Order Restored to the Universe—Natspos 5, Braves 2

Leading into Thursdays game with the Nationals, our Braves had, remarkably, trounced the Natspos in consecutive games. Tuesday our erstwhile ace Julio shut out the powerful Natspos lineup, while the Braves scored 5 off Gio Gonzales, who has an ERA of around two and a half. Wednesday, even more incredibly, the Braves scored 7 off Max “Cy” Scherzer, whose ERA is even lower than Gio’s. And to top it off, Luiz Gohara, in only his second big league start, pitched six strong innings, only allowing one earned run. (His ERA after his first start was over 13.)
I was starting to wonder if I had somehow fallen down a rabbit hole or through a looking glass to a different world. Perhaps the reality I have always known and relied upon is only an illusion.

For Thursday, Dusty Baker penciled in a lineup that reminded me of one of those Bobby Cox Sunday getaway lineups. The Nationals have four hitters with OPS of over .900: Zimmerman, Rendon, Murphy, and Harper. None of the four were in the lineup. Harper is still on the DL, trying to get back in time for October; the other three were just getting some rest as the Nationals get ready for October. The number 3 hitter in the lineup was Wilmer Difo, he of the career OPS of .714. On the mound was Tanner Roark, whose ERA is about four and a half.

So of course the Natspos beat the Braves. Not much to report here. The Braves could do next to nothing with Roark. The big exception was a two run homer by Albies. The kid is for real. Roark went six, and the Nationals now excellent bullpen (remember how awful they were the first half of the season?) shut the Braves out for the final three.

Foltynewicz started and only went four, giving up three runs on four hits. He apparently sustained a cut on one of his right fingers, causing him to leave the game. It’s a shame, because we really need to see if Folty and the other young pitchers can start to go deeper in games. It’s also a shame because Snit next turned to Matt Wisler, who did what he does in every outing—give up a couple of runs.

Still, the Braves just took 2 of 3 from the Nats and finished the season in Nationals Park with a record of 6-4. If only everyone else played the Gnats the way the Braves do in D.C., the Natspos really would delenda est. The Braves return home Friday for the last homestand of the season.

Author: tfloyd

Tfloyd was born on the site of Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. Before the stadium was built, that is; it was then the site of Piedmont Hospital. It took the Braves another 11 years to arrive on what is now Hank Aaron Drive, but I‘ve always liked to arrive at the ballpark early.

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  1. MLB Grapevine‏ @MLBGrapevine Sep 13
    Replying to @NocAHomaratheon @RickC_1013 and 6 others
    No. Its not loaded. It’s a good system. Only difference maker in system is Acuna. No 1 or 2 starter in the system.

    *Preach, Wren the Lesser. He’s dead on here.*

  2. tfloyd..enjoyed..thanks

    FWIW Mike Minor’s middle relief stint last night,1.1 innings, featured a 95 mph fastball plus tight control which the vaunted Indian hitters could do nothing with. Guess we must have picked the wrong reclamation project, if we had the choice, which i assume we didn’t.

    Watching history in the making* in front of a ribald, noise drenched crowd was voyeurism at its most rewarding. Last night had the extra dimension of apparent certain failure – the Tribe had been behind 2/1 all game up to and including – two outs, two strikes in the bottom of the ninth- when the pixel dust arrived on the scene. The tenth was almost an anti climax with Jay Bruce of all people stroking in the winner.

    Magic moment. 22 consecutive wins has never been done in all of ML baseball for 100 plus years if i heard the hoarse color guy say* right and even then they apparently counted ties.

    Jay Bruce, in the books.

  3. How about those Indians? I remember adopting the A’s as my American League team in 2001 and getting all caught up in that season. Magical. Must be the same in Cleveland right now. Gotta root ’em on to the WS for sure. They deserve it.

  4. Someone mentioned Minor in the last thread. I was always a fan of that guy. Can anyone explain how the guy basically took two years off and gained over 3 mph on his fastball?

  5. Thanks, tfloyd.

    I’m pulling for the Indians to beat 26. I’ve always hated the Giants, having been a Dodgers fan in my benighted youth. New York’s streak was more consecutive non-losing than winning, if I remember correctly. Didn’t they have a couple of ties in there somewhere?

    Anyway, next year the Braves will win 50 in a row. Count it.

  6. They had 1 tie where it was 1-1 heading to bottom of ninth and the game was called for rain and darkness. It went in the official record books as a tie, but then they replayed the entire game and the Giants won. There is also the fact that all 26 wins were at home for the Giants. It was a different time to be sure.

  7. @7

    I read an article a while back that said that pitchers will sometimes add velocity post-TJ because they have to take strength training seriously for sometimes the first time, and they have to improve their mechanics to avoid a re-injury.

  8. AJC:

    Here are a few things to know on Friday:
    1. Braves lose series finale at Washington
    The Atlanta Braves lost the Nationals Park series finale against the Washington Nationals on Thursday, 5-2. Mike Foltynewicz lost his seventh-striaght game after he left Thursday’s game with a cut on his right middle finger.

  9. @ blazon

    We did keep Minor for one of his arbitration years when he was injured. We paid him about 5 million to not pitch after his shoulder injury. We are a small market team and couldn’t afford to pay him and wait 2 years for him to recover.

  10. I have to say that Ozzie’s wall scrapers and warning track flyouts remind me a lot of Andrelton. There’s a big difference though, in that Ozzie is only 20. I think Chief has him pegged pretty fairly at the moment offensively, but I’m optimistic there is a LOT of upside.

  11. It’s not my money, but Matt Kemp needs to go. Maybe he’d be better in that league where he didn’t have to wear a glove, but he’s worthless in left.

  12. The aforementioned Mike Minor has just struck out the side in the 9th to end the Tribe’s streak. Perfect ending, Lindor was the last out.

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