Against the Padres on Wednesday, the Braves started a pitcher whose ERA was over 7. By Thursday, his ERA was over 8 and he was released. Never has a Colonectomy been so welcome.

Thursday, the Padres started a pitcher I had never heard of whose ERA was nearly 7. How did he do? You don’t have to have stayed up to watch this west coast game to know the outcome. As happens so often with our Braves over the years, this team can make struggling starters look like Cy Young. The Padres’ pitcher in question is apparently named Denilson Lemet. There is a difference, though, between this guy’s performance and the ones I have in mind from the past. It used to be the undistinguished soft tossers who gave the Braves fits. Lemet’s stuff was electric-—mid to upper nineties heater and a slider that seemed to break a foot. Every Braves batter looked like Dansby trying to hit a slider.

Lemet pitched 7 shutout innings. Jaime Garcia had his third consecutive poor outing, greatly diminishing his trade value. Wil Myers and Hunter Renfroe each hit massive homers off Garcia. And that’s pretty much the story of this game.

Folty is on the mound tonight in Oakland. The Braves will finish with a winning June however it goes, but let’s go for win number 16 in the month.