Brewers 7, Braves 0

Julio Teheran was… not sharp, and the Braves didn’t score any runs, but other than that, there’s been a lot to enjoy about the play at SunTrust Park lately.

Despite the loss, the Braves still took the 3 game series, their 4th consecutive series win, and went 7 – 3 on the home stand. Catching up after the long trip through the wilderness to start the season, the Braves finally have a positive imbalance of home games vs. road games, and stand at 20 -20 at home vs. 16 -19 on the road.  More importantly, the Braves are starting to play like home field really is an advantage, as they came into the home stand with a 13 – 17 home record.

Travis Shaw and Keon Broxton homered for the Brewers, and Kyle Davies went 7 shutout innings despite not registering a single strikeout.  For the Braves, Luke Jackson threw 4 scoreless innings of relief, and Timothy Miller sure can sing.

The Braves stranglehold on 2nd place in the NL East is now at 1.5 games over the Marlins.  Off day Monday, then at San Diego on Tuesday.

The 2nd funniest thing I ever heard about Milwaukee:

Author: Rusty S.

Rusty S. is a Braves Journal reader since 2005 and an occasional innings-eater. It was my understanding that there would be no expectations.

93 thoughts on “Brewers 7, Braves 0”

  1. Previous: “For the love of…wff isn’t political, it’s freaking self deprecating humor.”

    Sam Hutcheson, self-deprecating? Now I’ve heard everything.

  2. Looks like one of the (many) catchers we drafted, Drew Lugbauer, is off to a very hot start at Danville. A two homer game tonight, 3 total so far in 12 at bats, hitting .417 in the early going.

    I think he was the 11th rounder, and therefore, due to the way draft $$ is distributed, someone we could pay a little more than almost any other 2017 draftee outside our top 3 picks.

  3. I am planning on flying out to Atlanta to see the Braves for a series in August. Do any of you know if it makes sense to stay out at a hotel close to the stadium? Are there “things to do” besides baseball for a couple of days? Or would you recommend staying in/closer to Atlanta? Thanks for any recommendations.

  4. Yefri del Rosario
    his offspeed stuff binario
    RHP Dominican
    his curve a trifle finikan.

  5. Yenci Pena
    we must issue a disclaimer
    signed at thirteen
    we have no idea where since he has been.

  6. Franger Corrillo
    we made a clanger still owe
    much on his bonus
    hopefully he may occasionally phone us.

  7. There’s more, many more. It all starts this week.

    Who’s this Maitan guy?

    K-k-k-k-Kevin in his sweats.

    said a maiden reflectively certain
    decided i have to go flirtin’
    this kevin maitan
    if he were my man
    i get half what he’s appertin’

  8. Thank you, Rusty. Nice home stand, even if Julio got jammered in the finale. I hate west coast games.

  9. I played that Darius Rucker video finally. Does anyone have any strong acid I can use to boil out my ears?

  10. Good man*, glizz.

    *woman? cis? fluid? androgyne? what is the proper performance assignment role for a glizz?

    (yes, now I’m just trolling John.)

  11. @7 Suggestions could depend on a lot of different factors like how many games do you plan on seeing? Are you traveling with kids? Will it be a baseball trip with some sight-seeing attached or a sight-seeing trip with some baseball attached? In other words, are you looking for a true Atlanta experience or just trying to avoid boredom between ball games?

    If you’re more about the baseball (and if there are multiple night games involved) then I would stay within walking distance in the Galleria/Battery area and Uber down I-75 for daytime activities: Centennial Olympic Park/Downtown area for the more touristy stuff, Piedmont Park/Beltline area for the more in-town/hipster vibe. There’s plenty to see, do and eat in both areas. Mid-afternoon Uber back up I-75 to explore the Battery (which will be much closer to being fully built out by this point), have dinner, and see the game. Afterwards you can figure out if you want to grab more food/drinks at the adjoining bars before walking back to your hotel for the night. However… If you’re the type that likes to stay out till all hours then a midtown stay might actually be more your style.

    Consider the fact that any Atlanta trip is going to involve some sort of taxi/Uber to get you around. There are more things to do within walking distance of each other in the city during the day than at night. Also consider how close you want to find yourself to your lodging around what you would consider your “bedtime”. I hope that helps.

  12. I was like “what the hell is this ‘Battery’ thing he’s talking about?” and then I realized that was what they were marketing Braves Mall @ Cumberland as.

  13. @13/19 – Thanks for your feedback. I am travelling alone, my wife thinks I’m crazy flying in from Switzerland for three games (weekend series against the Rockies is what I’m aiming at). So it will really be to watch baseball. I’ve done this before and I was just wondering if this Battery thing is worth spending two days around. Not really looking for touristy things in Atlanta, have seen all those. So maybe one day/night Battery and maybe Buckhead and/or Atlanta the other. Appreciate it!

  14. @22 Yeah I wouldn’t rely on the Battery (@20 – yes I’m way too familiar with it at this point) for all day entertainment. The surrounding area is mostly chain stores and restaurants. There is at least a movie theater within reach if you wanted to escape the heat (and it will be hot) and a pretty decent network of walking/biking trails if you don’t. But that’s about it.

    Since you’re considering the Rockies series, my suggestion for a side trip before the Saturday night game would be to head down to Grant Park for the Summer Shade festival. They’ll have lots of food, bands, and a huge artist market and best of all – it’s free!!! If you like caged animals, Zoo Atlanta is right there too. You can even tell your Uber/taxi driver to swing by the stadium formerly known as Turner Field to pay your respects since it’s close by as well.

    One more tip – check out Baseballism when you’re at the Battery. It’s a fun little shop for ironic baseball-themed t-shirts and what not. Also, keep us updated. I don’t post here very often, but i’m at STP pretty regularly and I’m down to have a beer with just about anyone. Cheers!

  15. “The Battery” is a lot like this new drive magically name the top quadrant of West Midtown the “Upper Westside.” I hate marketing department generated “neighborhood” names.

    EDIT: I’ll ride up to the greater New Crackers Stadium area for a beer, but only if John comes out too.

  16. @23 That’s very useful information, thanks a lot. Summer Shade Festival sounds great. Been to Turner Field before – is that actually still there?! What are they doing with it? Let’s make sure to have that beer if your around those dates as well at STP. Thanks again, much appreciated.

  17. @22, There’s hundreds of hotel rooms in the Cobb Galleria area that you could stay at, some within walking distance of STP/NCS/WFF. Midtown Atlanta would be a 10 minute Uber ride as long as you avoid rush hour.

    Staying close by and getting to the Battery very early is also your best bet for actually eating and drinking at any of the establishments there. If you walk up an hour before a weekend game starts, you probably aren’t getting a table.

  18. timo at 25,

    AS to “the future of Turner Field,” Georgia State University bought that and the parking lots. They will build a new college baseball stadium on the site of old Atlanta Fulton and try to keep the “Hank Aaron 715 Commemorative Wall” as the outfield fence. Portions of the stands at Turner Field will be removed and it will become a football stadium.

    If you DON’T want to rent a car, I recommend Marta from the airport and find a hotel on the Marta spine. Marta has a station directly under North Terminal Baggage Claim. That gives Lenox, Midtown, Peachtree Center as possible areas. If you did rent a car, you might be able to pick up a G Braves or R Braves game on the same weekend.

  19. @14 Darius

    Good one liner Sam…if you get some likely it would help in the brain too.

  20. @26/27 Thanks, guys, I’ll go with a rental. Interesting idea to get some milb in as well while I’m at it.

  21. @29

    That’d be my thing. I could save some coin enjoying some AAA Braves, especially with the opportunity to see some of the future. We’re thinking about doing a couple nights in August/September, hopefully timing it to see a young ML SP and a AAA SP prospect. That’d be kind of neat.

  22. @25 – Sure thing!

    @27 – They’re actually pretty far along in the process of converting The Ted for college football. They’ll be putting the finishing touches on it by the time Timo is in town. First game is August 31. Google image search: “Georgia State Stadium” to see the photos of the transformation in progress. It’s pretty brutal what they did to that once-beautiful outfield turf.

  23. Hey,

    Letting everybody know that NEXT Monday I will be “unconnected,” so if somebody could volunteer for a recap of Monday’s game, that would be appreciated.

  24. Timo – did you explain to your wife how important that weekend series against the Rockies is going to be in the race for the second wildcard? Because…

  25. Sam Hutcheson
    When confronted with wheels of wagon
    Said, “Listening to something rancid, is
    Better than boiling my ears with battery acid.”

  26. @35

    Good job. Couple suggestions on rhymes.They should either be ‘natural’ and match or made up where all you need try to do is to be whimsical.
    As example @8, lines 1 and 2 natural(binario is a real spanish word) lines 3 and 4 contrived – finikan for finicky which doesn’t rhyme.

    In your lines 3 and 4 you’re trying to rhyme rancid with acid..just rearrange the words

    listening to something that’s rancid
    is better than boiling my ears with battery acid.

    Hope you don’t mind the suggestions. Keep ’em coming!

  27. Blazon, much thanks for the help. Another 55 years and I might learn something!

  28. @21 Hey! Yep, I’m still here. I guess it takes David Yow reference to pull me out of lurk-mode :)

  29. @39, that’s good news that he’s improving. I read about that on r/baseball last week and it sounded so scary. What a crazy accident, if the story is accurate and he was hit by the catcher’s throw back to the pitcher.

  30. @39/41

    Chip made reference to this during Sunday’s game. He does this sort of thing very well imo.

    Catcher’s throw back? How ironic that would be.

  31. I guess Lockhart’s deal with Satan to stay in the starting lineup forever finally came due.

    (Yes, yes, yes, people. I know. Joking about mortally wounded children is bad. I’m a horrible person. I’ll try to find a way to live with your disdain.)

  32. Letting everybody know that NEXT Monday I will be “unconnected,” so if somebody could volunteer for a recap of Monday’s game, that would be appreciated.

    It being the case that they’re off next Monday (July 3), I’ll do it.

  33. @47

    we blubba

    sansho 1
    we have only just begun
    to account for our loss
    without you we are dross

    sam, sam
    the lion lays down with the lamb
    read him not at your peril
    his vocabulary intestinely feral.

  34. He hadn’t pitched in a couple weeks. Dunno if they are just easing him back in or not. Twitter doesn’t have much.

  35. Sonny Gray
    we would rather he go away
    we can’t afford him
    Chip and Joe would have really bored him.

  36. Petco Park
    most of it was built in the dark
    a major grant from Texaco
    covered the extra cost of the tunnel to Mexico.

  37. Enrique Burgos
    we like him simply becos
    he will sometimes agree to bail out Mauricio
    whose control of late is disturbingly capriccio.

  38. Why are the Yankees allowed to start rehabbing AAA pitchers against our precious, debuting GCL juniors and shut them out? Bully boys.

    Seems Coppy got an anonymous tip though, likely from Smitty’s barber(that’s a relationship where info flows both ways), and the edict went out to sit down KM and Waters. The culprit was 26 y.old Dietrich Enns – with a name like that is he even legal?

    Dietrich Enns
    should be assigned to various pens
    in leagues Bavarian
    which Angela would call most egalitarian.

  39. So I just got a pop up on my phone that the Braves are exploring trade possibilities fort Chris Archer and Jose Quintana? Huh?

  40. I just leaked to DOB that I’m exploring dating possibilities with Olivia Munn and Genevieve Morton. Let’s see if he beats Peanut to the scoop.

  41. I’m not sure I want Quintana at the cost we would have to pay. Trade calculators say we would need to give up Albies and Newcomb + some minor piece to get an even deal. That’s insane.

  42. Melktoast Cabrera. What a blackhole CF was between Andruw Jones and Michael Bourn.

    I’m not sure we should trade for either Archer or Quintana, but we probably need to make at least one trade like that to sniff the WC in 2018. We probably don’t want to part with what they’d reasonably ask for, same as we didn’t in the offseason. Quintana is having a bad year, so he might be easier to shake loose with some combo of middle tier prospects like Riley, Weigel, Sims, Peterson.

  43. May I ask the initiated: why do people hate Nickelback? I don’t get it, which probably says something about me…

  44. @75, I don’t care for Nickelback, but it became chic to loudly hate Nickelback last decade and make clear one’s disdain for people who dared to enjoy their music. Most people would be content to ignore them if they weren’t trying to feel superior and impress other music snobs. Much of human behavior is signaling.

    Nickelback:Rock :: Applebee’s:Cuisine

    There’s nothing wrong with liking Nickelback or Applebee’s–they’re both very successful for a reason. But, they both smack of lowbrow mass production, so lots of people love to hate them.

  45. Goodness…it was a tough call, but hearing Chip go 100% into the home run call on Myer’s double is too easy.

  46. One of the best things about being a musical curmudgeon/snob is that I couldn’t hum you a Nickelback tune for a million bucks.

  47. I’ll be honest, when the Bravos added Camargo to the 40 man this offseason I was pretty skeptical, but he looks like a better version of guy I think we were hoping Jace would turn into.

    That does suck on Weigel; he was the guy I hoped would be tapped if/when we traded Jaime

  48. Dan Winkler had a scoreless inning at AAA. Definitely seems like he’ll be back in Atlanta before his Rule-5 deadline.

    Rex Brothers also had his 4th straight scoreless appearance at AAA.

    Definitely wouldn’t mind picking up some prospects for our middle relief corp and letting some of these guys get a run out there.

  49. Explain to me why you let Newcomb hit for himself only to bring him back for one hitter?

  50. I have a question. Why did Newk hit in the bottom of the sixth having thrown right at 100 pitches?

    At least he won’t lose this one. Hang on and get him the win please.

    Good night.

  51. So much fun to watch Newkomb pitch. Love his demeanor. The strike zone was pretty huge tonight. Can’t say enough about Flowers framing those pitches. Great shutout.

  52. @86

    coop…good morning…for someone who hates west coast ‘deep-in-the-night’ games you did pretty well with this one. It only took 45 minutes after your post to wrap it up. Of course had you stayed up we probably would have been still playing at 3 am.

    Random thoughts on the evening. We won’t see a worse ofer from Matt Kemp all year. Chacun looked pretty decent, we dented his home record. No rain, no clouds, blue skies at the start,hmmm. Liked the guys with the Choppin’ in Cali shirts.Our friend Mr Newcomb is climbing up our tree very fast. As an example – If we had to play a wild card elimination game tomorrow, all starters being available, who would you pick? It’s not difficult, is it?

    Camargo got his bat back and continues to excite with it and with his arm. Not so the huge bulge in his cheek, stop it. We need to acknowledge this improvement is another complicating factor in the Freddie/Adams who-plays-where decision making process. There are three people involved now, not two. Camargo to second solves nothing with Ozzie on his way up plus you’re wasting the arm.In a perverse way this may all add to the pressure on Adams being traded, something some of us would hate to see.

    Who are the 2 grand old men of the Braves,day in day out, as exemplified last night? Markakis at 3 after Ender and BP. Such production, look at his Rbi total, RISP less than 2 out. That third run. Plus one great catch. Flowers is the other…enough said, just don’t ever take him, and his bat, for granted.

    Why is Dansby beating everything into the ground?

  53. Good morning, blazon. zzzz.

    Re Dansby, not everything into the ground. He did fan twice. That said, he’s turned the corner (again?). He makes most routine plays and is hitting. He routinely put up good at bats. Just maybe he’ll be okay.

    Camargo and Newk now, SSS and all, are playing ball. Rough times will come for them too. Meanwhile, I am enjoying their success.

    I still dislike west coast games, but winning makes them palatable.

  54. My grandfather hated Chris Reitsma. I think he would have had some similar sentiments about Jim Johnson.

  55. Newcomb requires a little less squinting to resemble a major league starter, yes?

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