No Saturday Night high jinks tonight. Instead, an appropriate requiem.

Not a game to quicken the pulse, as some losses can still be, but rather a total dirge until a brief offensive flurry at the end. It was an effort to stay awake and another to dream up the bon mot to describe it. You can lose games by margins as great or greater than this and still feel stimulated and entertained. Tonight, as a Braves fan, you could not. And it was essentially the contrast between the two starting pitchers that picked them up – and dropped us down- and set the tone for the whole encounter.

Their young oddly named kid, Ty Blach, had pitched 600 innings in the minors before getting up(anyone have any idea of our leading MiLB pitcher in that category? It would be interesting to know.) Once up he seems to be doing well with a recent victory over the Cubs to his credit. More importantly he exudes a aura of enthusiasm about what he is doing.

Our guy not so. Folty doesn’t suck, he sulks. And it’s about time he grew up in that department, win or lose. As early as the second he had given up a 2 run homer to Hundley and here we go again, A classic meatball in the fourth made it 4-0. But, more than that, was his body language. He needs to stop it, his teammates need sit him down.

Searching for the the few positives in the game…

Tyler Flowers…amazing guy who has proved us all wrong…2 more hits, .357, uses the whole field. I would call him the consummate professional, his bearing, his attitude. The prototypical non-Folty.
Rio Ruiz…nice opposite field power off a good leftie but, come on, the left fielder totally screwed it up and you’re on 2nd?! Is he slow, i dunno.Shouldn’t be with that age on him.

Similarly, on the bases, Neck on first, Kemp doubles into the very far reaches of the RF corner, hits the wall, Markakis stopped at third. That wasn’t Bryce Harper playing right field. As a team we appear to have totally stopped stealing bases. It makes it that much more difficult to put pressure on the pitcher, we need to restart, we had three speedsters out there tonight.

I thought Jackson and Freeman pitched a good inning , Sam hit 96. Kroll, no..
Dansby for all his struggles continues to show great speed and gusto around the bases. Let’s start him when he gets on, Ender too.

That’s about it. Did you go to bed early?!

‘ The sun going down on we.’