitch the fateful fifth he had thrown only 45 pitches, a great number considering who he was facing. When he was taken out though that had climbed to 91, 5 outs later. See saw.

Let’s talk about the offense, run down the order. Ender already tabulated, Brandon Phillips had a terrific game – 3 hits including the all important game winner in the tenth and a ringing double off the CF wall earlier. His production has been pretty phenomenal for us with the bat and he’s clearly a very positive factor with his teammates. So we call him a ‘piece’ and we send him on his way? Sad.

Matt Adams is amazing, plus his very real defensive improvement. We can’t let this guy get away when FF returns. What a hitter (lefties too!).  3 hits including two crucial late doubles one with a broken bat, opposite field home run earlier, 4 runs driven in. No piece here compadres, keep him, hardly rocket science. Some left, some first, terrific bench bat against both LH and RH pitching. And he’s getting better as he gets to play every day for now. Watch Freddie’s production respond to regular days off.

My Man Flowers, how reliable he is, he seems to produce day by day. When it matters. I Have the highest regard for his professionalism. Today, 3 runs scored, 2 hits including an important homer leading off our comeback in the sixth. Love his effort. And Camargo. After a series of appalling defensive plays in the last ten days and two awful at bats early in this game he finally listened to me and came up with two vital singles late. The second, leading off the tenth, was crucial to our victory. JT then put down the perfect bunt. 1 0ut, winning run on second. Ender fails. BP comes up and wins the game. The old values, the macho men. Irresistible!

‘though you’ve got no reason to go there

and there ain’t a soul that you know there’


44 thoughts on “Braves 8…Miami 7…There’s a Legend and There’s a Rumor.”

  1. The video clip may be a little slow to get started, have patience please. You know you’ll love it – no Elton John!

  2. Forgot to acknowledge…

    The bullpen…Ramirez, Motte, JJ and Viz were indomitable, often under great pressure.

    Hursh and Krol, earlier, were not. Everything from Hursh was high. thus his awful line.

    Neck…an RBI in the 9th that got the tying run home helped by a fortuitous bounce from the first base bag. He had three hits overall.

    Frenchie is loosening up – had a few good things to say.

  3. Thanks, blazon. Appreciate your alacrity in writing and posting the Saturday recaps. I turned the game off in the middle of the 6th with the Braves down by 4. What a delight to open and read this result.

    This is not a good team, but they are a fun team. I’ve been concerned that our offense was bound to tail off, due to inevitable regression by Flowers, Phillips, and Adams. But another huge day today from each of them.

  4. @2 – When I first heard Frenchie I thought he was one of the worst color guys I had ever heard. He grew on me today and wasn’t bad. He had good insights. Of course, playing for the Marlins last year gave him some advantages.

  5. Man Friday

    won’t you go home Dan Straily
    won’t you go home
    we’re home the weekend long
    we did the looking baby
    can’t hit the ball
    you know you done us wrong.

    rememb’r that friday evening
    you shut us out with nothin’ but a fine tooth comb
    we know we’re to blame
    but still, just the same
    Dan Strailey won’t you please go home.

  6. @8, nah then the cool kids would brag about going to “a killer ‘sodes show last weekend”, and that would be intolerable

  7. Watching the informal interview at the park with Kyle Wright after he’d just signed Friday it was pretty obvious we were lucky Hollywood wasn’t competing against us for his services. Sun glinting through the golden locks etc. Redford redux i would say. Still, if he doesn’t pan out we know who to call.

  8. For the record, Francoeur hasn’t been bad on the call this weekend IMO. Hasn’t been super, obviously, but he’s come up with some worthwhile insights here and there, and it’s only his first few games. I’d say there’s some promise there.

  9. I am listening to Frenchy for the first time today. He’s actually pleasant to listen to, I think.

  10. @14

    Well, he got a brush-back. Putting a sure out on base and forcing the go-ahead run into scoring position with nobody out in the process probably wouldn’t have been a great idea.

  11. Urena due up third this inning. If Folty gets two quick outs, this might get interesting.

  12. Don’t mind Frenchy at all, even if some of his entertainment value is of the unintentional variety. Just struggled mightily to pronounce the word “retractable”

  13. @27–ditto to all, and congrats to you, JohnWDB. It is great. This is my 35th as a father (and now grandfather) and I can tell you that it gets even better.

    Since it is Father’s Day, I hope I may be permitted a brief plug. My son and I do a father/son weekly podcast on the braves. See the Channel 17 podcast at

  14. @29

    Yeah, I don’t think he’ll earmark video of this inning to put in his portfolio.

  15. …and Phillips bails him out (at least somewhat…we did score four runs, I guess) with a mind-numbing baserunning mistake.

  16. Ozuna is so impressive. The Marlins have a lot of talent. Must be frustrating to be one of their few fans. They are really under-achieving.

  17. @33

    Needless to say, Fernandez was a huge loss. But their offense should be one of the best in the league.

  18. …and the infielders are so confused by the general setup that they somehow let a ground ball get through a 10-15 foot gap. Ha ha ha!!!

  19. I’m fairly confident that the Marlins have never practiced that before.

    Ozuna clearly didn’t have the first clue what in the hell he was doing, he was standing pretty much right next to Gordon, who was playing right in front of the bag at second, leaving a gigantic hole on the right side.

    Then, a tailor-made double play ball right into the teeth of the setup, right between Riddle and Gordon, who were set up about 15 feet from each other, somehow gets through the infield while Riddle and Gordon are staring at each other.

  20. @ 27…

    thanks JohnWDB…many more to you .


    braves 14 – thanks for that info.

    Nick’s father looks no more than ten years older than him.
    Camargo and Ruiz are not so slowly changing the tenor of this team. Speed is upgrading everything. Ever seen Suzuki run like that before?!

  21. Down on the farm: Wentz pitched great, Gohara pitched okay, Weigel pitched so not okay.

    Maitan Watch kicks off tomorrow, right?

  22. Povse put together a nice little year at AA Arkansas. Hope he pitches well for Seattle.

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