This fine win ended in sunshine so does not pertain to our established EJ Saturday Night celebrations. Instead we go to Rodrigo and Spain. And basque in victory.

The best way to set up this win was the scoreboard after three innings, 6-0 Braves. An ineffectual Strasburg was already out of the game. Of our 6 runs Julio had driven in half of them, Suzuki another two. Fairyland stuff, but we earned every bit of it and would go on and on from there to add another 7 runs without allowing Washington anything. Julio himself totally dominated their line up and finished with this line…7IP 4H 0R 2BB 5K. And looked happy about it throughout. Brothers pitched a somewhat erratic 8th and Akeel Morris debuted and got his first ML strike out in the ninth. He appears to have a saucy change up.

So much for the pitching, the other surprise was our defense. Our venerable second baseman is clearly a sensitive soul and was clearly shocked by what he read on this blog last night. He transformed himself from a lethargic leviathan to a teenage soccer goalie overnight, made three saving plays, two of which were miraculous. Where’s that been Brandon, call us later.

Offensively we totaled  15 hits with 8 for 16 with RISB.  Everbody in.  Nick had 3 hits and scored 4 runs, Matt Adams 3 RBI scored 2 runs, Suzuki had a grand game with his back to back singles each scoring a run early in the game and thus setting the tone and giving Julio a good feeling. Camargo was Camargo – 3 hits 2 runs one walk. Somewhere soon down the road the fat lady is going to sing and what will we do then?

So we made it all look ridiculously easy, long before the end. Washington pitching was again decimated and did we feel sorry? No. It was a gloriously enjoyable romp to watch, totally relaxed after 3 innings. Shylock’s words on the headline are transposed to suit the occasion – had we lost they would have been in their original order. But there was never any question about that. Tomorrow and tomorrow – we must slam the door shut.

62 thoughts on “Braves 13 Nats 0 … IF WE PRICK YOU, DO YOU NOT BLEED?”

  1. Johan Camargo
    Like Martin Prado
    Though expected to yield
    Forced his way on the field

  2. Basque in the victory: hah!

    Great game. Thank you for the recap, blazon.

    Dat Dude says his defensive renaissance was due to acupuncture.

  3. @1

    spike…way to go, thank you.

    coop…your street talk is not improving with age…but it’s still good, cheers.

  4. What a game. Sad I didn’t get to watch it. Instead, I enjoyed a two hit day at the Trop by Mallex “Rock Raines” Smith, including a standup triple. No, don’t worry, I didn’t go for just Mallex.

    Was there anything of note with Freddie’s defense?

  5. Misplayed an easy grounder. Ball took a big hop but Freddie was playing back on his heels.

  6. Camargo is the handcuff Dansby needed at the start of the year.

    The way our bench was constructed to start the season is why we aren’t within three games.

  7. Why not? Kemp can, and Freddie can play third. However, I would be happy to leave him at short, bring up Ozzie, trade Dat Dude and let Swanson get a little more seasoning. If it’s good for Albies, Dansby could probably use a little too. He sure looks like he could.

  8. David O’Brien
    ✔ ‎@DOBrienAJC

    Camargo 23-for-67 (.317) with an .859 OPS in his past 20 games and #Braves are 13-4 in that stretch when Camargo had more than 1 AB.

    8:32 AM – 9 Jul 2017

  9. so smitty/coop…

    please define/explain the meaning of ‘handcuffed’ for me in the context you used it…thanks

  10. Drew Waters is hitting over .300 with pop. Sounds like he’s ready for a call up to the bigs.

  11. Waters is definitely ready.

    Seriously, though. @blazon. The reason I said “sadly” the other day is that we’re in the phase of the rebuild where there will be conversations about every top 100 prospect getting called up to help the parent club for the next couple years. Probably every top 100 that we have in the system right would be an upgrade over someone on the roster. Luiz Gohara would be better against lefties probably. Acuna would be better than at least Lane Adams, if not Kemp right now. Albies would be an improvement over Danny Santa’s INF playing time and maybe even Phillips. Soroka would be a good swing man. Allard could be an improvement in the pen or even the rotation. Etc etc. But it’s just not going to be realistic for the Braves to start the service clocks of all of these players when they don’t even know if this is a year they can contend.

    To be fair, though, I’d also add Medlen to SRod and Minter as roster reinforcements. Medlen could definitely help in the pen as a long guy (his AAA performance has been skewed by late inning episodes), and it’s said that Minter would be up already had he not hurt his groin earlier this year. Sean Rod is supposed to be activated after the All-Star break, so the Braves will have the break and an extended time afterwards for Kemp to get healthy.

    If I’m not mistaken, too, September call ups don’t affect options, but someone please correct me if I’m wrong. So in September, they could look at Soroka, Acuna, Allard if they so chose. Allard would be tough since he’s already eclipsed his career high in IP this early in the year, but Soroka threw 143 IP last year, and he’s only at 91 IP so far.

  12. Swat those obnoxious gnats. Delenda their pesky behinds. Nice bunt, better play. Freddie taught him how to do that.

  13. #18

    A bit premature, I know, but there’s a valid argument that Freeman is the league MVP. What does he mean to his team, etc.

  14. What a terrible job by Newc this inning. He got exactly what he deserved when you walk the first two guys in an inning…twice

  15. Six weeks ago, if the Braves had gone down 3-0 in the first inning, I would have given the game up for lost. Today I just shrugged and said I hoped Newcomb could right the ship. His offense can easily overcome a 3-run deficit. What a nice change that is.

  16. Can we get rid of krol already? why does he keep getting into close games?

    Edit: this was posted before he predictably allowed runs

  17. We have few relievers on the 25-man that you’d trust. Roster construction this year is extremely questionable (if one assumes we are trying to win).

  18. I was at the game yesterday, and, wow, did we pick the right one to go to. Julio was masterful, and the offense could do no wrong. The Braves made baseball look easy.

    Unfortunately my husband missed 2 1/2 innings in the middle of the game waiting in line for food. The line was short and moving quickly when he got in it, but then a fight broke out in the kitchen between two employees who were yelling at each other loud enough that everyone in line could hear every word. Then a girl in line in front of him fainted. Once he finally got to the counter it took the guy taking his (very uncomplicated) order three tries to get his order right.

    The experience at the ballpark was memorable all the way around.

  19. Yup , terrible attempt by dansby….I’m considering a seat on the camargo hype train

  20. the 8th also…likewise…2 runs gifted

    coop…is that a new latin word you’ve found?!

  21. Fat fingers, not Latin. Dansby neither hits nor fields at present. Does he not need, ahem, seasoning? Swanson demoted est, or set him elsewhere, whichever you prefer. Just don’t blazon his brilliance before me again, please.

  22. did anyone see the Murphy double down the left line in their eighth? awful camera work, even the replay. Did it go anywhere near Freddie?

    Nice to see Adams hitting again.

  23. Nats played like trash and still got the split. We don’t have the arms. Sell.

  24. @47

    i knew it…you’re obviously having a severe case of Dansby just now…there’s a couple of pills i take every night that might help…seriously, where will he be next opening day?

    And yet…those two late back to back doubles at the Coliseum last week that tied then won the game. At .061 outside they pitched him inside.

    When you boil it down though i think the majority here are more worried by his defense.

  25. We do not have the arms, indeed. Whether that means buy, sell, or both, I don’t know, but we definitely do not have the arms. With the combustibility of our rotation, I fear we need two long men at all times.

  26. Does the Braves hold onto Teheran? If the Cubs want him, who do the Braves ask for?

  27. I wouldn’t want to have the FO’s job right now. This would be a legitimately tough decision. It was okay to sell off when you were .500 in 2015 because they had committed to a rebuild and were clearly in the teardown phase. For better or for worse, the fans were ok with that. But we’re on the upswing now, in theory, and I think it’s going to be a hard sell to fans to sell off a team that’s near .500, second in the division, getting better, adding healthy players, and conceivably within reach of the Wild Card. With that said, there are 16 games before the deadline (VS CHC, VS ARI, @LAD, @ARI, @PHI), so the team could still make the decision easier either way.

  28. What do you say Rob? If we go 6-9 or worse, is it an easy decision to sell? It probably matters more what the Rockies and Nats do.

  29. Before today’s loss BP had our playoff odds at 2.8% with 3 teams ahead of us that are clearly better by objective measurements. Remember the Braves have outperformed their peripherals a bit. I want a team built for sustained success and I feel like that is what we are doing. I don’t want to mortgage the future one bit just to increase our chances by 10% .

  30. If anyone wants Dickey or Garcia we have to figure out a way to make a deal to get decent value back. Dat Dude as well.

  31. I agree with those who said that Krol needs to be DFA’d. We already have Sam Freeman and Rex Brothers, and Krol brings nothing to the table that is any better than those guys.

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